Ask Dr. Druid . Ley Lines .. LithoNet . Day 42

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 42

Ley Lines .. LithoNet


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   Here below is a real-life reverie vision as it transpired and as I transcribed it in my log in real reverie time. It will seem sometimes dense and opaque no doubt because I haven’t translated it all for you yet, but I thought you might be interested to see such an event unfold. Read it with your mouth as if outloud and re-send your Inner Perfectionist and her/his cousin Your Inner Rationalist off to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Fiji to chug grog. Remember that I am within the vision as I make these notes.

[Dateline Mtn View CA/New Hampshire 01.06.08]

   Who knew?[It is always a surprise when matters coalesce in a retrospectively obvious but druidically mischievous and profound way.] Having learned about waking the jewels ever luminous like constellations under our feet, not on the phones, not on the internets, the tvs, the telegraphs, the radios, but on the ley lines, I found myself lighting the sparkle in the deep earths of New Hampshire USA. Thru the earth (as whale song carries thru the seas from even one ocean to another), I felt the rustle of the tired feet of billions of women who do the labor of the world, who cook, who sweep, who endure. And the dancing feet of little girls whose dreams are not all ashes in the cooking fires yet.

    This was not the airy spiritual, not the Heavens afar. This was the most ancient communications device our molecules have ever been attuned to, the greatest crystal, our darling, our beloved vuraearthgoo.

    I had been tele-phoning for Hillary with those ingenious machines and it is important and instructive to phone strangers and listen.

   So how did this ley-lines lithonet action coalesce? In brief (not starting like Roderick Random or Peregrine Pickle at my birth), I had an élan vital, vivid dream with Hillary a month ago. She said, “We need you.” I’ve been phoning and wishing and grokking.

     A second odd element is that when my belovedbeloved silver Burmese cat, Frolic, has been lying across my chest purring, that tiny sublime resonance and rumble which a purr is has penetrated much further around and along my body than ever before. I’ve been curious about it, but just tucked it away in my Notice Jewelbox and made no deductions.

    [Notes: earth reporter, the current telluric news, haha; Frolls as network of soft silver lines in the total dark; kangaroo feet; merriment for Hillary; under the sphinx a ley chamber or giant transformer, hub with ley spokes; cat waves, I realized that Jester & Frolic were ‘purring’ with each other, it just wasn’t audible to me;]

    Jewelbines – jewel-fueled turbines of light & delight. It’s the geosynthesis (cf photosynthesis) that we don’t even study, the alchemyed radiance from the preening delighted crystals patiently purring in the earth, and we consciously oblivious to their peacock’s-tail-colored pulse. WE seldom hear the sound of the jewellight as it waterfalls up [northern lights] as vuraearthgoo, like a jeweled harp, hurtles through space, a song the gods can see.

    ‘Lithos’ is Greek for ‘stone.’ Just because the stones are patient doesn’t mean they aren’t blossoming down there. They speak to each other and to the shaman washing her cooking pot in telluric jewel waves from the lithosphere like northern lights in the atmosphere. The lithosphere extruded all of us, after all, pelican, leopard, and violet – and you. We all are the patient invention of the Lithos who dreamt, devised, and waited and waited until the Bios could move and be warm. [stabilizing the lithonet at the New Hampshire node – the lithotechnology – cf the assistance of silicon in the external computer and the programming. Silicon & glass & stained glass; still flowing; LithoNet News The lithonet is more ‘organic,’ aesthetic, a different programming language; The litholight in NH has already bloomed. Lithogize. Sisyphus is pushing a geode up the mountain, that’s why he’s laughing;]     

    I feel this huge knot in the center of my chest has been gordianned or cleaved or unknotted, like we finally got the lithophore (cf semaphore) going. Hillary & the hopes of little girls./// Her example of groundedness is splendid. Hillary has the deep abiding strength of stones. All the women who bore the burdens thru History Herstory, the Ancients – their patient and fierce bones are speaking their jewellight dream song for her thru the dear vuraearthgoo, the lithonet, as constant as stones.

    As one might be a lighthouse keeper, a jewellight keeper is my essential job on the campaign, keeping the lenses of the ley net, the lithonet polished.


