Giga-politics .. humans as galactic pets

Giga-politics ..

humans as galactic pets

Dan Gero’s Interim Evaluation

Regarding Terran Incarnates

Report to the South Mars Gazette


    Presently Terran Incarnates have no inherent rights under Galactic Law. Presently Terran Incarnates have no inherent rights under Galactic Law. Only recently have Incarnates developed sufficient consciousness to be considered galactics rather than merely humans, the galactic slang for clever pets.    

     The raging Question that divides the Galactic Council is where the line is drawn for full sentience privileges. Terrans have been considered spiritual chattel, and few of these Earthers are given more than minimal attention by their occasionally resident Ethereal or Noncarnate. Among those rare earnest Ethereals who do bother to honor and tend their Terrans, there is an outcry against Incarnate abuse — abuse of the human creature 
    Most other Ethereals are indifferent to the well-being of their Terran hosts. Many Ethereals use Incarnates or solid Earth bodies as an amusement ride or as an experiment. Too few bother to weave a mutuality of experience that gives a steady and reliable élan to the Earthbound.
    It is inconvenient to tend your Terran creature. Their reaction time is slow. They do not speak Galactic which is an holographic multi-dimensional oneiro-language. Terrans can be — well, usually are — stubborn and sulky, and, in relative terms, it must be admitted that they are one degree or another of just plain stupid.
    It is hard to resist wanting to see them react in a frenzy to the most simplistic propaganda. It is especially fun to give them a jolt of cupid juice and watch them make fawning fools of themselves. If you have not forged an irrevocable empathetic bond, it is easy to dismiss them as a gaggle of clever geese.
    At best, most of the multitude of Ethereals can be brought to pity these Terran beasts, these vessels, but damn few respect the creatures.
    It is the contention of the Sentient Rights Party that Ethereals should be denied access to a personal Terran unless the Ethereal is willing to have some training and to sign a set of Incarnate Interaction Guidelines the flaunting of which incurs genuine repercussion.    The kind of behavior suitable and amusing in a disembodied or ethereal condition can be from hurtful to grotesque in the solid terrestrial state.


Get this point — you careless Ethereals:

 heed it, grok it —


The kind of behavior suitable and amusing in a disembodied or ethereal condition — in oneiro-density — can be from hurtful to grotesque in the solid terrestrial state.


     Spiritual physics and spiritual psychology are very different in density, intensity, and consequence from those of the solid Earth Realm, and the Ethereal who thinks the Terran can recover from mayhem, mutilation, and misery with the quickness that it does in the more protean, less-dense lands is deluding itself.
    You enjoy the Terrans’ augmented sensitivity, and though you can, you may not torment these tender creatures for your own kicks. Perhaps worse is the boredom you inflict on your Terran partner when you erratically withdraw your attention in order to pursue quicker, slicker galactic games.
    No one requires that you partner a solid realm Terran, but if you do, you must comprehend at least the rudiments of how they experience time. To you, time is in most regards ephemeral and holospheric, a quixotic erotic zephyr. To them it is largely sequential, a river, and what to you would seem sluggish.
    If you spend some least effort, Terrans can learn some of your quicksilver ways, and you for your part can swim in delicious thick water that could actually drown you. The consequences of ethereal action and of the more dense incarnate action are so different. You give Terrans glimpses of a quicksilver and golden life and they call you angels who live in heaven and you are so flattered that you accept the superiority and bask in their adulation when in fact Terrans are better, more accomplished and more gifted and doggèd in their own dense realm than you can ever be.
    If Terrans had full Sentient Rights, if they joined the Galaxy, you could speak together in respect, you could each impart your special knowledge. Incarnate abuse poisons the whole Galaxy in the end. Incarnate abuse cannot be kept a filthy little backwater-world secret forever. It stains our souls.
    You don’t care if you slaughter them in warring herds, crush and splinter them in car wrecks, twist them with disease. It’s all a frisson to you: you get a buzz from their flood of adrenalin. You are detached from their terror; they are embedded in it.
    It is that creature’s only direct life, and there ought be limits to how you toy with that precious span. Terrans have become sufficiently sentient to deserve Galactic recognition as Sentients with Protected Rights.    Early on, it was a cool trick to inhabit the more dense realms and to discover the particular spectrum of experience that a solid body and linear experience gives. As the creatures developed culture, civilization, and history, you shifted from being their masters to being their partners, or those without hellish arrogance did. It became their world while we weren’t watching.
    The ethereal experience may be the pearl in the oyster, but when you’re hungry, it’s the oyster itself that gratifies.



