Ask Dr. Druid . day 18 . Remote Viewing

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 18

Remote Viewing

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   Remote viewing is a kind of teleportation, a visiting of a terrestrial place where your daybody is not. It is another way to practice making your attentions’ capacities more elastic and eclectic. Remote viewing is that variation, that facet of the out-of-body experience which doesn’t go gallivanting off around the galaxies, but rather to a Russian submarine harbor (a Cold War favorite) or to downtown Paris.

   The underlying point of all our exercises is to make your kaleidoscopic life experience more keen, more jolly, more exquisitely luminous and breathtaking – your birthright. You’ve heard of a lot of capacities as occult or ‘weird’ or mystic. None of these really. You just weren’t taught them in your usual school.

     I suggest practicing remote viewing in your living room where you can check and verify your impressions. Lie on your bed or sit some place comfy. Always have had a pit stop. My hypnotism teacher, Dobson, always said about hypnotism sessions: “Never compete with the bladder!” Ground, relax. Imagine yourself in your handy travel body walking off to your living room or other room where no one is and ‘spying’ on what’s there. Be deliberate, methodical, and thorough. Notice as many qualities of objects as you can. Whisper them to yourself as you touch them with your eyes and fingertips. Vase; red with yellow tulips; pear-shaped; narrow neck; lacquered; eleven inches high. Notice the shadow each thing casts. The thing; its shadow; the thing.

    If I spread my hand wide, from the tip of my little finger to the tip of my thumb is eight inches. This makes a handy measurer for RV forays.

    The coolest thing about remote viewing is that you can bump into things and not knock them over. (Tho poltergeisting is a whole ‘nother subject.) Whether in your daybody or your rembody, every time you blink, you unconsciously add a minute snapshot of emphasis to whatever you’re attending to. Making a conscious definite crisp blink can underline an observation for you. Anything you do to get info into more than one sense system will ratify that observation for you. You see something and then say your observations about it. That gives you visual and auditory. The crisp blink adds kinesthetic. All of this gets very suave and sleek and delectable and all but effortless. In the meantime, these remote viewing forays into your living room or kitchen can markedly tune up your attentions. You’ll certainly notice yourself quantumly more aware as you walk through those rooms in your daybody – in order to feel less excruciatingly embarrassed at what you missed when you do your next remote view session and review, if for no other reason.

    When you’ve made a circuit or twain around the room, come back into your comfy body and review what you’ve viewed. Then get up and go scrutinize to see how precise and accurate and detailed you were.

    Most folks are leery of testing their ‘enlightenment’ and ignore their endarkenment altogether.  

(“O wad some Power the giftie gie us/To see oursels as ithers see us!/It wad frae monie a blunder free us/An foolish notion . . . .”) Doing this living room and kitchen remote viewing allows very quick feedback which is the way to learn anything most efficiently. You also get to do this privately so if you have remembered to shoo your Inner Perfectionist off to Fiji to guzzle grog, you can be observant of your failings rather than judgmental about them. You can do this exercise a thousand times and it will get incrementally more actual and vivid each foray.

   We’ll go into the following in much more chiaroscuro detail later, but I want to introduce you to the druid notion of day-reality as an holographic language through which you pass like a 4D braille. It’s all hieroglyphs, oneiroglyphs, runes with stories to tell. You are living within a galactic language. Listen, my friend, to the dear wall.

     I was lucky enough to grow up way from anywhere where I had no idea (yet) that people weren’t allowed to talk to trees. So I learned to listen to the so-called inarticulate before I had to lock them in that stupid lifeless speechless box because people were all stirred up about witches and ole cloven hoof satan and wicked pagans. Gee whiz those folks were dull who could stand having their church in a building. The hardest thing was disguising the wild and somersaulting energy of the rampant animist life. So much glee. A tree never minds how much glee you have. It has birds gossiping in its leafy bower after all so it is never shocked by astonished joy.

