Ask Dr. Druid . prologue . treasure hunt of the magpie

Ask Dr. Druid . prologue 

The treasure hunt of the magpie

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    A key, a lynchpin to the arts &
sciences of fascinations is the simple grok of rem real and day real.
In the modern West we are generally taught that day experience and
day physics are the properly real and the possible rest of our
experience is pretty much suspect. (The perfectly horrid Siggie Fraud
single-Idedly ruined a century of dream study with his peculiar and
pathological views of the dream realms.)
   For the purposes of our Fascinations
Studies, I recommend attending to and appreciating rem-real and
day-real seamlessly.
   By rem-real I mean all the realms of
experience which are idiosyncratic, unlikely to be repeated, and
which can be observed full of care but cannot usually be domesticated
like day-real. I use ‘rem’ for the rapid eye movements which
often accompany so-called night-dream states. I myself do not
distinguish between day-real and rem-real in terms of value as
experiences. The skills involved in navigating the experiences are
just sometimes different. 


   The quality which will translate most
readily between lucid or vivid waking & lucid or vivid dreaming
is fascination. If you have a natural knack for fascination, consider
yourself 4-2-n8 indeed. However, if your ability to be fascinated is
enervated or sporadic or clichéd, there's help at hand.
You can learn more facets of fascination, and the luminous
will rise in your life like a sweet tide of light.
   We’ll cajole
you into being
– thunder-struck, dust-struck, spaghetti-struck. A trick for the
fascination juggle is to be
When you learn to poet all your day and rem, you become dazzled in an
intimate and deeply fond way. The reigning druidic assumption is that
it is all a treasure hunt, it is all riveting — thus
can you see it that way each
   My life has been
the education of an alchemist.
do I turn the lead of my stagnant
attention into the gold of fascination? This study of
Do We Know is called epistemology by the ancient Greeks.
   The magic of
personal experience is in conscious and lively consideration of the
parade in which we are immersed. The midas discovery is the
eclectic trick
. The notion of eclectic is choosing the
best from all possible sources
. I find that folks are often
clichéd and brand-narrowed in what they find interesting. They tend
to be interested in what their friends are interested in. I recommend
being interested in anything. We'll increase your attention from
interested to fascinated. Be a magpie: notice and collect all shiny
do these Notes because I remember reading TS Eliot’s big poems and
they’d have these passages of Greek or Latin. I wanted to know what
they meant. I was happy to learn, but had no way to find out
in those days. I like to be able to use idiosyncratic or coined
words, but for the curious reader, it feels fair to give an
occasional explanation fuller or wryer than what one can deduce from
the context. Tidbits for word-nuts, I suppose, and for fellow
Greek philosophers had three big questions:
is real?
is good?
do we know?
lovely thing about fascination is that you can get drunk on it with
no ill effects.
means drained of juice; like champagne with no fizz left.
..A magpie is a crazily curious bird who loves to steal shiny objects to decorate its nest. 


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4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . prologue . treasure hunt of the magpie

  1. IT is rather amazing to ponder how extraordinary the so called “ordinary” really is or how really ordinary it is to find the extraordinary. I think I dreamt that once.

  2. I'm convinced that when we give people the attention of poets when they are little kids and they real-eyes that they are immersed in a treasure hunt as ceaselessly startling as the waves of the sea purr ceaselessly up the sand, they will be so enchanted that they'll sicken at slaughtering one another and tenderly tend the planet as it dearly deserves.

  3. It is odd that we need to be reminded — so eloquently by the way — to be dazzled. I think the sludge of religion puts a layer of murk between us and the dazzlement. I wish you'd speak sometime as to how you escaped the regimen and got “the raw awe,” as you put it?

  4. There's always something raw awed about the poeting eye. The duty to beauty.
    Of course beauty is seldom pretty.
    I always felt sorry for churches and the churched. They overreached with their exclusivity claims. How much more delightful to simply say, 'We have some compelling discoveries to consider. See what you think.' Instead of the bludgeon and spiritual intimidation. 'If you don't take our [Deity-equivalent], you'll spend an eternity of conscious torment.' A kind of 'holy' rendition. Thanks, but no.

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