Ask Dr. Druid . day 26 . Planette


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Ask Dr. Druid . Day 26



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    I was rooting through the Philanderer’s Philological Pharmacy the other afternoon when I came across the definition of planette. The Pharmacy is a trove of a tome. A tasty word is a sure cure. That was the motto of Alitter Rae Shin, the greatest word miner of the early 21st century — a merry fat lady with curly red hair and disturbingly intent eyes as if she were the first person to have really seen you.
   Alitter Rae was the one to remind us of rhapsody whose derivation is woven song. Now that’s a tonic. She unearthed halcyon which means the kind of day so soft that a kingfisher can make her nest on the bosom of the sea. Celadon, the blue-green in the curl of a breaking wave. Coprophagous — relating to certain beetles which feed on fossilized dung. A quirky diet.
    One of the triumphs which made Alitter Rae the cat’s meow of word diggers was her lucky coup with delirious. Even apprentice worders in 2011 knew that the ancient Greek word delirious derived from out of the furrow. It was by the keenness to know what she had and by great luck that Alitter Rae dug the miniature story imbedded in delirious out of an aged woman in California whose unusual childhood farm experience would essentially disappear from the planet probably with her very self when she died.
    Ms.Maxwell was a rotund elder with an impish wit who told Alitter Rae about how before tractor farming you used placid workhorses (in ancient <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Greece it would have been oxen) to pull the plow. Hour after sunbaked tranquil hour, you and they would plod up and down the field turning furrows.
    Once every year or two, the docile beasts would suddenly bellow, mouths wide, and gallop wildly out of the furrow, harness slapping, the plow bouncing crazily behind them, stampeding until, sweat-frothed and exhausted, they finally just stopped.
    Ms.Maxwell scoffed at the stung-by-a-bee theory. She put her chubby still-steady hand on Alitter Rae’s knee and said, “My dear, I was there. They just plain bolted out of the furrow — it was simply a spate of delirium.”
   Alitter Rae loved Greek-based words because they are image-laden — a miniature story, a tiny tale, is crystallized in the heart of the word. Delirious brought her fame, but it is planette which will keep her in history.
   It wasn’t until Alitter Rae Shin’s discovery of planette in a moldy 14th-century Celtic magician’s manual, Cynifer Cywydd, that the secret of the multiverse came to light and the study of the different densities and realms and planes of experience and meaning became as common and respected as the study of Chemistry or Zoology.
    Alitter Rae’s monograph on planette was like a pebble in a pool. The concentric rings lapped out through the society until the acceptance of the reality of many planes of density became as ordinary and obvious as the assumption that the Earth is round. 
   Our planette Earth, our K1 solid daily spaceship, was now seen to be only one layer or plane of our fabulously faceted experience. At last children were taught to act in their ‘dreams,’ — dreams being another plane or planette of kaleidoscopic experience which came to be understood to be as real as a stroll to the post office or smelling one of the gloriously fat cream-and-pink roses of the first bloom of Spring.
    Because of our ignorance of layers or planettes, we had been spectators or puppets in much of our multi-level experience. Discovering that the universe was a multiverse with a multitude of planettes of which our solid-seeming, tamely sequential daytime experience was but one very precious manifestation, one flower in the garden of ebullient creation, gave us back our explorer's pluck.

    It was Alitter Rae Shin who found the key. She was the Columbus of the New Multiverse Worlds we would come to explore with new daring, bravado, and doggèd courage. The key was that our perspective had been skewed for centuries, that we had been misled by our truncated name for our intergalactic base camp — planet.

    The night that Alitter Rae read the Celtic magician’s manual, Cynifer Cywydd, and the word planette leapt out at her and branded her mind, she recalls that her blood ran cold, ran hot, her heart beat like a big drum.

    ¡Yes! just one plane of many! — planette! All the newly honored realities came out of the shadows. Our heads burst with the gladness of all this delicious new stuff to contemplate and appreciate.

    Years later Alitter Rae was asked why she called her definitive work Philanderer's Philological Pharmacy? She grinned slyly, “You got a better idea on how to get ’em to sneak a peek into a big ol' book on words? Gotta pique their interest ¿no?”



    With our Inner Perf off grogging it up in Fiji, we’ve been getting our K1 attentions and eclectics more fit, more electric, more keen and preened. This should have grounded and bound and bonded you with your only completely constant and faithful companion, the all but unbearably fabulous AllElse. Now it’s time (or timeless) to make more deliberate forays into the multiverse, manypoem, the multidimensional, multitemporal worlds, the Dream Nations, the Imagi Nations, as real a part of our experiences as beloved K1, but neglected in study and exploration. We really are one planette among many.

