Ask Dr. Druid .. Loon E. Bin, Utter Shaman .. day 43

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 43

Loon E. Bin, Utter Shaman 


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    Mr. Bin woke up on planet Earth after a long tho quick journey from the planet Utter, part of the planet flock shepherded by the sun Flut whose rays were song and whose creatures subsisted by songosynthesis, whose blood was ruled by songoglobin, hurray.

    Spice travel (space + time travel) was daily among earthers, but few were not merely at the mischievous mercy of the spice tides, and treated dreams as tangential not essential to their life travels and travails. Most kids, on, say, continent <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />America could ride a bike, but few could surf the dreamsea (the spice sea to the cognoscenti) and fewer were asked at the breakfast table, “How was your night at school?”

    Poetry was the currency on Utter so Loon E. Bin found local customs of value confounding and bizarre.

    The mind of Earth was treacherous and berserk. They slaughtered each other and then, in a world fraught with famine, threw the meat away. Yet one cult honored its god by eating its flesh and drinking its blood.

    “Whew,” thought Loon, “I’m not sure my brainshield can counter this much pulsing radioactivity of gamma madness.”

    Except for the religionridden biped, however, the planet E was so stupendous, captivating, breathtaking that Mr. Bin could not imagine how the biped herds were not simply dazzled and spontaneously combusted of gratitude and creative devotion to constant kindness and delight?

    Mr. Bin was on planet E to do research for SLY. SLY stands for Shamans Love Yaks. There had been  some vivid discussion between the Yak wing and the Mollusk wing of the Utter Shamans. The Mollusk partisans had lobbied for SLAM (Shamans Love Any Mollusk) and were not a mite miffed that the Yak enthusiasts had prevailed. Utter shamans love their quirk.

    Cat. A. Pult was Loon E.’s trust-&-tryst on Utter. He read her note on zmail, her wish to keep him from the desolation and dissolution of loneliness on a planet sweet of scene but harsh of psyche. “Darling Loon E, mon cher, I am aware of  an ocean of gratitude for all the seconds (second by second) of luck which have got me gloriously here; that any second I could have fallen into the rabbit hole of eternity, but my hand or heart was held by a kind of Quasimodo Luck which has guarded and gladdened me.       kisses from she who so misses thou in k1, cat.” Loon E. smiled. Cat always studied the languages and cultures of his SLY destinations so she could weave the feel of Home with the target planet. He like the ‘Quasimodo Luck,’ lumpy, externally misshapen, but internally and even eternally devoted.

    They used zmail (zoom mail) often so that they wouldn’t get intoxicated always by telepathing. It kept them grounded on the target planet. He zipped back, “Cat cherie, I’m not sure I ever will explain to the Earthers about SLY. You grok so seamlessly the sweet irony that shamans love yaks, therefore everyanything because if you can love a yak why not everything else too? I thought the SLAM people had some good points that if you could love a slithy mollusk, you could love everyanything else too. I think they lost on the acronym not the sentiment. SLAM a tad too brusque compared to SLY?

    “I’m looking for some folk who might want some shaman training from a planet like Utter where poetry is a full time job for everyone and we put tasks as necessary sidebars which we do for the common good. Whew is it different here, sweetheart.”

    Loon E. began to muse about the mini-curriculum for dream cuisine. Should they get to choose from a menu? Ambassador? Explorer? Tourist? Better not to start with the responsibilities of Shaman right off? But apprentice shaman was what had drawn his own emerald and topaz devotion. But that was after the assumption of ambassador, explorer, tourist that his Utter world had just taught like eating with your own spoon.

    Hmmm. Learning that you have facets of lives and ways flung among the dimensions could be dislocating for single-plane folk like so many Earthers. He and Cat had met as Ambassadors for Utter. ‘Be an Ambassador for Earth in the Galaxy’ was his first poster that he put up.

    Loon E. Bin, Utter shaman, wondered who would show up?


Action item – write a mini-story or fable of your own to introduce yourself to how the intradimensional worlds feel to you. Let the fable write you. Your creative self is not awkward with intradimensional travel or study – s/he does it nightly. The trick is to get your linear mind to get that passport and take a gazelle-like leap into the further harbors of your mind. Again as always, allow yourself to feel awkward. Everyone starts art. You just seldom see them in the fawn-awkward stages. Be kind to your mind.



everyanything.. from ee cummings;

Quasimodo..the hunchback of Notre Dame, lumpy, devoted;


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