Millionaires-&-Billionaires part 1

091810 Sept 19 2010
Exploding the deficit to give a Tax-Handout to the Millionaires-&-Billionaires? Not smart. Not fair.

Millionaires-&-Billionaires steal from the poor;
They steal plenty
And then they want more.

Too many groats for the Billionaire Goats
Who perch on their Mountain of Stolen Gold
And gloat
While us paycheck dolts
Desperately try to
Stay afloat.

Millionaires-&-Billionaires call stealing earning;
They don't earn, they steal;
Please brother can you spare a dime,
Millionaires, Billionaires,
That much greed is a crime.

We been conned for 30 years and more,
Steal from the poor
To fatten the rich,
Millionaires, Billionaires,
They gotta great con goin' —
They steal your shirt
And blame you for feeling cold;
They crash your pension
And blame you for getting old.

Greed Panels:
The Millionaires-&-Billionaires in their boardrooms scheming
How to squeeze more from the poor,
How to milk the Middle Class.

Got greed?

Greed hurts.

Got mugged?
The Millionaires-&-Billionaires Tax Scam:
They crash the pensions and savings of 98% of us, they ship out our jobs,
And whimper for a Great BailOut and now a huge Tax HandOut.
Tax Welfare for the Millionaires-&-Billionaires.

They drive on our Socialist Roads and flush their offal into our Socialist Sewers.

Got dupes?
[Tee shirt for Millionaires-&-Billionaires]

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