Plunder Wonder 2010

If you're too jaded
To wade thru the joyous accolades
For our darling Planet,
The more vicious, and also delicious,
Politics is nearer the end, friend.
For me, the one allows me
To cope with the other . . .

Plunder Wonder

In a sugar plum-colored daze,
May the bounty of days amaze.
The sheep's plush fleece, the gossip of geese,
The cat purrs, licking her elegant whiskers.
Clowns somersault, salts clown around.
We're lucky to have towels and trowels and vowels.
Pluck luck from your pudding like plums.
Succumb to plums.  Steal style.
Flaunt jauntiness.  Hail heartiness.
Be tickled by pickles, relish fellowship.
Butter is better. More butter is best.
When you feel insane,
Butter your brain
With extra vaganzas,
Unleash a plethora of euphoria.
Pirate the treasure of pleasure.
Saddle up, pard, and rope them days,
A hot bath, forgiven wrath.
Club a sandwich, belly up to a sandbar,
Have a fine purple purpose,
Flout and rout pouting.
Ponder wonder.
Remembrance of Things Present:
Remember vermilion, the color of embers.
The gilt lilies frothing the field have no guilt.
Ponder only wonder.
Be harmless and warm, eschew other arms.
Praise the prize of days, the surprise of days.
'Frolic' means 'swift gladness':
May your gladness be quick and tricksy.
Be facile with docility,
Salacious for salad. Prefer tortes to torture.
Wreak wreaths, not havoc.
Have more siestas, more snoozes, more muses.
Be kind to your kind.
Under the grime of habit is the original shine,
Polish your time.
As you get old, pick courage, not rage.
The cartography of the heart
Is it a maze or a map?
Perhaps it's better to be polite than right?
Get stunned by fun.
With gusto and lusto, be happy, be sappy.
The solstice, the return of light,
The retreat of night
Shining on us all, the same sun
Makes us one;
Equal under the high and shining sky,
All our hearts are star bright.
The only task is to bask
In the holy glow of the fruited earth.
Linger, watch, admire. Remember.
Re-ember. Seize seeing.
Be a barnacle to your day.
There's lavender, provender, talent, gallantry,
There's silk, salt, and succotash.
Be bold, be brash,
Plunder the days for wonder.
In Avalon, the Island of Apples,
A unicorn foal, an otter,
And one silver kitten,
Enchanted by the moon,
Dance by the Lagoon of Dreams.
Slide deep into the Lagoon of Dreams,
Slide otterly deep
Into the Lagoon of Dreams
Our hearts are songs of birds,
Waddles of penguins,
Soft as ostrich feathers,
As cawing as crows
With raucous guffawing.
— January 2009 —
After the appalled derisions
With which we watched The Decider's decisions,
At last this year we surface from the Sea of Fear
Utterly playful again, like besotted otters;

“Hoppy Holidays, as a Frog might say,” I scribble daffily,
Drunk sans liquor with glee,
Ah, ahhh, we can tell stupid jokes again, verily.
At least Mount Rushmore and dimes are safe
From George's pipsquawk unsage image,
His flaws so fatal to so many who emptily died
For preemption, that rabid abstraction;
Heinous Cheney is deflated, if not checkmated.
Our dear Demos will lurch and blunder
But the massive hemorrhaging is ceased;
From the baleful rise of the 4th Reich,
That fathomless fright –
From their full frontal affront,
War as a codpiece,
We are released;
The Shadow, as Jung might have it,
Is revealed so it can be healed.

Hark! Embark on Prez O & Hillary's Ark,
Lambs & lions of service,
Fiercely mild in their souls,
Rallying the meek
To our inheritance.
It's a Team Dream
We're waking & making
On our gorgeous doting Planet;
Lend a hand, lend a heart,
Time to seriously, gladfully start,
Do thy ingenious, generous gallant part.

