Ask Dr. Druid . Day 11 . Synchronicity part 2

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 11
Synchronicity . mismotiempo . part 2
This piece will grok better for you
if you read it with your mouth as if out loud.
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  My relationship to manypoem, the multiverse, is mostly mischievous, often sublimely, supernally silly, sometimes deeply sweet, seldom solemn. So, most of my synchronicity messages are tinct with Vitamin I (Vitamin Irony) and are what they called a few centuries ago: joaks. More than instruction or prophetic nudges, they tend to be hilarious or tender tonics. A quick swill of psychic brandy to brighten the tasks at hand. It is the intersection of the seemingly external event with your own train of thought and feeling that gives synchronicity its bullseye startling feel.

   The universe gets lonely. It wants to preen and be appreciated. Applaud dear manypoem with your private chuckle, grin, or awww, and watch the synchronous presents cascade and parade.

   In my experience, the universe is very quirky. It above all likes surprises which is why this forcefield of the multiverse can’t be prayed to for the red Cadillac convertible or whatever other earthly riches you sycophantically or querulously think you require.

    Messengers are many. Insects, birds, license plates, big words painted on sides of trucks, half-covered newspaper headlines. Who knows.

   My all-time favorite is the gallynipper. A gallynipper is a preposterous and impossible creature. It’s a sin to kill a gallynipper. A gallynipper looks like a gigantic mosquito – as if if it bit or nipped you, it could sip up a gallon or gally. But this creature is uttermost mild and harmless. Its legs are so long and jointed and spindly that if you have to gather one up to release it outside, you will be as gentle as you have ever been lest you bend one of its absurd, fragile legs. Gallynippers can appear or manifest out of nowhere. They are clearly an intraworld creature. They often appear when I am blue, or feel fear of abandonment, or am beset by bewilderment with a belligerent world. Poof – legerdegallynipper. Tenderness and courage are unfailingly re-ignited in me when a gallynipper appears.

   Now, the point of synchronicity alertness is not to become obsessive nor analytical, but to be lightly alert for the extra-enchanted moments.



.. legerdegallynipper .. leger-de-main in French means light of hand or sleight of hand, the pulling the rabbit out of the hat, the magic move. Thus, magically pulling the gallynipper out of the hat;

.. joaks .. from the OED. from 1741 spelling for jokes; tho seven years later, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Richardson in Clarissa says “I..should not forbear to cut a joke, were I upon a scaffold” – which if I were to have a mantra, this would be it. .


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5 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 11 . Synchronicity part 2

  1. Glad we can help with intoxication, iotas.
    CL, I would say generally that joaks are more structured by the human brain and serendips are more structured by the cosmic holobrain. Serendips tend to be tinct with merriment or wonder and joaks can include cruel.
    Not to say that they never intertwine.

  2. This is such a quirky and interesting approach to being grounded. It is so much less dogmatic and abstract than the usual Religious versions. I'm glad I found you.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Anon. The whole druid approach is a devotion to the seed of the detail which when sunstruck by your fond observation openingly blooms into a flower of wide understanding and inderstanding. The energy this releases is quite stunning and nourishing.

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