Odious George Bush et Ilk & Nicer Nancy

Odious George Bush et Ilk & Nicer Nancy


Why am I so nice, sensible, strategic? It’s driving me nuts.

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I had the dream with George Bush I told you about where OtherLand-I was so much more civil and diplomatic and, yes, wiser, than DayLand-I am about the loathsome Present Menaces. DayLand-I  hate that odious-they are rapaciously aforethought stealing from pleasant dear ordinary people — crippling & delaying the constructive future. (The mantra: $820,000 per minute/Military Budget; additional $200,000 per minute.)  


To add insult to insult, I had a dream yesterday in which I was telling Nancy Reagan about the $820,000 per minute/Military Budget & etc. I was being so charming and affable. In my dream notes I said, “I was very respectful and friendly. I told her I knew people who ‘simply adored her.’” Ye gods. This is the woman who chewed each bite of food 35 chomps. Yowsa. Yet I have to say that in terms of our getting our butterier world, it’s a much better tactic than my blissed-out but self-indulgent rampaging in venom.  (She did have the guts to stand up to the Right Wing Bleats about stem-cell research.)


This dual consciousness of me & my dreamself is fascinating. Me & my brightness, I guess? Or me & my glistening shadow?


It is an odd sensation to ‘wake up’ or return to K1 – our DayLand, the Land of the persistent kinesthetic, and be still of two brains or two beings in terms of immediate action for world cooperation v. world domination. Neither of me feels like a role. I feel of a piece, yet I act in these different ways? Is there a hub of the jewel of which these intimate identities are facets?




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the education-obsessed world begins today with you ..

.. let’s spend the $820,000 per minute Military Budget on education instead


2 thoughts on “Odious George Bush et Ilk & Nicer Nancy

  1. Is there some alternate reality where you are insteads of being kinder gentler to these people, even meaner than you are in k1 life?

  2. There is now!
    The advantage (?) of eternity/infinity is that there's room for whole complex alternate realities and fragmentary ones & etc.
    Now that you mention this ghoulishly sensible idea, presto! vrai est vrai, real is true.
    I'll expand on this in my next post.

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