Amygdala Notes 03.03.12-

…I have a friend who’s suffering with severe anxiety/panic Attacks, a hideous and baffling and exhausting condition for all concerned.
…Since the middle of August it’s been a titanic struggle for qv (pseudoinitials . .) to stay afloat. He’s getting medication but except for the sleeping meds (trazodone/desyrel knock off), I don’t believe in any of them. My conviction is that the WTW (Way Too White) guys are undergoing what you might grok as a molting of an exoskeleton which sort of seemed to have served them well for a few centuries. Without these carapaces, they naturally enough feel exceedingly vulnerable, panicky, disoriented. For a Scorpio who decided (at the EtherCentral level) to bloody jump off the Deep End and get it all over with !!BAM POW!! qv is suffering Boschian hells if not damnations.
…Of most help have been Don’t Panic by Reid Wilson, a Pass Thru Panic CD by Claire Weeks, and recently a Buteyko Breathing Workshop with Robert Litman. Before I heard abour Buteyko, I knew my friend was what I called “micro-hyperventilating.” Buteyko calls it “hidden hyperventilation.” I have zero doubt that it is this habitual too-little CO2 Breathing disturbance that is the actual cause and cure of this dreary and dreadful condition.