   Allow yourself time to muse, to immerse in reverie, semi-waking dreams. Allow a subject to speak to you, and as an amanuensis or scribe, note down the experience as it happens or just after it happens. Fret not when you begin these muses that your notes are ragged or lurch. Remind yourself of the muse theme as you follow the thread thru the gorgeous labyrinth of a contemplation.

   Notice that I use brackets to put in other reverie items to include later or to muse upon another time. I often use semi-colons to separate thoughts. Somehow they’re less mentally turbulent to the reveric flow than periods are. Eventually you can learn to make notes without jarring yourself out of reverie.

   Obviously this was a very dense and intense reverie. It is the hub of a many-spoked contemplation. This experience had a magic carpet, transported, bi-location feel. It led to many revelations of deep and ancient communications systems in the weeks that followed.



.. gordianned .. The Gordian Knot is a tangle of complexity that is solved suddenly by cleaving the knot in half with the sword of thought, not by patiently and tediously trying to untangle the knot.

 .. Remember that Vuravura & Jeegoo are other names for Earth. I try to avoid too Western-centric a feel when we honor our planet.

.. semaphore is the signaling communication with positions of two flag for the letters of the alphabet that is still used between two ships at sea.

.. geode .. a geode is a very plain-looking rock which when split open gorgeously reveals a shockingly dazzling array of often violet crystals.


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The Will of (Only the Healthy) Voters

The Will of (Only the Healthy) Voters

After the following tidbit, please check out the caucusdebacle blog which focuses on election 2008 & especially the shameful Caucus Skew against Hillary Voters.

Here's a sample of the Caucus Debacle Story:

“Dear Ms. Schultz,

   I saw you on CSpan and, like Diogenes no doubt, all but fainted with relief that there was One Media Person not spitting vile or veiled venom at Hillary. Until I saw you, I had no idea just how girded I'd been against the onslaught of misogyny.

   Your Back-off Men column (04.06.08) was another boon. But I have what I think of as The Greatest Story Ever Untold about this historic election. If you are as amazed & dismayed as I am, I'm glad to tell the much much more I've learned.

   There is a shameful 15% Caucus Skew which cheats Hillary's voters of their rightful share of pledged delegates & popular votes. Hundreds of thousands of older women for Hillary are disappeared in Caucus States because they have a dread of falling and dare not go out to caucus. “Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I can't think!”

   This is exactly the kind of grotesque anti-democratic injustice that the (non-lemming) superdelegates were designed to account for in their thinking.

   I made thousands of volunteer phone calls into caucus states and was stunned by the extent of, this epidemic of older women for Hillary with a terrible fear of falling. Every 8th call got me a version of  “Oh no, dear, I can't caucus, I'm off-balance.” The audacity-of-ignorance mantra of non-reporting told us that Mr. Obama had “superior organization” and more passionate voters. Nonsense. Hillary's disappeared voters didn't lack passion — only an Absentee Ballot. (Hillary didn't “get back the women's vote” in NH because of some tearing up in a diner. More meager-reporting media nonsense. In NH they had the Absentee Ballot.)

   Older women are a core group of lifelong Democrats. That they were silenced infuriates them. Why so you think 28% of Hillary supporters said they would vote for McCain or sit out in November? The perception of atrocious misogyny. Of deplorable unfairness.

   In <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Texas, Hillary's voters were plus 4 in the primary & minus 12 in the caucus on the same day. A 16% swing! Suppose we had only seen the caucus results as in Iowa etc? What makes this enormous difference? The Absentee Ballot.

   The superdelegates, 2/3 of whom are men, ignore this horrible silencing of older women in Caucus States at the Party's peril. Everyone tiptoes (rightly) around 'race.' 'Gender' may be disdained, but unwisely. If you want backfire, have the superdelegates pretend that the apparent pledged delegate & popular vote count are not a shameful — sickening — sham of faux democracy.

   It's not that I'm so smart. It was Vera. Vera in Iowa is 87. She said, “Oh no, honey, I can't caucus, I'm a cripple.” I chirp up, 'Uh, maybe you could vote-by-mail absentee?' “If I can't get there in my body, I don't count.”

   I started asking folks why they couldn't caucus. I'm still reeling. I have so much more on this & will talk or email about it anytime of night or day. It is a smoldering volcano of fury in the Democratic Party that the superdelegates must take into account.


For more on this Caucus Scandal, 
caucusdebacle, the blog 
excerpt & article image: janosh