Ask Dr. Druid . Day 30 . Review 4 . holohula

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 30

Review 4

holohula . katotl tatotl


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Review 4

shapeshifter . vulture culture . planette . horizontal . k1 project . ethereals


     Remind yourself to practice shapeshifting your attention. Pay attention to your attention. Truly ingest, imbibe, embrace, caress – grok! – what you do your pas de deux with in the along of your every day. Pas de leaves. Pas de cat. Pas de pieds. Leaf dance. Cat dance. Feet dance. Keenly recall that if you lived in a featureless vacuum or even drifted in the starstudded reaches of vasty space — to be set down in the impossible Faberge Egg of our beloved planet would take your breath away in marveling.  So practice marveling. Not the occult, but the oh!cult, the breathtaking, indelible knowledge. The only veils between you and skipping delight, somersaulting delight are what the Hawaiians would call the aka of tangled dismays with People, personally and societally. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”  

    The jungianesque version of how to leapfrog into well behavior would have you practicing the shapeshifting of your attention, doing what happy-enough, well people do. The freudianesque version of getting you more hale and more hearty of psyche, your curiosity cured,  would require the all-but-endless worming over what prevents you from bloody leaping joy. Some knowledge of the structures of habitual unconscious dismay can have its uses, but the point is undocking from the gigantic baggage scow of your past woes and unillumined angsts and shinily practicing the art of your present instead. Or to greedily gobble up the feast of all the presents that The Blue has fashioned for your delectation. (We do get to the People challenges in detail in Book 2, but you won’t really change those dynamics until you have a spangled treasure chest of collaborative untarnishable value to bring to the Dynamics Table. If you have a collaboration between you and AllElse, you bring strength and delight to bear on the intrigues of the often unfathomable interactions with People.)

    The People (past, present, imagined future) have influences you might or might not allow, but they have no inherent right to be in the sanctuary of the center of your head. Not your friend, your spouse, the politicians of the day, your boss, your deity, and so on. The point, the bullseye is to give you a foundation, a fountain, from which to have true rather than false and frantic relationships with the People who occur in your version of [Your Name]’s Drama 21st Century Edition.

    The only reason you don’t admire spiders and vultures is because somebody neglected to nurture your enchantment for the electric eclectic. No, I don’t love spiders crawling over my pillow, but I do try to gently grasp them in a piece of tissue and place them tenderly outside. If you unlock your heart from the shuddering which was written upon your parchment by others, you might incline to be more kind. Hast thou indeed “entered into the treasures of the snow”? Hast thou “numbered the clouds in wisdom”? “Gavest thou the goodly wings unto the peacocks?” If I can’t make it, I’m reluctant to break it. I am nowhere near as harmless as many. I do try to be less dimly aware of the denizens with whom I share this spectacular planette. It takes only tweaking my attitude, a tiny effort I can afford. If you practice applauding the ingenious tho unpretty with less cringing and recoiling, you’ll be startled at how much more appreciation, like snowmelt treasured, waterfalls into your days.

      Continue noticing the varieties of densities, the planettes of experiences that your life encompasses. The exploration of your Fasci Nation and Imagi Nation, those continents, those wildernesses full of fjords and vermilion lichen will multiply the horizons of your intellect and your earnest heart. It is startling how nifty a mountain goat your dear consciousness is as it leaps from material mountain range to remembered mountain range to imagined mountain range in twinklings, seamlessly. If you pay attention, you’ll become aware of these traverses, and your élan or liveliness will by this increase of light-bloom.

       Review the vertical prejudices you noted in your log. Continue to notice how beastily the prejudice to the Vertical, to the kneejerkedly hierarchical pollutes the structures of our personality, our society, our perceptions. The main difference between the deep future and our present is this very vertical prejudice. In the deep future, we have learned to grok stuff, situations, schemes, spherically rather than vertically. Shifting the axis of our appreciation to horizontal is a first huge step toward the genuinely eclectic, the spherical eclectic. Consider in every situation how it might be consoled or made more enchanted, more lyrical by grokking it in an horizontal way.

    As we can’t give you a brain transplant, we’re sneakily and cheerfully implanting the burgeoning acceptance of multirealities in your current dear brain. Giving you a passport to intraworlds travels. You do this swiftly, constantly, and easily now. You just aren’t very conscious of it often. The notion is lucid waking and lucid dreaming. For fun and verve, and some nerve. The universe probably only weeps a single tear or maybe two if you live a vegetative narrow-minded robotic life. Multi-D’s for your own juice and lucidity. And so you might have some elation to share with those around you.

   It can be rather daunting to realize that the only K1 moment is this very present. It slides back to K11 and before us are vistas of K11. The stable solidity is a moving moment – as rare as hens' teeth in the sweep of realitys. The moment just past is as gone as a melted snowflake. We maintain its value in our moth-eaten memorys generally, but the actual toe-stubbing world is vanished each moment. Please contemplate reality facets other than the present moment with grounded care. If your physical vision begins to blur or you find yourself daydreaming a lot a lot with whatever purpose, do get grounded and do the dishes or some such. Keep your discernment. A lot of the reason much of these matters has been coded or occult is that you can become unhinged from your basic path and tasks – which can be more bruising and confusing than enchanted trance. The point is to illuminate your days, not derail them.

