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in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />York, England!!!!

First pogblog poster across the Pond!

Cedral wins!

on 06.24.05, a big day in pogstory.

Thank you, cedral755. Cheerio igualmente.

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You too can join the pogblog poster global-Game- CONTEST. (see below.)

    Hullabaloo! Hip, hip, Cedral rocks. Cedral755, we are SO proud and somersaulting. To have the first pogblog poster out there is distinctly full clive and not one smidgen of clintified. Cedral gets a prize. The third commentator- generated pogblog Glossary entry

     86.66% of Glossary entries are from the ongoing tempestuous rambunction with Digrif. Chancelucky just Goaaaled with the reagan’s Law moniker for the Child Mutilator Registry. And for cedral755, clint. It ain’t pretty, but it iz. Go visit it in pogblog's Glossary too.


clint; clinting; clintful; clintness .. My thoughts about “Clint” have previously been unprintable because I was one of the unfortunate thousands who saw that denture film-noir, Bridges of Madison County,  a penance for some unknowable wrong. This wretched film in which Meryl Streep did star shows you can do a silk-purse turn in a pig's-ear flick. ¶ At least as comiko-horror films go, the shots of Clint in the bathtub with his crêpy neck wattles are memorable if only one were into gigadizzguzzt. Not because he was old and horrible (gee, we all will be & will want to have been kinder), but because of his ineffable, upwelling-of-stench clintness — he whittles his lines. Wattles and whittling — what a treat. With the shower-stabbing scene in Psycho, we can induct the infamous Clint's-wattles scene into the Horror Scenes Hall of Fame. ¶ Usage: It was so clint, so skin-crawling to have to see Karlsputin Rove gumming up the phosphors on my tv screen. The overflow of sewage onto the street was clinting with the eerie glisten of mucal rot in an oily corruption attended by those paparazzi of insects, the dung-eating flies. (for cedral755 who planted the first pogblog poster across the Pond!) 6-25-05


pogblog poster Global-Game-CONTEST: you can email & we’ll send you the template for the small two-to-a-page pogblog ToadSpawn Be Gone! posters. Or make up your own. (Be cool.)


Send us a pict of pogblog poster in any place and you’ll win a PRIZE, and an automatic entry into My Own Custom Entry in pogblog’s Glossary – you pick the topic, pogblog writes the entry for YOU.


Wall Drug was this “mega-tourist trap” in South Dakota. It had signs for a hundred milesevery 200 feet saying “See the prairie dogs at Wall Drug.” The prairie dogs were mangy stuffed things, but as it was the only place to get a root beer in the hellsummer heat. You went to Wall Drug , or died. Wall Drug had this global sign game going for years and they even ended up with someone holding up a Wall Drug sign on Mount Everest. Pogblog wants Mount Everest too, but also Vermont and the Gobi desert or wherever you’re going. Pictures with cows get bonus points, as picts with giraffes or cats. Gehry’s museum in Bilbao gets, like, an entry in the Glossary AND in the Love Slave Hareem. Yo Yo Ma, Bela Fleck, or Clive Owen holding a pogblog poster, and well, gee.


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One thought on “Clik WithIn For the real Main Page! Thanks!

  1. Huzzah, Cedral. I've emailed in for my pogblog posters.
    I always thought I could really completely like America almost if it were not for Clint Eastwood whom I thought of as deja-reptile before I even read the entry in pogblog's Glossary which I always have with my morning Earl Grey and cold toast. (We still haven't figured out toast over here, but as custodians of the the most delicate and most wicked language in the Gigantic Glisten, we'll take the trade. At least we can talk about cold toast and make you laugh or make you cry.) Pogblog's Glossary is like warm buttered toast with a pot of jam on a fogged-in morning. I owe you a sonnet.
    Please get “contact slither” into pogblog's Glossary as a entry. Deja-senti is “already-smelled” which is the deja-slither feel one gets about your Mr. Eastwood, an odor as if from afar of reptile, of snakiness.

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