FixedIntelGate .. our bloodless coup

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David's pebbles against Goliath's flak .. 

our bloodless coup ..


Great friend of pogblog, chancelucky, was thoughtfully lamenting the gigaspurt-and-blurt of info on X & Y & Z subjects in the media and on the internet perhaps past any reason. I would like to send this open letter in general defiance of that attractive but flawed position.   


At first site, I mean sight, chancelucky, your eloquent argument is ludditily¹ soothing,  but having been as obsessed as could be about the FixedIntelGate¹ (Rove; Downing St Memo &c), I have to defiantly disagree, finally.

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We're in our infancy against a savage and perfected Republican and White House Predator Information Machine, but the future is very much at stake. I'm proud and happy to be part of  the noosphere¹, the living-knowledge sphere.


This treacherous Administration is on its 2nd four years of consolidating obscene wealth in the already grotesquely rich; despoiling the shared environment of the spaceship; spending $14000 a minute on the fantasy Missile Crackpot Scheme aka StarWars; $200,000 a minute on the Iraq Quagmire; and more costs in lack of splendid education and lack of splendid universal healthcare than we can count.


They fixed the intel to fit the policy. It's taking time on the blogbrain for this to get out, for the new synapses to stabilize, for the hypnotized and bought 'media' to get corrected and re-corrected. If it were not for the noosphere Internet obsession, FixedIntelGate would have vanished long since and Goliath's Hummerjuggernaut would be rolling over more of the few stalwart bodies who would continue to squawk.


Watching and feeling and participating in the slowly accreting and concerting noosphere action — quite symphonic really — as it blooms has been thrilling and important.


We're refining our David against Goliath tactics, and tho there is a fair amount of inconvenient and even annoying redundancy, the Lizards have learned long ago about the importance of “It's the repetition, stupid.” Just like in kindergarten. We need to learn to do it too.


Pogblog, for instance, has been spreading the idea that we never say 'billion,' a dirigible ho-hum floating word, but rather always $1000 million dollars, about which people invariably gasp. Try it out around the water cooler. I have learned to say it cost $14000 a minute for stupid Star Wars. I just learned to add that we're paying $200,000 a minute for the Iraq Debacle. It takes time to refine. The Lizards have every issue in a fortune cookie.¹ Remember No New Taxes? This is the spaghetti that sticks to the ceiling and we progressives have got to learn to do it better.   


We're getting better issue by issue as we get email alerts and learn how to consume the blogosphere info.


I think FixedIntelGate is where the Internet has proved its chops against the consolidation of massive communication power and I hope we only get more obsessed and more quick and more refined.


More and more people will learn to participate and to make the succinct comment that distills a point or nudges in a direction. Only perception and clarity and synthesizing ability will matter eventually. 


I think FixedIntelGate is a bloodless coup in the making. I think truth is gaining momentum against the Big Lies.¹ I think this is actual democracy on the hoof. Like a new-born foal, our legs are a little wobbly, but like Secretariat, our heart is huge and when we grow up, we'll run like the wind.



If you know an agent, editor, publisher person who would handle this kind of rage for justice, rage for peace material, please let me know at ..


It’s an honor to have you visit pogblog. Do comment.


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One thought on “FixedIntelGate .. our bloodless coup

  1. I too am hoping that the idea of the Fixed Intel is seeping into the consciousness of America, having been a splash of battery acid in the face of Europeans and others since well before the war.
    The idea of preemptive war seems to us who have loved America so unAmerican that we are still stunned that Americans didn't run shouting into the streets in unendable protests.
    The idea of such overweening megalomania as preemptive war retards planetary civilization for generations. You'd expect it of Attila or Stalin or hideous Adolf — but America?

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