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Ask Dr. Druid . Day 41



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    Now that we’ve established some tactics and practices and habits of keen and poignant observation and a more holographic engagement with the compelling and darling and daring language of our electric surround, we only need to add that deft attention to our reveries and, presto! we have woven lucid dreaming with our lucid waking.

    Consider that the sunlight skills are forest skills and the starlight skills are underwater skills, like looking at stars reflected in a still pool. The medium is different. In your present earth-tethered guise, you may be more consciously accustomed to the dryland qualities of perception and memory, but using attention deftly and deliberately is universal.

    Just as you would pack and prepare to go to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Paris, France, you pack and prepare to go to Sueño, the fabulous seas and continents of dreams and reveries. The trick is less getting there than getting the contraband, smuggling the sueño insights and outsights back into earthworld.

    Oneiro is the Greek word for dream. Obviously it’s not hard to gallivant in the oneiro-worlds – you do it every night. The trick is to move the ‘one spot’ of your dynamic consciousness there and back.

     I find it generally useful to travel light with a veryvery open mind. I am intrepid explorer; thoughtful visitor; ambassador; pioneer; philosophic observer. Sometimes I find myself of the place 'I' end up and other times I’m more of a traveler. But whether Dream, Reverie, or ImagiNation, the exact same skills of adaptability and deftly alert attention apply that apply to all your vivid living..

   Write yourself some detailed and random notes in your log about where you are now in relationship to what you presently think of Dream, Reverie, ImagiNation, Vision. You’ll find this survey useful and interesting in a week, a month, a year, five years. When you’re an old hand and have essentially formally or informally written your own IntraRealms Travel Book. Including travel to the grocery store and to the Far Stars and to the Land of Apples. All your adventures, grokked, will interest and illuminate and shape (like you as a sculpture of light) and poetry you.


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