Constitution mnemonic .. domestic Tranquility

FEIPPS is the mnemonic for remembering the items in the preamble to the Constitution. (Yes, there will be a quiz! I quiz myself pretty frequently until I get it nailed.)

Form a more perfect Union;
Establish Justice;
Insure domestic Tranquility;
Provide for the common defence; (sic)
Promote the general Welfare;
Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity;

Notes: The Provide & Promote both begin with “p-r-o.” They are not alphabetical — i.e. “provide” comes in the list before “promote.”

In so far as I can see in facsimiles, the original spelling was defence with a 'c.'

I used the following on an NYT Comment:

Ridding our beloved community of 30-bullet-clips that can murder or maim
20 people in less than a minute might clearly be required under the
notion of “insure domestic Tranquility“?

Medicare-for-All might remind us of our national promise to “promote the general Welfare“?

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I used the fab chocolate rabbit in local yellow Spring flowers pict for domestic Tranquility because it makes you feel preposterously merry and contented — as Tranquility ought.
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