Welcome to pogblog

Welcome to pogblog.     

     The adventure on our planet for the next six years is going to be an kaleidoscopic holo-ride of either fun or madness depending on how circus of glee (tightrope; juggling; clown) you manage to let your mind&heart&gut be.

        Pogblog articles speak to those mind-art tools and talents you’ll need to refine or to acquire to have a damn dazzling good time – or at least not let go of the edge of the cliff.
    Militant pacifism, Quantum Schools, obsidian humor, photonic physics & photonic ethics in the post-Quantum world, and the integration of lucid waking & lucid dreaming are leitmotifs of pogblog — all of which are explained in the articles.
   In its radical optimism, Pogblog is mostly for stuff, but is fierce against the reigning theofascism and the hypocrites who wield it. Organized Religions have grotesquely failed us. Cogism — or shrunken-heart corporate psychosis has failed us. We need to speak out about it. We need to squawk. 

I recommend that we embrace(& therefore defuse) their Talking Points' derisive description and say, “Yep, that pesky Far Looney Left Extremist Agenda is universal healthcare; a superb, public K-College education for every child; a treasured and revered environment; a robust living wage; and nationwide free wireless internet ultra-broadband.”

Please comment on articles & fables. Pogblog allows anonymous comments, tho having your handle is cool too. 

The threads on pogblog are on-going for various fables & articles. With few exceptions, articles & fables are valuable for any time. Please root around in the Archives. I hope what you find is very truffle for you – both the dark chocolate kind and the pungent fungusy kind. Most of the fables are under 800 words.

  Pogblog has an on-going Glossary for both the handful of coined (invented) words and for words some may be not so familiar with. And for bloody fun besides – pogblog is devoted to the language. If life allowed, I'd do pogblog's Glossary night & day. (On Main Page, on left under Topics, click pogblog’s Glossary.)

    Pogblog recommends that all fables & articles be read with the mouth as if out loud. If you try to skate across the fables with your eyes, they will resist you.

   If you read them with your mouth, they will work for you like magic. Try it. The fables were made very short so you would have time to read them with your mouth and taste the words.

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