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   CPD Notes to CatsPurrDynaMagik holoHealing Systems Users. HoloKaleidoscope notes. In the coming shaped light, you’ll become increasingly more conscious of the holoKaleidoscope quality of your dazzling experience.

                                                                       dennis flood

I’m trying to translate as much shaped light info as I can for the general reader, but Want to put in material for the finger-pickin' faheyesque quick reader too. This holoKaleidoscopic technique is certainly described by my dearest Mr. Keats when he speaks of negative capability – “Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason — Coleridge, for instance, would let go by a fine isolated verisimilitude caught from the Penetralium of mystery, from being incapable of remaining content with half-knowledge . . . ”                
    Whenever I take notes from dreams as I drift ashore in the dawning, I always use semicolons to separate the random items so I don’t jar myself into grammar and can stay in the melted course of zephyr-ardente that is the splashing and or sloshing consciousness from dream travel before things get k1 solid again.

  Release Accumulated Crud; defester your brain; sunbomb your imaginationer; send your inner judge/perfectionist to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Cheerful School; sick of your inner perf being a crabby scold; Want a cheerful slightly taffy inner prof instead? Get fitted for your Hermes-winged legerdedancing slippers – psychiorthotics; remember that your joints are all chakras; spend special time fuffing your joints, fuff and release; drain off accumulated sludge from joints and put in a golden sun wine elixir of lovely slipperiness; release acac (accumulated crud accumulated crud) fromsweet eyeballs and dear dear ears; fill with nourishing sunmist, shineofsun, sunwine; in  Dynamagik newsholovidletter Zinnia gives an instruction clinic to the War Thogs, the elite amfap silliness mongers;

   Purring is like a low-pitched frisson; set purr-release for cells, tissues, tendons, ligaments, organs, bones, lymphs, marrows, joints vertebraes, muscles, face, eyes, cheeks, lips, scalp, skull, ears, brain, left, right, corpus callosum the connector, nerves to auto-purr-release; sign or at least scrawl your initials at the compass points (more or less) on the walls of your grounding chute;

                                                        sci-toys com

 graffiti your grounding cylinder; fuff your brain or grokker; if you have only had a brain in this inzinnia, [in-zinnia, cf in-carnation, only vivider], shift it out for a grokker for a week –you can always go back to your ole brain if you must. A grokker absorbs all the data stream as art&music – the world as an art show with a score – ticks, tocks, whooshes, rustles, et cet. you’ll probably enjoy having a grokker better, more buttery, by far; Immerse yourself etherically in a quite warm quite salty water tank with luminous walls with your choice of softly dissolving colors (include the possibility of a velvety black) to soak off  any residue of the CatsPurrDynaMagik Healer ludenation (cf oper-ation);

   We give you a special gill unit and nictating membrane etherically so you can breathe underwater and not have the salt hurt your sweet eyes.

   Replace all 33 vertebrae with jeweled vertebrae and all all joints with jeweled joint; replace blood with molten rubies; as the Filipino shamans do, slow the time in which your body dwells; let the ecstasy back in; breathe effervesced air; study crows; crows have an extensive laughabulary of chortles & clucks & clicks & caws &guffaws. have 2 crows as mischief guardians who chortle off any stupid spirits who might accost or pester you;; Change your brain in for a grokkifier which reveals the savvy and lavish art of everything; there are ever at hand kindly & silly & brilliant Filipino holowizards to shift out your joints for jewels, to install jewel joints & bones. They are great at structural elements (cf Coleridge, “In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure dome decree? Where Alph the sacred river ran/Down to a sunless sea”). I like the fey and astoundingly kind and eloquent and loyal Welsh shamans for the sweet eyes, dear dear ears, and the right/left & connector corpus callosum of the grokkifyer.


               andy goldsworthy .. rivers & tides

The Welsh are the people with the discipline and optimism — consider the Welsh coalminer who dreams underground in the dark of Camelot. The Welsh are psychitechnicians, psychinicians sans pareil, the purest poets because they shapeshift as happily or earnestly from a splash to a cactus to a hummingbird to a hippopotamus to a pebble as any sentients who ever inzinniaed. They grok it all as bio, as alive&lucid.     



glossary notes:

+ nuage ardente (new-ahj ahr-daw(n)(t)) or fierce cloud is the ferocious shock wave of burning air and debris that cannons down the mountainside from an erupting volcano and does the real damage; zephyr ardente is a riff off that – a fierce sweetness, a burning delicacy.

+ nictating membrane is that odd milky inner lid that slides down over birds’ and cats’ eyes as they slide into slumber.


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