Z Project .. the unholy grail .. guerilla actions v. Religious Totalitarianisms

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Z Project .. the unholy grail .. guerilla actions v. Religious Totalitarianisms





from our palaver of evening  tuesday


   memo to diGrif re random parameters of Z Project; (life is a run-on sentence, by the way); what are the elements of the Scamliar fortune cookies? How, without being as goldplated a jerk as they, can one stop, unhinge, deflate, penetrate the 2000-year-old juggernaut of Institutionalized, packaged Christianity as this pious platitudinous they-get-to-assail-you and if you jolt-back, they cry foul thing?

   One could probably pretty easily bite their ankles and/or just stab them so they ffffing bleed to death, and that is a Temptation, but the larger point is to icepick or to rapier it so they ‘get it’ and they know that you haven’t eschewed what — dignity? just to get them to Please Ffffing Jesus Shut Up with their tedious arsenically offensive proselytizing. Punch them in the damn nose? stamp on their holier than thou carcasses until they’re jellified?  Satisfying but not the unholy grail we’re looking for.

   Institutionalized Christianity is such a bane on the hyenaic rump of the world’s hope to have fun and build cool stuff and get drunk and think about ffffing that it is the new ‘nigger’ and ‘slant-eye’– the that which cannot be not challenged if you have a shred of decency or gumption.

    It is the schism between Jesus and Christianity that is a rub. Jesus had a few good fortune cookies. One could say, “Yo Jesus (before he was Christed), Love Your Enemy and Turn the Other Tower are rad(ical) & we ought grok them.” Where did it go wrong?

  Paul, the apostle, and his grotesque deal for power. Jesus was (or should have been) all about the meek inheriting the Earth. Not meek as some sort of wimps, but just not greedy and downtrodding. The point is that we are all of inherent equal worth and if you downtrod, you have erred. 


   I could countenance the supposed solaces of Religions (about which we can fisticuff) but the crucial zero-sum error of Christianity vs Jesusishness is this Sorry-Nope!!-we must-cry-out exclusivity ordure. I really don’t care so much what ‘spiritual’ clothes people want to sport if it makes them feel nifty as long as I do not have to wear them solemn rags or be burned at the stake or cast into lakes of burning fire or suffer “an eternity of conscious torment.”    “Scamliar, I would rather give my child heroin than Christianity” said with slightest ‘darn’ shrug is a beginning.


   Think oh ye gods imagine and grok the luck that you are NOT a Believer. The deeper the horror the horror is the disgusting ‘spiritual’ obedience, the dogism. Even if you kick a dog, it still servilely wags its tail and hopes ingratiatingly placatingly to please. (Fun enough in naughty fantasies, but utter-rotten in one’s raw etheREAL substance which people often miscall ‘spiritual.’ Institutionalized religion is giving over all that is fresh and startling and eccentric and giddy about your experience to some pompous flatulent twits who claim to have the Keys. Doing that to people for power or ermine-trimmed robes terminally sucks and I will not ever have any truck with it.


   We need a series of Deflators depending on the nature of the deflatee. If they are the Insinuating Bludgeoners like Scamliar, they deserve the Better Heroin Than Christianity Line, but monotheism, piety, and exclusivity are too boring and terrible to let slide, period.


more apace,



mon amigolobo,

   Z Project, the tidbits — I'm not standing by any of the notes on this Project yet, just hunting & gathering to get the holomosaic glittering angles to eventually end up with 3 fortune cookies for various audiences — the bunker buster bomb/bludgeon; the scalpel; the mild salsa for the old and why bother them too much but they still don't get to say 'nigger,' 'slant,' or 'fat’; //Amount of appropriate hate re Christians who do not speak out against war and the appalling sinful minimum wage?; How many & what degreee of vestiges or contamination(s) could a psychic surgeon allow to remain to fester because an iota of vestige will fester.//


Compulsive Religioholics, RA = Religioholics Anonymous;


I really need to address the “solace” angle and the slippery slope of that by telling you about Barbara Stockton and The Virgin Mary and about La 'Mama' in Peace Corps training & being glad that she had Jesus, but all these years and lard later concluding that the substance of religious hallucination is simply too damn dangerous, that it is not just a private matter of bizarring one's brain (about which who cares) but it inexorably leads to, supports hideous herd behavior of a level of vicious irrationality such that it is a danger to the general well-being where one has the right not to be trampled by the restrictions or the impositions or the inquisitions of the afflicted.


That children are forcibly injected with this religoin (ree-lij-oh-in)(cf heroin)before they are of an age of consent seems ineluctably wicked — like making the kid start smoking Camel straights with its Gerber Strained Pears.


   The contact-low from the grim of piety — so sunless, so funless, so absent silly — is a societal vortex gruellingly hard to avoid — One is condemned, pitied, shunned — TPTB (The Powers That Be) want control — what is more dangerous to Their Version of Things than the happyish freeish soul? 


   I'm not keen on existential angst as a supposedly morally superior antidote to the bleats of the Sheep. I'm anti-angst, anti-seriousness, whoever is peddling it. Obsidian humor is the only thing I've trusted, but that's a tightrope and yawning chasms under one's feet too far for most folk, a 'spiritual' vertigo. I wish you'd come up with another word than spiritual for this project, 'spiritual' having too bloody much baggage. Perhaps 'strangelove' could contend? A strangelove vertigo. Elan vital (A-lawn vee-tahl) is always swell.

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8 thoughts on “Z Project .. the unholy grail .. guerilla actions v. Religious Totalitarianisms

  1. Thanks for not.
    Our bombs are holy, apparently, if much bigger. The smallerbombed are unholy because they are not us. You got to get this mayhem math if you are to prevail as an Observer of Note.

  2. It is impossibly repulsive to think of children being infected choiceless with Whooping Fervor before they can more than toddle.

  3. 'Impossibly repulsive' is a crisp way to put it. To have the invisible bars of fear and obedience implanted before your consciousness even gets to LOVE A LEAF or fluff dust into your feathers like a little bird is a totalitarian imposition of such subtle and criminal and pervasive psychic hobnailed-bootism that the less tame mind recoils, nauseated.

  4. How can one talk with people whose Source is God, questioning Whom will lead to Damnation? It is an undeniably fabulous and all but failsafe system of thought control.
    I would love to speak to someone who is half in The Obedient Condition and half out of it so they could tell us from the inside why it's so compelling — as they struggle to hatch into free air or slip the cocoon and unfurl their wings.

  5. You're certainly right that institutionalized Religion is a vice of thought control. Escape leads to exile from The Family, to condemnation and shunning. As long as you remain docile and obedient, you are cosseted, but a genuine rebellion is pitilessly punished — unless, of course, you crawl back.
    If you persist in freedom of thought, you are extirpated (uprooted) from the (supposedly) edenic Family Garden where we prayed the approved prayers.

  6. My family was somewhat the reverse. I had a grandmother who hated the Salvation Army for instance because they were religious and used to use the “F” word in connection with Jesus on a fairly frequent basis.
    As a result I've never seen it as something that had to be escaped from or fought off.

  7. Nor I from my own little family. But in the Human Family, the raging dysfunctional Human Family, I definitely feel beleaguered by the leadenness of Religion, its hubris and its lack of niftiness and its omnipresence in a life from which I would wish it were utterly absent along with its crazy wars and their massive expense at every level.
    I meant The Family rather like a Mob Family Society, a social system where our actions and thoughts are judged. Personally it means fig all to me. But it's polluting the sweet world and killing people and depriving them of education and ease and healthcare. If Religion vanished, would we be fighting much? It is the central Us v Them wagging the world at the moment.

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