Field Notes on the Compassionate Life .. Barasch

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   I'll write up more for you soon, but wanted you to have the basic info.
   The beloved community, but not the cotton-candy version; not Norman Rockwell's cover of Saturday Evening Post; maudlin Barasch ain't
   Barasch begins his book with “I'm grateful that thorns have roses” (Alphone Karr). That nifty twist & truth will keep happening to you as you read Field Notes.
   I went to a lecture he gave at East West Bookshop a month ago & he's the real deal. Funny, self-effacing. Especially wry about how damned peskily hard it is to be good. 
    This will be one of your top five books. The guy can sling a sentence. You'll hug yourself at the deftly nifty writing. What makes him so marvellously convincing is that he's so flawed, not as a writer, but as just another bloke earnestly trying to be better. This will educate and encourage you Perfect present for anyone.

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