Ask Dr. Druid . day 19 . Negative Capability 1


Ask Dr. Druid . Day 19

Negative Capability 1 . A Handful of Air

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Please take it a little extra slow with this piece, as if licking molasses from a spoon.


    A single handful of air doesn’t weigh much, but you surround a planet with an atmosphere and it adds up. Similarly (tho not identically), your memory of, imagination of, dream of a landscape has a photonic mass that has to be accounted for – it is most of barklian existents. (K1 is the kinesthetic or standard e=mc² daytime physics about which narrow-end physics obsesses and to which it grants sole proprietorship of the reality label.)  Most of what I ‘know’ and experience has no K existence whatever. It may or may not have had a brief K component.

     Repeatable science is important essential work. It should have funds and university departments up the yang. However, the 90% of our experience which has no immediate K1 component (& may indeed never have had a K1 flint moment of tactile, olfactory, gustatory or t-o-g interface at all), that 90% is all but discounted in its mass qualities. Masses of this photonic water flows through the brain pipe and does have complex physiological effects, but the correlations are hard to measure and impossible to repeat.

     So we diss &/or ignore the physics of 90% of our real if glancing and evanescent experience. Chaos theory legitimizes the study of the turbulence of water through a K1 pipe, but we aren’t even at the stage of accepting the vast photonic universe at all, least of all allowing arcane or niche creeks of study off an established river of supposedly-repeatable flow.

   Our established K1, repeatable Theoscience is very papal and dogmatic, and I think the initial insistent separation from other magics was a very good and necessary clarity at the time. But it is false – the baby was thrown out with the bathwater. It all interdwells and until we add the fabulously vast sea and the dainty filigrees of photonic psyence, we will know least of all honor little of the seamless truth. It self-evidently is unified whether we can explain it or not.

     It is no doubt true that it is very hard to stay objective when studying the mischievous, seductive photonic realm. You can ask for smart and for wise perhaps — but objective, nah.  (Objective is a crock anyhow which Heisenberg got.) You only get to study tame stuff in the repeatable-is-real mode. If you want to study tigers burning in the forests of the night, you need different scopes.

    So what do you want in a photonic scientist, psyentist, or knower? I would say that an affection for the abzurd is handy. And especially useful is dear Keats’ Negative Capability: “ . . . which Shakespeare possessed so enormously – I mean Negative Capability, that is, when a [person] is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason — Coleridge, for instance, would let go by a fine isolated verisimilitude caught from the Penetralium of mystery, from being incapable of remaining content with half-knowledge . . . .” 

     In my experience, K1 science is dog-like – predictable, obedient. You can put a leash on it. Photonic matter or e=mc∞ or photonic mattergy is like a cat – it purrs, it likes to be stroked, but obedient? Repeatable? ¡HaHa! Nada, nunca. Never. There are patterns and fields one can discern and mention – but the sensitivity and malleability and shapeshiftiness of the photonic mattergy, the holopaint, makes and creates so sleekly and rapidly and rampantly that you can’t bottle it.

    You can, however, teach people to keep some of their wits about them while exploring and studying it. First, we’d have, in the West, to learn to honor play as much as work. Of things useless or criminally-insane-equivalent in PhotonicVille is the Protestant Work Ethic. We’d also have to recognize the rampant flak of a huge and often appallingly puerile, sometimes enticing amount of raunch.

    We are not souls trapped in gross earthly bodies. That’s way too staid and prettyfied. We are rambunctious, fractal holokaleidocopic coalescences of energy & pattern inhabiting an unexpectedly stable bio-suit for a tidbit of time. The linear qualities of ‘our’ life are a useful fiction. I’m all for lucid waking, defined and refined by science and art. We need to add lucid photonics and psyence (dreaming; memory; fantasy; imagination &c).

     We spend a lot of tasty fluids and other substances to relax or vanish the walls between us and the wilder sea. (These walls or levees are very darn useful – full-bloom schizophrenia or helpless dimensions-confusion isn’t fun. If, on the other hand, we are taught whole life skills [which I would dub hololife skills to more pointedly include the whole 24 that we do indeed live], we can have choices of walls, or not — just like we put up and down the venetian blinds on the sunny side of the house.)

