Ask Dr. Druid . Day 29 . Ethereals

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 29



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Dan Gero’s Interim Evaluation

Regarding Terran Incarnates

Report to the South Mars Gazette


    Presently Terran Incarnates have no inherent rights under Galactik Law. Presently Terran Incarnates have no inherent rights under Galactik Law. Only recently have Incarnates developed sufficient consciousness to be considered Galactiks rather than merely humans, the galactik slang for clever pets.    

     The raging Question that divides the Galactik Council is where the line is drawn for full sentience privileges. Terrans have been considered spiritual chattel, and few of these Earthers are given more than minimal attention by their occasionally resident Ethereal or Noncarnate. Among the Sentient Rights Party, those rare earnest Ethereals who do bother to honor and tend their Terrans, there is an outcry against Incarnate abuse — abuse of the human creature 
    Most other Ethereals are indifferent to the well-being of their Terran hosts. Many Ethereals use Incarnates or solid Earth bodies as an amusement ride or as an experiment. Too few bother to weave a mutuality of experience that gives a steady and reliable élan to the Earthbound.
    It is inconvenient to tend your Terran creature. Their reaction time is slow. They do not speak Galactik which is an holographic multi-dimensional oneiro-language. Terrans can be — well, usually are — stubborn and sulky, and, in relative terms, it must be admitted that they are one degree or another of just plain stupid.
    It is hard to resist wanting to see them react in a frenzy to the most simplistic propaganda. It is especially fun to give them a jolt of cupid juice and watch them make fawning fools of themselves. If you have not forged an irrevocable empathetic bond, it is easy to dismiss them as a gaggle of clever geese.
    At best, most of the multitude of Ethereals can be brought to pity these Terran beasts, these vessels, but damn few respect the creatures.
    It is the contention of the Sentient Rights Party that Ethereals should be denied access to a personal Terran unless the Ethereal is willing to have some training and to sign a set of Incarnate Interaction Guidelines, the flaunting of which incurs genuine repercussion.    The kind of behavior suitable and amusing in a disembodied or ethereal condition can be from hurtful to grotesque in the solid K1 terrestrial state.


The kind of behavior suitable and amusing in a disembodied or ethereal condition — in oneiro-density — can be from hurtful to grotesque in the solid terrestrial state.


     Spiritual physics and spiritual psychology are very different in density, intensity, and consequence from those of the solid K1 Earth Realm, and the Ethereal who thinks the Terran can recover from mayhem, mutilation, and misery with the quickness that it does in the more protean, less-dense lands is deluding itself.
    You enjoy the Terrans’ augmented sensitivity, and though you can, you may not torment these tender creatures for your own kicks. Perhaps worse is the boredom you inflict on your Terran partner when you erratically withdraw the élan of your attention in order to pursue quicker, slicker galactik games.
    No one requires that you partner a solid realm K1 Terran, but if you do, you must comprehend at least the rudiments of how they experience time. To you, time is in most regards ephemeral and holospheric, a quixotic erotic zephyr. To them it is largely sequential, a river, and what to you would seem sluggish.
    The Sentient Rights Party insists that if you spend some least effort, Terrans can learn some of your quicksilver ways, and you for your part can swim in delicious thick water that could actually drown you. The consequences of ethereal action and of the more dense incarnate action are so different. You give Terrans glimpses of a quicksilver and golden life and they call you angels who live in heaven and you are so flattered that you accept the superiority and bask in their adulation when in fact Terrans are better, more accomplished and more gifted and doggèd in their own dense realm than you can ever be.
    If Terrans had full Sentient Rights, if they joined the Galaxy, you could speak together in respect, you could each impart your special knowledge. Incarnate abuse poisons the whole Galaxy in the end. Incarnate abuse cannot be kept a filthy little backwater-world secret forever. It stains our souls.
    You don’t care if you slaughter them in warring herds, crush and splinter them in car wrecks, twist them with disease. It’s all a frisson to you: you get a vicarious buzz from their flood of adrenalin. You are detached from their terror; they are embedded in it.
    It is that creature’s only direct life, and there ought be limits to how you toy with that precious span. Terrans have become sufficiently sentient to deserve Galactik recognition as Sentients with Protected Rights.    Early on, it was a cool trick to inhabit the more dense realms and to discover the particular spectrum of experience that a solid body and linear experience gives. As the creatures developed culture, civilization, and history, you shifted from being their masters to being their partners, or those without hellish arrogance did. It became their world while we weren’t watching.
    The ethereal experience may be the pearl in the oyster, but when you’re hungry, it’s the oyster itself that gratifies.


