Free diamonds

…Druidism is about the immediate free diamonds always at hand, ever, ever. Ever immediate, ever astonishing. ‘Astonish’ — to strike with thunder, to strike with wonder. you are tender, you are fierce. It burns, it all burns. Grok it. A hummingbird? If a humming bird doesn’t make you want to rip your ear off, have you got a pulse?
…The magnification or glowification, illumination of every thing– more candles, more fireflies, more emerald fire, all the each-leaves that the universe keeps count of every heartbeat; heartbeat, blink, breath.
…Poetry should clarify, illuminate — like walking into a dark room and flicking the light on, here, clear, now, wow; illuminate, document the history of mystery, aha, eureka, jumpin’ jehoshaphat. Yippee. Standing ovation. you applaud. It preens. you notice, you admire, lo! adore! its sheen, it preens.
…A  mobius affection, unhurriedly, happily, without end, befriend each other, you and the grassblades, the dear patient dirt plotting flowers. Watch the dream arrive, thrive.
…It’s a chalice, it’s a palace, relish it, embellish it, revere, treasure it , the pleasure of it, the measureless pleasure of it.




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