    In 50 or 100 years, all these skills are taught in Druid Quantum Schools, but for the nonce, I’m plunking the more oneiro-skills, the photonics into Druid Clown School InterDimensional. The <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Quantum School stuff will take a smaller leap into schooling many more people better, but closer to the best of the prevailing model. Those of us who particularly love the future and the dear Penetralium of mystery can work on getting these fractal photonic science, psyence, skill-sets translatable to those linear folk still made vertiginous by free fall. The coming time will not allow them to remain in their familiar mode; there will be vortexes and torques of mind&emotion that require the new skills.

   Today, with this holo-info in mind, notice & contemplate just how much of what is moving your piece around the Cosmic Chess Board is not K1, is not science fodder. This will begin the development of your Negative Capability organ, your unclenched, no irritable reaching after fact and reason organ. You’ll begin to add the delicious capability of being able to see the brilliant but shy denizens from the Penetralium of mystery.

…<^> …….


+ barklian existents .. Irish Bishop Berkeley (pronounced Barkly) thought & I agree with him that all we could testify to were mental constructs of one kind or another. But there is the semi-consensual hallucination and then there are the photonic psyence realms where we don’t yet share enough conscious experiences to make a lot of tests and claims tho we can poetically attest and resonate.      

+ narrow-end physics – narrow-end refers to the narrow end of the telescope. A wry tho not unkind suggestion that standard science is leaving out a whole lot of reality in order to preserve the exclusive sanctity of this repeatable thing. Damn, us poetry witches & wizards either got burned or spurned. But our time is comin', darlin'.


+ holo-paint .. The photonic worlds are as if magically painted into existence by a paint which is 3D rather than 2D. It paints landscapes you can walk in rather than look at on a wall. Very tricksy stuff holopaint.


+ oneiro-skills .. oneiro = dream in Greek.


+ images title & excerpt Harry Tjutuna, australia dreaming art;



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7 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . day 19 . Negative Capability 1

  1. I'm not sure that traditional science is quite as rigid as you suggest. Genetics, cosmology, sub-atomic physics all include some pretty fluid ideas. That said, I do find the notion that there's a universe beneath and around our physical existence that deserves equal awareness and attention fascinating.
    If we have k1, do dogs have K9?

  2. You know that '90% of matter that's missing' to science? 90% of what 'is' they admit they have zero clue about!?! I've been grokking on this for so long and then a few years back BOOM like a thunderbolt it hit me. Our imaginal 'stuff' — fantasy, astral travel, memory, dreams etc etc — has a miniscule matterness. But there is so much of it that it adds up — like a godszillion zillion zillion feathers as it were.
    Traditional science even at its fringes seems pretty rigid to me not because it isn't absolutely fascinating but because it only honors as 'real' that which is repeatable.
    Someday we'll talk about nothing being really repeatable not even one molecule, but they want it in a very narrow framework lest people just, well, psychotically make stuff up — like so many religious zealots. And then those zealots demand that we all go their brand of crazy.
    Thus I think we need a strong and sharifiable foundation of 'solid' science stuff to keep from getting sidetracked into every LoonLand that has a charismatic proponent. However, this other 'material' has utterly real effects in our lives and I'm for developing psyence too.
    I refuse to discuss dogs — who stink and have drooly tongues. Except shitzus and corgis, as near as dogs get to being cats. Cats, however, have a K world so different from ours. Their landscape of smell is as vivid as our visual landscape. Gods know what spectrums of knowing the cephalos from Alpha Centuri use to comprehend their experience.

  3. I'm absolutely entranced with the idea of “holopaint.” I'm going to look at both my daily life and my dreams completely differently.

  4. Hey esfera, as we go along, eventually you'll just be able to see the holopaint extrude or unfold. The understanding or giga-grokking of holopaint is how some Filipino healers can 'operate' without butchering folk. We get to that down the non-line.

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