Dan Gero is a Martian philosopher and journalist who travels undercover to Earth to study all its menagerie. He specializes in observing the biped mammal nicknamed human. His contributions to the South Mars Gazette have been highly influential in keeping Mars from voting on the Galactik Council to send the frequently toxic Earth to the maw of the Black Hole Garbage Scow.



    As we move along the shaman paths of enhanced and enchanted perception, as we develop the natural disciplines of enhanced and enchanted attentions, we must be not quite wary but keenly aware of the deep seductions of the enhanced, the trance worlds.

    It’s a significant when not overwhelming challenge to be in a body. Things ache; get sunburned if you’re a paleface; itch. There are pleasures and trials. The relationship between your LifeSoul and your EtherealSoul is fascinating and complex. As you’ve guessed my EtherealSoul is of the Sentients Rights Party in an evidently fierce way. As I fight for K1 humane rights, we fight for a saner, more knowledgeable interface or interlace between the vast freedoms of times and manifestation – and the K1 density, intensity, and sense of consequence.

   My druid task has been to stay balanced consciously with my left foot in K1, as it were, and my right foot in the Ethereal Reals, the wholehearted, wholeminded, wholegutted life. This gives glamour and giddy, radiant delight to each leaf and immensity to each grief.

    I have seen so many Terrans or Earthers whose Elan has cut out when things get hideously tough or tedious in DayHere.

    Instead of keeping Mirth or Wry or Fascination a solace in the storm or an oasis in a drought, the Elan abandons the Earther because it is too busy or too refined. It disdains dirt, discomfort, despair – or, more rarely – makes a fetish of them.

    Those of us intraworlders, as awake in our nights and awake in our days as we can astonishedly accomplish, fight like tygers our sisters, wolves our brothers for K1 respect.

    Druids walk in both wakings the amazed paths of the electric eclectic. If they err, it is to defend the rights of K1 sentience against the Ethereal pride, contumely. Against abstraction. There is no such thing as an abstract heartbeat – not one single one in your whole life.

   As you awake to your wholer life, these matters will begin to unfold, as a flower bud unfolds to a bloom, in your awakening awareness of justice justice justice.   


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7 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 29 . Ethereals

  1. This piece boomerangs me from 'mere pet' to glorious “in fact Terrans are better, more accomplished and more gifted and doggèd in their own dense realm than you can ever be.” I nominate you as a spokesman for our home, Earth, in those Galactic councils. I trust your lack of sentimentality and your dogged defense of Earth, fighting for “K1 respect” with no weapon but keen astonishment.

  2. Kind words, iotas. Keen astonishment is the only weapon which doesn't wound one's own Elan. Given how toxic we've become, using our ingenuity to wield hate and foment fear, it is striking that the Galaxy hasn't quarantined us more harshly. A planet makes a plausible asylum if your galactic morals don't allow for the death penalty, as I suspect.
    The K1 experiment is so gorgeous. I hope we can shift to raw appreciation somewhere down the centuries. If we can stem the teeming and foment a minimal empathy, we could all prosper cheerfully enough and leave the violence cathartically for theater and video and other fiction where it belongs.

  3. Another great piece Mr. Pogblog. I'm a little worried that this is yet more cat propaganda, but thanks for keeping a foot in both realms.
    So who got Dick and George as their terran pets?

  4. Cats, natch, don't need propaganda. Book 4 of Ask Dr. Druid is an entire encomium on the evident purrrrfection of cats. Even if I hated cats, I'd have to admit that they were glorious.
    I wish this were the time to go into how a George & Dick occur, but the intrarealm sickness, the snakeheartedness of these mean Ilk are classic and hideous Ethereal contumely excesses. Wars can only be propagated by the snakehearted. Otherwise you can't just kill strangers for an abstraction.

  5. You remind me of all the wonders we could explore if we quit blowing fellow people up. When I need a jolt to pick me up from the current despair, I come here where deep and complex and hilarious sanity is being distilled like some mead.
    I wish your Dan Gero luck in keeping us from becoming a condemned species.

  6. Temps .. the AllElse world is Always sane. It is Always a replenishment, a nourishment, a gladness. O mirthmost merriment. As fond as I am of many of them, only People are disturbed. The AllElse is stupendous, a dandelion seed or a mighty river. Muy yum.

  7. I think Mr/Ms Lucky is not quite ready to embrace the self-evident superiority of cats. Otherwise he/she seems so smart. Mr/Ms Roulez is right about pogblog being a fine place to restore one's sanity and perspective. Along with Ms/Mr Iotas, I add my vote for your diplomatic mission to the galactic councils.

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