Grid Patrol aka Butterscotch Watch

Grid Patrol aka Butterscotch Watch

    We've done what we've done through history–wars, inventions, poems, Wheatfield with Crows, chocolate souffles, collateral damage. It's time to grow up. Or grow out, grow over, grow around. We've allowed the hot and the toxic to dominate and besmirch the divine daily. We have military weaponed armies in heavy boots with grim guns. Being hard-weaponed has not increased the peace.
    It's time for the Butterscotch Brigade to be on Grid Patrol. Henry James said, “There are three rules for a serene life: Be kind, be kind, be kind.” How? We all have at least two minds. The rat mind, gnawing and snarling, peeved and aggrieved, needy and greedy. And we all have a kitten mind, playful, delighted, curious, soft, pliable.
    If we spent 5 minutes a day on Butterscotch Watch–well, think of it. 7 billion times 5 minutes is 35 billion minutes each day. [1440 minutes in a day; 525,600 minutes per year; 52 million 560 thousand minutes per century; 666 centuries per day.]
    666 centuries of kind mind per day on the Butterscotch Watch. That flood of butterscotch light into the wounded parts of the beloved globe will do such healing and soothing and balming and calming.
    Of course we need to butterscotch our own immediate lives, but serving others is a different mental/emotional muscle. Have you done your kind time today?
    So, say, we pick a wounded place with stubborn, hotheaded peoples on both sides. We can pour 35 billion minutes a day of butterscotch light for comfort and balm and simple goodwill into the noosphere, the fotizosphere there, and, like a lullaby, allay the fear, the suspicion, the rage.
    Think of it, feel of it, this way: You might once upon a time have had a 'pen pal' in Jerusalem. Now you can have a 'kind-mind pal' in Jerusalem. A minute here, a minute there. At a stoplight, during a commercial.
    Why not call for “prayer”? Because specific Religions are part of the poison. Here on the Butterscotch Watch, the point is our universal humanhood. Not one human-being is born Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu. These visions and versions are encrusted upon us. What we 're doing here is universal–calm, balm. It's more like purring than praying. An expression of contentment without content. No creeds, no doctrines, no practices. Just goodwill and wellwishing–unconditional wishes.
    If we each did our 5 minutes a day in earnest and gentle snatches, in the interstices, waiting in the grocery line, we could do 35 billion minutes a day of goodwill. Now that's trez swell.

for D&D 08.01.10;
Wheatfield With Crows is my favorite Van Gogh, my favorite painting;
noosphere: Our lively mote awash in galactic seas is waking up. There come big
surge-times in our story–the invention of the printing press, the
steam engine, the telegraph. Expanding our attention-point, turning on
more of our transformer, our brain and bones. We are presently in a
crescendo of rising, of brightning energy, élan. . . .The Next-Age
weirdos, of whom, like of the Democrats, I'm wryly and proudly one, are
attuned to various facets of this shimmering phenomenon. I don't cleave
to any version with the zeal of a convert, but I can feel the stirring,
the purring of the planet and its denizens awakening quantumly to a new
holo-mosaic of how consciousness is patterned. One can literally feel
this alchemic symphony of pulses in one's bones. If you don't notice it
yet, you will. It is both fuerte or strong and dulce or sweet. . . .
. Dear Teilhard de Chardin, mid-last-century
philosopher, spoke of the lithosphere, the biosphere, and the
noosphere. To which I, with humble glee, add the holosphere. . ..Litho means stone  The
lithosphere was the primeval furnace, lava rock of the planet which
dreamed and cogitated and desired for a long long time and blossomed
forth the
biosphere which is the lichen and the lemurs, the
octopuses, oaks, giraffes, and us. (Culminating in cats, the
quintessence of terrifying design.) This all rambled around, raucous
and timid, amoeba, hippopotamus, and condor, until forth was
effervesced the
noosphere, a knowledge sphere, a heady stew
of trivial and stupendous information. (Sadly, you cannot call the
noosphere a wisdom sphere, yet.)
fotizosphere..If the noosphere is the knowledge sphere, the fotizosphere is heart's-brightness sphere, soft and shimmering like the flame of a candle; the enchanted sudden dearness of  fireflys; an aurora borealis of luminous butterscotch light, sweet and gold.
(coined from Greek fotizo illuminate, light; wf Aug 2010.)

Ask Dr. Druid, Bk 2 draft


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