Welcome to pogblog

Welcome to pogblog.     

     The adventure on our planet for the next six years is going to be an kaleidoscopic holo-ride of either fun or madness depending on how circus of glee (tightrope; juggling; clown) you manage to let your mind&heart&gut be.

        Pogblog articles speak to those mind-art tools and talents you’ll need to refine or to acquire to have a damn dazzling good time – or at least not let go of the edge of the cliff.
    Militant pacifism, Quantum Schools, obsidian humor, photonic physics & photonic ethics in the post-Quantum world, and the integration of lucid waking & lucid dreaming are leitmotifs of pogblog — all of which are explained in the articles.
   In its radical optimism, Pogblog is mostly for stuff, but is fierce against the reigning theofascism and the hypocrites who wield it. Organized Religions have grotesquely failed us. Cogism — or shrunken-heart corporate psychosis has failed us. We need to speak out about it. We need to squawk. 

I recommend that we embrace(& therefore defuse) their Talking Points' derisive description and say, “Yep, that pesky Far Looney Left Extremist Agenda is universal healthcare; a superb, public K-College education for every child; a treasured and revered environment; a robust living wage; and nationwide free wireless internet ultra-broadband.”

Please comment on articles & fables. Pogblog allows anonymous comments, tho having your handle is cool too. 

The threads on pogblog are on-going for various fables & articles. With few exceptions, articles & fables are valuable for any time. Please root around in the Archives. I hope what you find is very truffle for you – both the dark chocolate kind and the pungent fungusy kind. Most of the fables are under 800 words.

  Pogblog has an on-going Glossary for both the handful of coined (invented) words and for words some may be not so familiar with. And for bloody fun besides – pogblog is devoted to the language. If life allowed, I'd do pogblog's Glossary night & day. (On Main Page, on left under Topics, click pogblog’s Glossary.)

    Pogblog recommends that all fables & articles be read with the mouth as if out loud. If you try to skate across the fables with your eyes, they will resist you.

   If you read them with your mouth, they will work for you like magic. Try it. The fables were made very short so you would have time to read them with your mouth and taste the words.

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If you know an agent, editor, publisher person who would handle this kind of rage for justice, rage for peace material, please let me know at .. pogblog@yahoo.com


It’s an honor to have you visit pogblog. Do comment.


Check pogblog’s Glossary for brave & nefarious words.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to pogblog

  1. Flan,
    How do I breathe, drool, and read out of my mouth at the same time? And this squawk thing? What about all the creatures who bark, meow, caw? Aren't they part of mother earth's creation, etc?
    I'm a concerned member of an alternate species.

  2. 05.31.05 12 Rainstorm . Redbird tzolkin 259 tuesday
    I'm glad to have so many more species on pogblog's ark now. (cf Chaucer's Parliament of Birds.) There is a pogblog prejudice toward the feline so the barkers will have to be down in steerage. Meowing and mooing get the portholes with the best view. Even cloven hooves are welcome if they aren't the kind of cloven hooves one finds on the plastic angels of Bush&Co.
    //As long as you don't speak with a forked tongue like our present orwellian rulers, you should be able to breathe & drool & read as if out loud at same time just fine — at least it's easy for me when I'm reading the tasty tapas at pogblog.

  3. Hey Mr. Pog–
    Great stuff!
    “POG” shows that the “Grand Old Party” i.e., the G.O.P. has become completely reactionary (backward-looking).
    It is now the party of Greedy Omnivorous Plutocrats. Instead of “omnivorous” I thought to type in “Old”, but truth be told, I have more respect, diminishing as it is with each passing day, for some of the more senior members who have some memory of a more honorable past than the two-fisted whippersnappers toting a Bible in one hand and Adam Smith in the other. Either of these tomes could transform their entire being should they read them with an open and curious mind, but they only want to appear as righteous, and are certain they are so long as they display the proper tokens and totems.
    Their “Jesus” would drive them from the Temple for profaning the Truth, and their unalloyed Hypocrisy.
    Religion is poison, spirituality is a healing balm.
    Religion divides and fractures, spirituality unifies.
    Religion demands blind belief, spirituality arises naturally for those who are open-minded, open-hearted, and humble in the right way.
    (These qualities added together virtually add up to the appellation “Liberal”, a truly beautiful word they've stolen from us.)
    No need for bogus “humility”– we should feel blessed, grateful, and powerful because we are all Miracles of Creation, and tuned to Universal Mind, in the process of discovering our authentic, awesome potential.
    Just as those who teach hate and intolerance–no matter how thinly or thickly-veiled–dishonor and desecrate the teachings of Jesus, and all spiritual traditions, which insist on the absolute primacy of Love as a lived experience, not a “belief” or credo, the present-day Greedy Omnivorous Plutocrats shame and defame the party of Abraham Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, even Dwight Eisenhower.
    Well, this is all “old” news.
    What's really needed is for all of us to fearlesssly and ruthlessly throw out the contents of our mental closets. Whatever is useful, necessary, or positive will come back to us, or return in an altered, improved and embellished form.
    All for now–salutations for your courage, your passion, and your inspiration.

  4. Thanks for coming by pogblog and adding so articulately to the palaver.
    Saddish to say, pogblog got kicked out of the Universal Mind for OverlyMischievous Behavior a long time ago, but it's nice to get some dispatches from there.
    The originals of The Bogus Bible and the Addled Adam Smith as they are tormented by the Insane Religious Zealots (IRZs) have been mauled by these pitbulls of righteousness.
    I'm not sure what 'namaste' means. Maybe the next time you visit, you could elaborate.

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