5150 Sicker Dick

5150 Sicker Dick

A tidbit from my good-works starving lawyer friend of 43 years. There's a part of the CA code called 5150 which refers to a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold for people who are “a danger to others … including hearing voices telling them to kill other people.”

Gods know Sicker Dick hears voices telling him to shock & awe 2000 bombsites in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Iran.

Sicker Dick is indisputably a danger to so many others.

Clearly Sicker Dick is ragingly hearing voices telling him to kill a whole country of someones, in, say, Iran. He’s been sucking us down into the vortex of the black hole of his bleak and hysterical paranoia. 

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As for the required “humane treatment” of him after his involuntary psychiatric hold, the gov'ment has cleared water boarding as not being torture & all those grotesque sleep depriving positions would be ‘just’ too – or so they insist.

So, after 4 years, 11 months, & 11 days of carrying my Teach Peace sign in our downtown,  I’m thinking of changing my exhortation to





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3 thoughts on “5150 Sicker Dick

  1. iotas, cl — I would feel massive pity for the man if his gruesome schizophrenic paranoia hadn't become so viral, so pandemic in our reeling country. 9 out of 10 casualties in all modern wars are civilian. War is a grotesque delusion as a solution for anything. The globe was on the cusp of grokking that when this pre-emptive madness was perpetrated upon it.
    This 5150 notion seems like a grim joak here, but if Mr. Cheney weren't vice-president he would reside in a Rubber Room. Any psychiatrist who listened to his ravings in any other context would invoke 5150 at once.

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