    The relationship between you and your ethereal or less-dense selves is an endless and intricate study. I implore you not to fall for the Vertical Model claptrap that daily-you is coarse, gross, less fine than your 'soul.' What a con job that has been thru history. You are courageous and gallant and talented in this realm in a way that your 'soul' can’t begin to appreciate except thru you. A bossy or domineering or contumely 'soul' is like a chicken hawk —  a person who doesn’t sweat or go to the war but is chock full of stentorian advice about how the actual soldiers should feel and act. Without exception, whoever you are, I can safely say that your ‘soul’ could do with being more humble and more helpful. It’s exhausting and exciting to be embodied. It would be handy to have a cheerful and ingenious genie or 'soul' on one’s side instead of some nag who fills your cup with guilt and remorse.

    I’m very grateful that the camaraderie between me and my 'soul' is pretty daggone cheerful and enheartening on the whole. It’s no doubt because of this reasonable relationship that I am so keen for justice cosmos-wide. Sentient Rights.




I do these Notes because I remember reading TS Eliot’s big poems and they’d have these passages of Greek or Latin. I wanted to know what they meant. I was happy to learn, but had no way to find out in those days. I like to be able to use idiosyncratic or coined words, but for the curious reader, it feels fair to give an occasional explanation fuller than what one can deduce from the context. Tidbits for word nuts, I suppose, and for fellow thought-weavers.

[notes vasty tempest; vermilion; jung, freud, Faberge egg, pas de deux, lichen, delectation; stentorian; contumely; ]

.. vasty .. vasty deep is from Shakespeare, & Prospero in The Tempest can conjure spirits from the vasty deep. Your conjuring is to use the wand of your attention to ignite each thing you just short of staggeringly encounter.

.. vermilion .. the molten red-gold color of an ember;  In The Windhover, darling <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Hopkins says “…blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,/Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion.” In other words when the ash-covered ember in a fire falls and knocks off the ash, we see in that gash the shock of the vermilion.

.. a lot of the tough little mossy lichen stuff is vermilion.  

.. Re Jung & Freud in the most simple terms – Jung was more inclined to teach the person a widening more ebullient version of themselves. Freud liked worming over the paltry past, lifting up inner rocks to see what writhed there. I know folks who have indulged in this tedious examination twice weekly for years and have remained as neurotic as they began.

.. “beauty is truth” Keats, Grecian Urn;

.. treasures of the snow, Job Bk 18 38:22; clouds in widom 38:37; unto the peacocks 39:13, King James Bible;

.. Faberge eggs are exquisite crafted tiny worlds, like the darling planet; especially the more lyrical eggs by Perchin; (fah-bear-jay; pear-sh-an .. [the first sound of answer before you add the ess sound]);

.. pas de deux is the big dance for the two principals in a ballet, steps for two, dance for two; pas de leaves would be dance with leaves, & so on.

.. realitys, memorys – I just think the look of the 'ys' is so much more fuerte or strong than the pallid 'ies'. I know I can’t do it all the time or your traditional sensibilitys would be affronted, but I like to sneak the form in sometimes. I have no idea why we changed from the original form.

.. delectation .. when something is muy yum, tasty, delicious, delectable.

.. contumely .. very swollen with pride.             

.. stentorian .. too loud & bossy; from Stentor, a herald in the Trojan War with a voice as loud as 50 men.


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5 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 30 . Review 4 . holohula

  1. I like this silky idea of dance with my day, pogblog. I also really like the icing you put on the cake in your Notes. I know this is a philosophy textbook in disguise so I appreciate the layers of both insights and outsights. It does feel like an ancient mystery school but cool when I visit pogblog.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that the present is a present. If I said that I especially enjoyed this installment, would that be thinking too vertically?

  3. Thanks temps & cl for the visit. Temps, I loved Philosophy of Yore before it got stripped of cleverness & joy & story by Academe which eventually tended to emphasize arcane stuffiness. We always had learned by myth and story and poesy until the stuffed shirts made our eyes cross with terminal linear boredom. All this stuff should be so exciting, so much fascination and fun, you're not sure whether you'll ex-plode or im-plode.
    cl — Not counting the depredations of People, I remain astonished we all don't walk around dazzled by the incandescent world we by brilliant luck get to walk thru like some 10-D galactik museum of wonders. We like to hope that by the end of another 36 installments you'll be so weightless with glee that you won't know which way is up anyhow, mooting the vertical . . .

  4. I am so grateful for this crash course in multiplying my aliveness. I wish I had been taught these matters in kindergarten, but I'm very glad that I came upon them now.

  5. One of my great causes is to get keen perception training — poetry eyes — into schools early.
    Poetry tables along with the multiplication tables . . .

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