Filibuster Reform

I’m still convinced that using the NFL Replay Challenge Rule as a model for Senate Filibuster Challenges would allow for the true rights of the minority without just gumming up the legislative works valde abominanda (exceedingly nauseatingly).
      You’d have a given number per session — say 25, more than the average in the Reagan term — you’d have to save them for things that actually mattered. *How* you were required to perform them would be Part B.

Amygdala Notes 03.03.12-

…I have a friend who’s suffering with severe anxiety/panic Attacks, a hideous and baffling and exhausting condition for all concerned.
…Since the middle of August it’s been a titanic struggle for qv (pseudoinitials . .) to stay afloat. He’s getting medication but except for the sleeping meds (trazodone/desyrel knock off), I don’t believe in any of them. My conviction is that the WTW (Way Too White) guys are undergoing what you might grok as a molting of an exoskeleton which sort of seemed to have served them well for a few centuries. Without these carapaces, they naturally enough feel exceedingly vulnerable, panicky, disoriented. For a Scorpio who decided (at the EtherCentral level) to bloody jump off the Deep End and get it all over with !!BAM POW!! qv is suffering Boschian hells if not damnations.
…Of most help have been Don’t Panic by Reid Wilson, a Pass Thru Panic CD by Claire Weeks, and recently a Buteyko Breathing Workshop with Robert Litman. Before I heard abour Buteyko, I knew my friend was what I called “micro-hyperventilating.” Buteyko calls it “hidden hyperventilation.” I have zero doubt that it is this habitual too-little CO2 Breathing disturbance that is the actual cause and cure of this dreary and dreadful condition.

Free diamonds

…Druidism is about the immediate free diamonds always at hand, ever, ever. Ever immediate, ever astonishing. ‘Astonish’ — to strike with thunder, to strike with wonder. you are tender, you are fierce. It burns, it all burns. Grok it. A hummingbird? If a humming bird doesn’t make you want to rip your ear off, have you got a pulse?
…The magnification or glowification, illumination of every thing– more candles, more fireflies, more emerald fire, all the each-leaves that the universe keeps count of every heartbeat; heartbeat, blink, breath.
…Poetry should clarify, illuminate — like walking into a dark room and flicking the light on, here, clear, now, wow; illuminate, document the history of mystery, aha, eureka, jumpin’ jehoshaphat. Yippee. Standing ovation. you applaud. It preens. you notice, you admire, lo! adore! its sheen, it preens.
…A  mobius affection, unhurriedly, happily, without end, befriend each other, you and the grassblades, the dear patient dirt plotting flowers. Watch the dream arrive, thrive.
…It’s a chalice, it’s a palace, relish it, embellish it, revere, treasure it , the pleasure of it, the measureless pleasure of it.