Ask Dr. Druid . Day 8 . Review 1


Ask Dr. Druid . Day 8

Re-view Re-sense Re-mind


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    So what have we begun to learn so far in our introduction to the alchemy mind? We’ve begun to imagine the infinite optimism of deft attention, the treasure hunt of eclectically finding that everything is interesting. We’ve begun to grok (drink in deeply) the understanding that we’ll be increasing the voltage of interesting to fascinating throughout our 66-Day apprentice druid adventure.

   We’ve begun to notice that the truth is verbing thinking. That noun think is convenient — and false. Being a lert – a lerting is lovely and lively.

   We’ve broached the concept of a spherical spectrum of reality from dayreal, that masterpiece of K1 (persistent kinesthetic or touch) reality engineering — to remreal, very powerful experiences but not necessarily solid or repeatable.

   With your poetry treasure eyes, you’re learning to be surprised and de-lighted and ignited by the spectacularly abundant gifts that manypoem has strewn in your path.

    To be freed upon this glee, you’ve sent your Inner Perfectionist off to hula and grog in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” /><?xml:namespace prefix = u1 />Fiji. You’ve begun to extirpate or uproot that pernicious weed Guilt from your inner garden. Guilt doesn’t make you better . . . it makes you annoying and narcissistic.

    If your drug of choice is air, you’ll besottedly gain the companionship of the whole world. By Day 88, you’ll know that you can never be empty, bored, or lonely – or even more than a little unkind.

   Just like practicing scales or free throws, you’ll use the Naming Game, the Treasure Hunt, and your poetry-eyed magpie alertness to ignite and refine your attention. The point of all Druid Shamanic teaching is to give you treasures and tools you can’t lose, which won’t rust. Riches that increase by giving and which cannot be stolen. Notice, thus, that your imperishable fortune is increasing. The Book for the Druids is The Worlds. The Worlds is rather better illustrated, let’s say mildly and wryly, than the Biblic or Koranic kinds of Books.

    Scribble in your journal or log some random observations about these early days. Phrases are fine. Notice. Celebrate.



   In Greek myth, Narcissus was a handsome youth who leaned over a still pool in a forest glade and became transfixed by his own reflection in the water. He was so obsessed that he was starving to death until the gods took pity on him and turned him into a flower, a frequent remedy. Thus narcissism is the condition of obsessive self-absorption.

   //A magpie is a crazily curious bird who loves to steal shiny objects to decorate its nest. Becoming crazily curious may be the only way to become sane.


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4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 8 . Review 1

  1. The notion of being “freed upon glee” is so simple and profound that I feel like I woke up in a whole new life. I used to feel like life was happening to me. Now I get the idea that it's much more of a partnership than I ever imagined it.

  2. Yes, esfera, the pas de deux with the universe is exhilarating. My gratitude and my gladness runneth over, under, around, within, out and about.

  3. I look forward to moving from blah to interesting and maybe even fascinating. Mr. Pogblog, have you considered using hot-links for some of the more Pogblogois phrases to the dictionary that you had here about a year ago. It might be fun to be able to click on some of the ones I haven't seen for a bit and get a quick refresher.

  4. cl, as we'll discover in 88 Days, blah, interesting, & fascinating are all muscles. One can get one's mind in shape with a little attention to attention.
    Most folks know 'how to be interested.' The druid trick really is to get more eclectic in what one shines the light of attention on.
    I've been trying to do Notes on pogblogian coins of words and less common references, but will be more assiduous in putting glossary words linked in Notes. 88 Days will have its own glossary so thanks for the reminder.
    As to eclectic — it means choosing the best from all possible sources .. so if asked what one word I would have on the desert island, I always pick eclectic — because in its magic shimmering golden net, I get all the rest that's cool . . .

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