stunpuns 1 .. constitution-i-ness, noseworms

Silly if pithy stunpuns . . . These come to me as I drift off to sleep.

(constitution-i-ness, cf truth-i-ness), Christine ODonnell version of
The Great Document. The TeaBaggers' assault, their insult upon the
trembling emblems of the nation — faux constitutioniness, faux liberty
for the richest few, condemning millions of citizens to sludgery, a kind of slavish drudgery, underpaid and undersung. O Donnell came out of the I Don't Have A Clue About The Constitution Closet.

teabaggers /
flossjockeys — trying to scrape all that fluoride
off their teeth. A mistake because fluoride is the medium thru which you
communicate with the Mother Ship. It ain't the fillings, it's the
fluoride. Like, duh.

noseworms — look out for the telltale signs of noseworms which have eaten out the brains of the evangolunatic republicans.


— a republic nitwit, ipso factissimo all republics.

ku klux klunatics — they don't even bother with the sheets anymore; no 600 count percale for this new breed of ku klux klunatics. Ayn Paul ku klux klandestine dog-whistle clatter and clutter.

scheming meanies
— teabaggers. The fangry teabaggers, the kindness-o-phobes.

The teabaggers are childishly churlish, hurling churlish epithets at the
non-rabid. Rabies is their mental affliction of choice, their chalice
of malice.

Stomper Room graduates.

Tea Party conversation is Raging Bullsh-t. [Raging Bulldung in polite circles, perhaps.) I'm grieved you're so aggrieved.

Palin et all — too many faux
charmaments. The over-amped champions of constitutioniness. Quitter-in-Chief Sarah's talk about reloading, her bazookas of bombast. A crockophile — an amphibious republic who loves her lying, therefore all of 'em. Palinombies — are they true zombies? You betcha!  Bat chat — squeaks & squeals beyond normal human hearing — cf dog whistle.

beckerwood — a certified jerk in the malicious-ignorance
mold of glennbeck, that manstrosity. (The NYT Magazine article  was
cretin hagiography. How delectable that the trez droll word
'hagiography' means writing about saints. Inherently hilarious.)

cheers always, wendy
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