5 thoughts on “Hallelujah 8/13 Karl Rove RIP Rest In Pieces

  1. G.R. to Mr. Rove who would make both the Marquis and Mr. Machiavelli queasy.
    I'm sure chancelucky is all crocodile tears about Mr. Rove.

  2. Hurray for Mr. Roulez! G.R. K.R. indeed! Except he's not through with his poisoning of the political bloodstream. Not Karl. He drinks pain for breakfast — straight out of the neck I've heard.

  3. Chancelucky writes some very droll adventures with Karl pieces on his fine blog. You should check 'em out.
    If only Karl would be atwatered and have a revelation of the vileness he perpetrates.(Lee Atwater, one of Karl's mentors, got a terminal brain tumor and went around begging for forgiveness from his victims of odious tricks.)
    Amazing that the most fatally flawed Presidential advisor in all of history dares blacken anyone else's kettle. Piffle.
    The brave Mr. Cleland said of Karl, “You know he's lying when his lips are moving.”
    I too dread the 17 months of further creepy & horrific revelations of rights corroded and billions bilked. But I imagine a dancing and merry light at the end of the putative tunnel, and it keeps me appreciating the fireflies in the terrible mordorian dark.

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