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Free Personal Shamanic Advice

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    In the interests of gratitude to my beloved Earth, Vuravura, Jeegoo, I’m offering a tithe of time to answer by email a question or twain you may have about your life journey or quest.

    Send your question to I’ll send you some groks (thoughts) back as soon as I can.

    Your identity is always utterly confidential with me. Use an email pseudonym or online handle if you wish. (Please use email for this rather than Comments so I can REPLY.) 


Dr. Druid



.. I saw Prez Clinton giving a brilliant talk to graduating high school seniors on CSpan on <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />May 19 2007 & a student asked what they could do. Prez suggested the school start its own micro-NGO (non-governmental organization) to do some good works. This melted with the idea I'd heard in the last few years of micro-production of electricity in your own house or community (eg solar panels over parking lots). Hmm, what ngo-ish action could I take, cadeau-wise, giving back in pagan gratitude? Aha, I thought, I could give some free druid-shaman perspective to some pogblog visitors by email.

.. cadeau .. French for ‘present’ or ‘gift’; a kind of more ancient pagan version of tithe. Pronounced ka-doh.

introduced on 3 Flint . Edznab . Knife . North . tzolkin 198  05.20.07 sun

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