Ask Dr. Druid day 23 Review 3 gateau nature

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Ask Dr. Druid . Day 23

Review 3 . gateau nature

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     It is disconcerting to begin to accept least of all explore our gateau nature, our layer cake of multi-D and multi-T experiences. Multi-dimensional & multi-temporal. Most of us prefer the less vertigo of amnesia or what the Greeks call Lethe, the river of oblivion, of forgetfulness; or a half-live lethargy.

    It is essential to always honor K1, our shared kinesthetically persistent layer of reality, and be able to move among suitable awarenesses with care and discernment (which is why drugs are so ugh for serious study. I don’t mean serious as in grim but as in concentrated/distilled.)

    Introducing you to Itshehimwe will have upped the hullabaloo, the octanes of your attentions. Your attentions will begetting more lithe, gallivanting beyond kindergarten.

    Your Inner Perfectionist should be snoozily, woozily, groggily tipsy in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Tahiti, only sending postcards saying, “Hear you’re doing grand! Keep up the good play! Will have learned the hulahula by the time I return! Agog in grog, Your Inner Perf.”

   Panda Bare is an intrepid explorer of extraphysics feastrealms of ecstatic tumult. Take part in art. Even if you never draw, sculpt, pen, or soufflé a mote, I will say you have a delicious responsibility (ability to respond!) to take part in the art of besotted appreciation. Get drunk drunk drunk with the delight of the champagne light in which you’re immersed, the brandy of daffily, daffodilly rapt attentions. Oh mirthmost merriment.

   Of course our immersive, drunk with fascination adventures are subversive! It’s why druids went underground, undersky, behindleaf. The iron, ironyless, corporate manacles, the iron, ironyless, Religious prison bars prefer the dull, the narrow, the unwinged. Zombyoid suits the Profit Margin, the Pious Purposes.

    The RatMinded Religioneers seldom dwell in Droll. They seem not so keen on your singing your own songs of raging praise, of delicate impeccable unique devotion. If your devilishly mischievous deity is named LaughMore, the story changes.

    Resavor dearest Keats’ unclenched-mindedness, the not grasping irritably after certainty. Pick a favored thing — a daffodil, a soufflé, a vulture – and musing upon the Penetralium of mystery, meet the deity-inventor/s of that marvel. Then write a short fable in your journal about its invention or admiration. You don’t have to make anything up. Just listen and scribble.

    Druids chose the riches of attentions, the conquest of the Imagi and Fasci Nations. Killing dullness by filling it with shine. Live in a turtle mansion. One you always carry with you. Obviously you should prosper comfortably in the Outer Nations. But it is my job to illuminate and ignite your tyger riches burning bright for which you need nothing but your keened and preened wits, an eclectiking knowledge of the treasure hunt, the world and worlds as your private palace. This abundance is your birthright. Gambol on it.

    Art – heART, eARTh. Art is just carrots. It’s what let’s you see brilliantly. Eating muchas carrots enlivens your vision. Eating muchas art enlivens your life-sight. The druid point is to give you the key to a sea of glee and enchantment in your daily round. If you also get to go to Paris France, more’s the thrill, but being eclectically electrically thrilled serves your life butterly better in a wholehearted and holohearted way. The electric eclectic makes for less ennui, less envy, and less inchoate longing. The perfect democracy of perception where all are equally free and rich and powerful – that’s where druids put their ingenuity. Eclairs of clarity all 'round.

. .<!> . . . .


..gateau is cake in French (gat oh);

..ennui is boredom in French (awn newy);

..eclectic is choosing the best from all possible sources;

..resavor is re-savor, as in savor again;

..gallivant & gambol are both what exuberant lambs leapingly do in the Spring;

..Imagi & Fasci Nations ..imagination, fascination;


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4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid day 23 Review 3 gateau nature

  1. “Gateau nature”!? You've got to be kidding! How marvelous. I want to get a T-shirt with gateau nature and a Thiebaud cake on it. Thanks for reminding me of the Thiebaud cakes as well as of my gateau nature.

  2. While I applaud the post, cakes and all, I'm worried about the anti-rat rhetoric. Thanks for the reminder that life is thicker than a straight literal line.

  3. Gateau & Thiebaud (thee-boh) actually rhyme which is swell. Thanks esfera & cl for visiting. I'm so honored that you come by.
    The reason day 23 came after day 24 might be to jolt us out of our temporal rut or it might be because Dr. Druid forgot that we were due a Review piece and then numbered the chapters how they will be numbered eventually.
    The only hope of competing with the leadening of the culture which prefers us dull and obedient so we can increase our productivity is to describe and demonstrate muchas facets of our actually faceted spherical experience. They can quell a lot about us with exhaustion and fear, but our imaginations can be magnificent and rich and vividly lively — mucho elan vital.

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