Judith Miller Drinks KoolAid — The Unsung Sin of FixedIntelGate

Judith Miller Drinks KoolAid —

The Unsung Sin of FixedIntelGate

     Remember Chalabi? The re-Rise of that Snake, that Crook Chalabi is appalling.

    What never gets told in the nefarious FixedIntelGate is that Ahmad Chalabi is the Svengali, the rotten manipulating liar, the chalabi, and the snake who charms the snake charmers. Like quisling, chalabi should become an ordinary lowercase word of indelible infamy. Chalabi was the guy who fed barely cooked lies to the eager Bush neocon America Imperium Hubrisites.

     What never gets told is that Chalabi’s Lying Cabal of supposed defected or escaped informants told quickly-swallowed-whole Lies to Dick Cheney, his champion, and then to Judith Miller about supposed exact locations of Weapons of Mass Destruction (a terrifying phrase, gods know). I remember Dick on some show saying in effect, ‘We have precise intelligence about where Saddam is hiding chemical and biological weapons and labs, weapons of mass destruction. We have actual addresses.’ The implication was that Intelligence had the specific addresses not from these opportunistic conmen (as we found out much too much later when grimly too late the proper in-depth, less credulous reporting was finally done), but from men sold as heroic escapees. Chalabi made sure they each had an harrowing, usually blood-curdling story even if as it often much later turned out, they hadn’t set foot in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Iraq for a decade. The Weapons of Mass Destruction were at 1239 Al-Rashid Blvd, 2466 Khulafa Ave., 791 Rabia St., 1438 Al Thawra St., 12379 Qutaiba St. — in the basement, in the back courtyard, in the shed. In the palace buried under the cistern. When they weren’t in one of those also never-found sinister mobile labs being ever shuttled around the dunes.

    Remember this is before the war when to everyone’s flabbergasted surprise, Saddam was jujitsuily letting inspectors go wherever they wanted to go. (One of the great Reptilian Big Lie Talking Points still to this day is that Saddam refused to let the inspectors inspect. That had been true years earlier, but was not true in this time frame.)

     The sleight-of-hand was that we could have sent the inspectors to all those basements and secret rooms at the ‘specific addresses.’ We could have revealed that no WMD existed before the war if we had waited even a month because the inspectors were proving and proving daily that no WMD was where it was supposed to be. The inspectors could have run the whole table of addresses of these supposed “secret” caches of  weapons of mass destruction before the war, but I believe that NeoCon Boys duped Judith Miller et al, but didn’t drink their own KoolAid. They wanted to get the war well begun before too many questions were awkwardly asked. And the doubts suddenly cast by Mr. Wilson on July 06, 2003 struck a raw nerve about FixedIntel, intel fixed to fit the policy as the Downing Street Memo calls it – which Mr. Wilson called ‘intelligence twisted to exaggerate the threat.’

     Judith Miller goes way up the Food Chain of Lies in terms of contacts. Subverting the New York Times was a great coup for the mongrel Mongers of War. (The NYT apologized for 13 gullible articles, 10 of which were written by Ms. Miller.)

     I wonder who up the Food Chain of Lies is letting her rot in jail to cover His janus-faces &/or rump?

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What I Didn’t Find in Africa  .. Joe Wilson;

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Chalabi emerges, once again .. Hannah Annam;


pict of ‘Rummy’ being Chummy with Saddamie;



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4 thoughts on “Judith Miller Drinks KoolAid — The Unsung Sin of FixedIntelGate

  1. The new film of Graham Greene's prophetic book “The Quiet American” was given a preview on September 10, 2001. That's what I'd call an incredible coincidence. The very next day it was9/11 and the film was put into cold storage. Somebody somewhere did not think that it would be wise to remind the good-natured, idealistic people of America how their goodwill and saintly naivete was being exploited and abused by a relatively small group of evil-minded people in hot pursuit of money, power and dictatorship by stealth.
    Chalabi was just a well-briefed stooge like other exiles-in-waiting enjoying the hospitality of America or Britain. In Vietnam America installed Ngho Dinh Diem, a Vietnamese aristocrat living in New York.
    He was later “terminated with extreme prejudice”, because he wasn't playing the power game he was supposed to play.
    Plus ca change,plus c

  2. The deja entendu of 'Vietnamization' & 'Iraqiazation' are too eerie to bear.
    But, damnGod, but we are gonna change the thing for real, mais nous allons changer la chose — we're gonna change la chose, so it ain't the m

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