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7 thoughts on “Giga-politics .. humans as galactic pets

  1. I've never read anything like this. It's stunning. Who are you? I felt like I was standing in a waterfall of splashing words, between daylight and dreamlight, when I read this. I am changed. I have to go home now and sort it all out. This must be what it feels like to be quicksilver.
    You are Prometheus to me.

  2. Great Fable Mr. Pigblog,
    Do Terrans ever get judged by the council on an individual basis or are they always grouped together as a planet? If so, is it just the “humans” whose behavior gets taken into consideration or do they look at the sentience of all species on the planet?

  3. There's a Cosmic Ark which saves Better Beasts.
    Ye big problem is that the virulent stench and a sort of radioactivity-equivalent that is walking-corpsily exuded by RedStatees is so damaging to the sensitivities of the galactically kind and empathetic that to save the Whole rest of the galaxy — a terrible calculus for them — they may have to BlackHole the Lot of us Bully Beasts to insure the Greatest Good. We've got a year though for Better to outweigh Bully.
    (By the way the “Y” on Ye was actually a shorthand for “Th” back when.)

  4. With his incisive insights, honed on the fierce winds of the Red Desert, Dan Gero, shows his Martian mettle and for that alone he deserves at least three Mars chocolate bars. As a Terran from another part of this planet, I am overawed by his recital of our inadequacies as measured by galactic standards. We must, indeed, grok, let alone heed. The time (linear) is short. The cube (3D) is shrinking.

  5. Dan Gero has only said it was OK to use his real last name today. I've always kept it a secret for the cognoscente, (the cognoscenti of one, as it were. One earthside.) But as nic & I have talked about on his fascinating uk blog, nicodemus, my contention is that it's time to give up all the secrets hand over fist. There will always be new secrets.
    Think of how many stinkin' secrets on Our Earth are past their sell-by date? All monotheistic secrets are that kind of black slime-rot you get with wegetables forgot too long in a plastic bag in the bottom of the fridge.
    Monotheism and mono-guru-ism suck. I tend to want to keep the language more nifty, trippingly, & pas de leger on pogblog for the most part. But in a one-off, suck is the only word to succinctly (homophonically) grok what these many megamonoluniacalbastards have wrought through the ages.
    Dan Gero Us. And he is. Luckily in spite of his ability to cinderize us all if he aligned with the unkind, he's on the side of the daffy against the Folk on the Galactic Council who think we inhumans ain't worth the bread we're buttered on, and he hopes we heal from these raving reigiolunacies which have enfevered so many of our unkind kind. He somehow doggedly refuses cynicism re homoa veryunsapiens. So I too keep my heart bright — untarnished — as polishingly and astonishedly as the sight of a hummingbird in my loquat tree or the barely detectable flicker of mischief in fuller's cruel turquoise eyes can accomplish.

  6. You are doing a splendid job as a code-breaker, Pogblog! 🙂 Dan's real name and my clandestinish blog in one Apocalypso of cryptoclastic revelation. That's what I like. My secret is that there are no longer any secrets worth keeping. It is just the Cunning Cryptographers' Conspiracy to keep themselves in jobs.
    And that, btw, is a New Secret, instantly revealed. But I believe in one-man, one-guru prinicple. The one guru is Me. Nobody on this terror-stricken Terra can possibly know what lessons I have to learn. Other pseudo-gurus can only tell me about their mistakes and their solutions. Please, tell Gero Us from us that one mono- we, humans, are definitely not is Monolithic. We are as variable as transcedental numbers and as irrational. And all that variety makes us very spicy and we are, you might say, an acquired galactic taste.

  7. Being an acquired g'laktik taste is what I and Dan Gero Us both most fear. Like the latest earthside gourmet discussion about whether to marinate lamb chops, there are rumblings in the jungles of G'laktik Kuisine about whether earthlings have sufficient sentient status (suffsens) to prevent the g'laktiks from marketing us at least in our little backwater part of the g'laxy as pig chops?
    (There are rules in the G'laktik Konventions about Ingesting Sentients above a certain level of demonstrated sensitivity, but we know what & uk have been doing with well-established Conventions! Do you feel reassured that we won't be hoist by our own black-hearted roadside petards and who in the heck could really argue?)
    Ye owls, nicodemus, prevent yourself from being glib about whether we taste good. My very first evolutionary advice, when asked, is “Don't taste good!”
    We earththings have enough to explain away with all this drinking the blood of JC and eating JC sushi without ever encouraging the g'laktik them to look at us as lunch.

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