Dlareme Grade Planets


Dlareme is the galactic name for the Sol planet Earth, Tierra, Vuravura, Pamint, Aarde, Zeme, Toka, Ddaear, Daidig, Zemlja, Jeegoo.

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K = Kinesthetic. A = Auditory. V = Visual. G = Gustatory in context or a unit of gravity. O = Olfactory. K1 = the powerful & reliable persistence of the kinesthetic, the feeling of ‘solidity’ in a moving rather linear present moment. The K component of our dlareme experience. The persistence of the kinesthetic is the signature, the leitmotif of this dlareme realm. 


Dlareme Grade Planets

   Dlareme, Earth, is a masterpiece of reality engineering. Sadly, most of its religious legions, aka its religious scams, exalt the non-K so-called spiritual realms. What makes Dlareme fascinating and profound and almost unique is a quite accumulating quasi-linear experience writ in a strong persistent K – K1.

   The K Zone – think of yourself as a magic piano being played by the subtle pressures of air & its temperature as well as the internal slosh of your own blood and the dear radiant temperature of your own clever hemoglobin furnace. Keats speaks of “a fine isolated verisimilitude caught from the Penetralium of mystery.” This is all of the exquisite details of your experience which should startle you like the sudden sight of a butterfly with its preposterous stained glass wings. It’s all sudden if you’re deftly intent.

   The ‘Penetralium’ of mystery is that secret innermost part of a palace, the palace of mystery, our life. In this particular Dlareme masterpiece, all these fine isolated verisimilitudes are notes played on your enchanted piano of material awareness with a holdable treasureness that no other degree of K can invoke so sweetly or terribly or completely.

    The sin of the earth-disdaining religions is that instead of the rapt study of each darling fine isolated verisimilitude any and all of which one might adore achingly, we are exhorted to distant Heavens less ‘gross and dross.’ Piffle. K1 is the gold standard. K1 Dlareme is an achievement of reality engineering so astonishing that why your eyes don’t explode after holding one dandelion puff or dirty sock or glass of milk is beyond me. Notice your own hand, clench and unclench your hand, and stop breathing with the impossible shock of it. You could and would if you were a happy pagan undimmed by the damned pieties which rob you of the raw verve, nerve, and delicious and dainty vigor of your days.

   I have been fortunate to travel to the edges of the galaxy and back &4th. Riveting indeed. But Dlareme, our earth, our vuravura, our jeegoo is so splendid and special that I am felled with awe everysingletime I get home.

   It is true that with religion, war, greed, and patriotism, we bipeds have seriously fucked up. But there is a paradise here to honor and build and admire and tend soon enough when we quit the bizarre crap that no other place I’ve been would tolerate for three minutes. Bam into the stocks would go Darth Dick et donald, et conda, et karl, et al where they would be pelted by marshmallows until they cried, “Uncle.”


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3 thoughts on “Dlareme Grade Planets

  1. I thought emeralds were very rare on this planet. How can we be dlareme grade if we hardly have any whether you look backwards or forwards?

  2. Inner emeralds can be abundant.
    And, actually, if you think of the constellations of jewels shining under your feet wherever you walk, there are an abun-dance of emeralds. Use your third, fourth, & fifth eyes. Quel frisson!
    Then again, one emerald would be enough to suffice for eternity.

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