   Anyhow, when you do your re-views of your remote viewing in your living room or kitchen, you will begin to feel the full-body braille-reading alertness as you grokkingly pass through the space. Your attentions will become less head-centric and you’ll become more electrically present in your present. It’s a blast.

    To get these effects, you have to do the exercises, you can’t just read about them . . .



..suave .. soo-ah-vay, in the Spanish manner, tasty. El azul suave is a pale robin’s egg blue.

.. RV .. remote viewing;

.. “Oh wad some Power the giftie . . .” from Robert Burns, To a Louse;

.. chiaroscuro .. literally bright-dark; noticing the contrasts between light and dark; Check out the remarkable and still more modern than we ever can be movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari from 1920. If you love black & white films and photos –without all the distraction of color, Dr. Caligari will astound you forever.

.. Shadows are seldom black, interestingly – first noted most notably by Monet & the Impressionists;

.. hieroglyphs are the Egyptian picture writing. they are clearly more concrete with their languaging than we remember to be;
oneiroglyphs – oneiro is the Greek word for dream, so dream-picture-writing, except in this case, holographic writing, like day-life is. Runes are also shorthand for holographic writing;



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7 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . day 18 . Remote Viewing

  1. The amount I left out of my living room landscape the first time I tried this was a surprise to me. I live here after all, I thought. I definitely sent my Inner Perfectionist off for grog. I can get a glimpse of what a difference it would make to kids if we taught them attention techniques when they were little.

  2. I know, iotas, isn't it chastening? I love particularly exercises that you can do for a lifetime and still be intensely challenged.
    Like golf for Tiger Woods, you gotta practise to keep your edge honed. Once I distilled the 'lessons' the pesky druids were putting in my path to eclectic attentions, you are always self-sufficient and always alert, therefore joyous at some profound level. It is a treasure hunt.

  3. Mr. Pogblog,
    could you talk a little more about Endarkenment and how to recognize when it's happening? Does Enlightenment automatically make Endarkenment not happen? What's so bad about dark as opposed to light?

  4. I tease about enlightenment. Not so much about endarkenment. I use 'enlightenment' with bushels of salt, it being so puffed-up a notion. Anyone who says “I'm enlightened” ipso facto isn't.
    Endarkened we all are in this sublunar world and every other I've been privileged to visit. I don't mean that as grimly as someone like SickerDick might engender of fear & loathing in your human breast. But there are all these echoes and shadows of our wider lifes, and the normanrockwellian simplicities of virtue we might hope to hew to are hard to achieve with the purity of heart poetry might require of us.
    I'm reasonably kind and good I suppose but my CuppoHatred for the depredations of Mr. Bush et ilk does overflow. If quizzed, I know this Hatred is very wrong and even ontologically staggeringly stupid, but their gruesome actions and inactions make a charcoal of my heart. Now, I wouldn't refuse them healthcare for some godsforsaken economic principle, of course.
    By ontological I mean that I know darned well that at the ground or field of the psychic environment my unbridled Hatred is a severe and unjustifiable pollutant and crazy toxic indulgence. But tho I gave up smoking tobacco in 1988, I haven't given up Hating the coldhearted Reptilians. It is an adolescent indulgence, it endarkens me, and I need to evolve beyond it. It is a lead I certainly haven't transmuted into gold.

  5. Thanks for the further explanation. I'm sorry that you're poisoning your pool of enlightenment, but it may be for a good cause.

  6. Like iotas, I was simply shocked to see how much I left out of my living room and kitchen. I am sharply more aware now so I won't be so embarrassed by myself again. This is a fill the glass attitude rather than the Inner Perfectionist diatribe and guilt attitude. I love this exercise.

  7. I love this exercise too because quick & dispassionate feedback is so ham dandy for learning anything. How present are we really?
    (I'm a loon for spoonerisms — from Prof Spooner who used to transpose first sounds in a phrase. So, 'ham dandy' would be 'damn handy.')

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