    Adding deliberate study and honoring of the less-dense worlds can be disconcerting, literally disorienting. I have to count on you to manage your attentions so that K1 AllElse remains delighted and stable, and that you don’t drift or hurtle into LoonLand, woe-begone and palely loitering.

   When you re-discover your wider heritage untrammeled by the cocoons of Religions, the Creeds and Greeds, the delight & freedom can be intense. Grok wisely.



.. Cynifer Cywydd, [keen-i-fer cow-ith], roughly many poem.

..woe-begone & palely loitering is from Keats la Belle Dame Sans Merci. Intra-realms study can strand you in twilight elfin grottos if you aren’t alert and grounded and re-grounded in K1.

    Just like the slippery delusion of Romance, the archetypal worlds can be damned seductive and dangerous. Cleave to common sense and Keep your discernment. Then you can be enriched and enlivened. Huge quaffs of Irony-laced Humortinis are required. It is my belief and experience that conscious travel in Otro, in other realms, from Fantasy to Dream to Poesie is healthier and heartier than sly or slimy forays half-known.

    If you find yourself feeling off-balance or your physical vision blurring (a sign of too much trance work), back out into as much fascination with K1 AllElse as you can imbibe. There are reasons these matters have been kept occult for centuries. They aren’t without considerable danger. I am convinced that in the long run people are healthier dealing out loud with whispered matters and can take the elixirs of honey and of venom if trusted to Keep their darn feet – and head! — on the ground.

     If, however, you go lurching off into LoonLand, you’ll just get all the nambypambys tuttutting and breathing fire about pagans and witches. Which is piffle of course, but stay smart as we begin our travels further afield.     


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7 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . day 26 . Planette

  1. Love this, pogblog. The little story embedded in 'delirious' is wonderful. Your stuff is so dense and intense but has such a light touch. It's as if a souffle suddenly supplied most of one's nutrients and vitamins. The sooner you get picked up and widely shared, the better.

  2. Kind words, ofdroll.
    I've been truffling for word derivations since I was a child. At school, I thought I was very funny. Which I was, but which occasionally crossed a line for the poor teacher. I was 'punished' by having to copy a page of the dictionary — everything, derivation, pronunciation. Little did they know that I would become obsessed by words, especially the cool little mysterys of derivations.
    These days I use I WISH I could afford the OED — it might be too much bliss tho. I do get the OED Word of the Day which you can sign up for at The early uses of even the most 'ordinary' words are thrilling to read. If I ran the world, the online searchable OED would certainly be free to everyone. [OED = Oxford English Dictionary — about 13 encyclopedia-size volumes at the library.]

  3. The delirious derivation is delicious as ofdroll says. But what I'm happiest with is that with all this expansion of our inner/outer territory, I'm not getting vertigo because in addition to soaring, you're so intricately silly and grounded that I can't get overinflated with either self-abnegation or self-importance. I'm very impressed with the handholds of humor and good sense you supply for the conscious mind to take some considerable risks.

  4. Thanks for the visit, esfera. There are cultures where folk are taught from babyhood to include their Otro worlds experiences in their learning to tie their shoes or ride a bicycle expertise. It's odder and can be more discomfiting when you begin these dimensional forays older.
    The Greeks used myths to explore psychological labyrinths. I too prefer some feel of story for us to practice a new kind of thinking. Then when something striking happens to you, you aren't set off balance or kilter so easily.

  5. Boy do I have a crush on Alitter Rae.
    “.. the slippery delusion of Romance.” “.. healthier and heartier than sly or slimy forays half-known.” This stuff makes me delirious with envy and delight.

  6. thanks, temps. A full-spectrum, a full-tiempo of consciousness will make us saner one day. Violence is cathartically fine in less-dense realms where 'healing' is instantaneous — or simultaneous really. This atrocious violence we're engaged in here in dear solid k1 is sickening and heartshatteringly insane.
    Shapeshifting or extreme empathy takes real bravery and is the cure.

  7. Think of how many school kids would be tickled by words if they met Alitter Rae Shin. I've always suspected that you come from a future where they play life more gallantly, wittily, and in the knowledge of dark, choosing light. Knowing we get there some eon makes me happy.

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