Invite your panself, holoself, remself,
To this' wildly surmising,' kaleidoscopically surprising
Sundream, moondream fiesta;
Tithe times ten your mirth
To our darling planet, Earth
Aka Vuravura, Jeegoo.
Teach your soul to be sunny and funny,
Carpe noctem tambien, carpe comedy,
Time for Team Earth
To prove our worth —
Gallop, gallivant, stroll, mull,
Earnestly act in delight & quixot.

— January 2010 —
I'm loath to mention the fly in the ointment,
Obama's been a bit of a disappointment;
It turns out that
Obama needs more drama,
Needs to be seen to matter
Instead of fiddling & faddling
While our fierce illusion shatters.
Too Beckett, too Waiting for Godot
While our bewildered hopes
Wither to woe.
Fierce Urgency Now
Would have been more F.U.N.
We'd be less stunned.
Oh well, hell, he looks great in a tux
And that's deluxe.

Hillary is splendid,
She's been triumphantly befriended
By the world's forgotten women,
Tireless champion, exorcist of
Historical & hysterical patriarchal demons,
Hillary of Arc has won their patient, brave hearts.

Assailin' flailin' Palin's a bit too fish-in-a-barrel,
The Finder of Enemies under every pebble,
Her feral pheromones, her floozy apparel;
Her dismal nasal prattle,
So obscenely mean,
Dangerous and unhinged,
Mesmerizing what we
Wish were The Fringe;
My fantasy would be to loose
A flotilla of rogue gorillas in Wasilla
And hope for the worst.
BTW, hurray for Bluejean Boy, Levi,
Who apparently can make a pariah of Sarah
If she rises too high,
Levi's my guy.

That we could allow
Aetna CEO silver-forked-tongued
Ron Williams
To make $97,000 a DAY
Fits in what moral universe
That isn't cursed?

There are better heroes of the bereft Left,
Ed the Lionheart stands strong for the needy,
Olbermann clobbers the greedy,
Maddow & Walsh prove
That rational kindness
Can bring light to our blindness.
Wonderful Wendell Potter
Who gave up comfort and riches
For the more lasting gold of Truth;
Sherrod Brown, Weiner who isn't,
Bernie, dear Bernie, Waxman,
And Barney of acerbic blarney,
Schumer, Guts Grayson,
Rockefeller put the MRI to the MLR;

Speaker Pelosi has the gonads
The gents are missing,
A big hero in spite of the hissing
Of the viperous Right
Who are so venomously Wrong.
I beseech particularly
That you forever forswear
The phrase “single payer”
And always say, “Medicare4All,
A less baggaged clarion call,
Not “socialist,” not “European,”
Save us from those sanities!

If (when?) we get to guillotines,
Slitherer Joe goes first,
That self-satisfied smirk
Into the basket of lickspittles & numbskulls.

Avatar 3D will hone & shine
Your raison-to-see
Out here on Mama Earth
aka VuraVura & Jeegoo,
Highest in our Who's Who
Of stupendous planets,
Our masterpiece of holoD,
Just open your eyes wide
And abide,
And remember that ember
The astronaut said,
“When I looked back at our planet Earth
What struck me
Is that there aren't any lines on it.”
All borders and barriers
Lie only in our brains,
Crippling fictions.
I remind the unkind
That until they speak
Fluent Cherokee,
To whose country
We swarming savage misfits
Had no right neither
Before nor after
We slaughtered their daughters
And poisoned their waters,
I suggest, at the least,
Probably futilely, humility.

I hope any hour finds you
mirthmost merry.


multiplying gratitude Use some confounding, astounding number, Like the
number of leaves on trees, To remind you that however wisely you
galactisize your eyes, you still can't love it Enough; Revere what you
can, now, now & now. Immerse yourself in the Universe, Free glee to
fly in your sky like a bird of flame. Try not to get stuck in a God Rut
where you hurt or disdain others for dogma wrought by dead old bastards
who hammered tirades & tyrannies into a blade. Heroes are better
than Gods, less ambitious.