Ask Dr. Druid . Day 46 . Evil Ain’t Always Bad


Ask Dr. Druid . Day 46

Evil Ain’t Always Bad


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    “This is a subject so difficult to talk about that my throat constricts as the words rise into the air. I who have lived with this knowledge for 23 years can hardly breathe to speak. Yes, I have come to tell you that what is evil ain’t always bad.” Belle Z. Babe spoke at the Tribunal as the lidless eyes of the Judges bore their fear, distaste, and fury like crossbows into her heart.

    At once, in the dappled inner glade which was her refuge, Belle Z. turned ruefully to Oak, her friend with the bright dark amber eyes. Like herself, Oak was of the ancient druid line of star-seed who loved the home planet Earth with concentration and glee, diligence, devotion, and somersault joy. The druids knew there was more than one time line, a fact they playfully and reverently portrayed in their intricate and passionate Celtic knots. Lightning is a druid sign because druids zigzag between times.

     While one thread of her experience had Belle Z. in a leg chain, in her glade, Oak put the back of his fingers to her cheek and suspended time with her. It was this ability to dwell in parallel and mobius time lines that gave those of druid blood their air of mystery to the single-sighted. Oak’s eyes were that dark amber struck by a shaft of sun. Not too far hidden under the surface of those lion’s eyes was merriment, mischief, and a daunting ability to concentrate. Oak shrugged, “We knew they weren’t going to like the wider truth being brought into the day light. Stay brave, Belle Z.”

     Back in the Tribunal, with no more apparent time dislocation than a heartbeat, Belle Z.Babe continued. “You didn’t like what Galileo told you either. The transition to an openly multi-dimensional consciousness is going to be rocky, but the costs of living a lie are too tremendous.

    In the most simplistic terms, what is ‘good’ in our Earth density of experience is not the same as what is ‘good’ in our less dense ethereal realm of experience. “Thus ‘evil’ ain’t always bad. Most true evil comes from confusing the layers of consequence between dimensions of experience.”

     Monger, the grim judge sneered at Belle Z., “If you let this evil out of the bottle, Mz. Z.Babe, you cannot contain it. We have kept the multi-dimensional truth from people because they are not ready for it. The danger is too great.”

    Belle Z.Babe shrugged one shoulder, “Monger, I have thought most of my lifetime about that —. It is a staggering concern. But I am convinced now that we must dare the whole truth. “If what is evil earthside is not necessarily evil in the ethereal realms, we must learn and teach how to act ‘fittingly.’ How to act in a way that ‘fits’ the realm of experience we presently dwell in.

     “Imagine for a moment that you and I meet in a dream and you murder me. In the lands of dreams, murder could be a ‘gotcha’ game you and I play. Or it could be symbolic between us of some rotten feelings. But because in the less-dense or ethereal realms where we inhabit dreams and other differently-consequential experiences, we pop right back up, the consequential meaning of murder is different. Therefore the ethics is different.

      “In our beloved earth/solid, relatively sequential-time realm, the consequences of war and pillage, rape, death, and promiscuity are all awful to our sturdy hearts. Yet simultaneously we dwell in levels of experience where such things have little more consequence than our actually being a character in a book we’re reading.”

     Belle Z.Babe looked at Monger’s pale ice-grey eyes directly with her green Celtic eyes and continued, “The kinesthetic intensity and time-duration intensity of Earth experience, as well as the depth and durance of emotions make consequence and responsibility different than in the diaphanous, more plastic realms where experience manifests at the speed of thought.

      “Here in this material masterpiece we have to collaborate with the nature of a stuff which has its own integrity and sturdiness.

     “Our behavior must be appropriate, must fit the space, the place wherein we immediately dwell. We may not bring dream behavior into the solid day. This mis-taking of realms, this leeching of lusts and power struggles and emotional chaos into the consequential Earth is the source of most crime, legal and emotional. By staying primly and sentimentally blind to our multi-level experience, we avoid the complicated responsibility for our whole behavior.”

      In the glade, Oak grinned at Belle Z and said, “The constant aesthetic and ethical many-layered decisions that we hope are increasingly elegant and compelling finally make use of the 90% of that ultimate holographic and multi-D organic Celtic knot, the human brain, which has lain mostly fallow for all these centuries.

     “Of course it’s complicated and terrifying to juggle several time lines and densities in a clear, sound consciousness at once , but it’s complicated and terrifying nowand based on a wrong premise, a false foundation.

     “We must dare to trust the whole truth, to dream well and live fittingly at once.”

      “Deft and apt,” Belle Z.Babe agreed.



   As we play more fully with dreams, we’ll need to come to terms with many differences amongst Realms & Dimensions which challenge our certainties about science, physics, morality. With the passport to OtherLand, we need to get sturdy and steady lest we be caught in the maelstrom of realitys and ethical dangers. We need to remember where we are and keep our discernment.

    If you feel too dislocated or disturbed by the palettes of new energies, back out, back off. Cleave to K1, our dearest dayhome. Heed your basic obligations. The Worlds can be damned seductive and very mischievous. Restore your balance before further forays. There were good reasons why accesses to these Places were secret. I’m counting on you to be sensible.

    It has been my contention in the Councils of the Worlds that we are better off trusting the whole truth than having people live these truncated, oddly yearning lives. If you aren’t sensible, all the Old Cosmic FuddyDuddys will proclaim, “See, we told you so!”

    Mostly the ‘secrets’ are guarded by most people’s unwillingness to be stir themselves to even a modicum of practice or discipline. They’d rather be entertained like sheep.

    Drugs will catapult you into Realms, but you’ll be at the mercy of Random Madness and wreck your darling brain circuits which should be treasured rather than trashed.    


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2 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 46 . Evil Ain’t Always Bad

  1. So why wouldn't war just be some manifestation of other possibilities from someone else's “dream” world?

  2. Absolutely it IS. It's just so very much in the wrong place. The consequences here in K1 & T1 (Earth's persistent kinesthetic and more linear 'time') of war and promiscuity etc etc are utterly different than in the less dense realms.
    We have to keep our Realms straight.

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