Ask Dr. Druid ….. Day 15 ….. Re-view 2 . 3rd Eye

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Ask Dr. Druid . Day 15

3rd Eye. Re-view 2


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Intro; Prologue; Day 1 overview, grok; Day 2, Treasure Hunt, Fat E, The Blue; Day 3, multiverse, eclectic, manypoem place, poetry eyes, nature, man, prejudice to the pretty; Day 4 Ing-ing verbing; Day 5 Inner Perfectionist to Fiji; Day 6 Naming Game; Day 7 Journaling; Day 8 Review 1;|||| Day 9 spelling backwards; Day 10 synchronicity; Day 11 synchronicity 2; Day 12 attention as a thing; Day 13 Levitation R Us;  Day 14 Amethyst Key dreams, Earth as the Home Dream; [Any of these chapters can be found in the Ask Dr. Druid category.]


    We've been practicing the scales of attentions and eclectics. We want to give you both techniques & tricks and the demonstrations of attentions being discovered. I plan to share my experiences of the blossoming of the eclectic for me so you can get a sense of how these extraordinary experiences mysteriously and magically appear within the ‘ordinary’ day. I honor folk who spend decades in a cave devoted to exquisite experience, but my job and the druid way of life is to cajole and exhort you to the constant extraordinary within the daily life. Not so many working stiffs get to do a week’s retreat at the sea by <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Carmel or to visit an ashram in India. The same rapids of glorious communion with the creation are available to the bagger at Safeway, however. Or to, as I might be, your window washer.

    I’ve put the quick list of our topics above so you can remind yourself of where we’ve been and re-up with the steps. Spelling backwards, for instance, is a visualization vitamin. You need to take it every day. At a few stoplights. In the supermarket line. All of these attitudes and beatitudes above should be mischievously practiced and noticed.

    I trust you are making daily notes and/or sketches in your journal or log. It is so essential to combine your hand and your head. Just meditating or thinking does not give you the two-sides-of-the-brain collaboration that making contemplation or memory or imagination work and play thru your hand does. (You might say that we’re tuning up your corpus callosum, that astonishing band of giga-concentrated nerve knowledge that lies between the two hemispheres of your brain.)

   When we eventually get your attentions open, deftly alert, and eclectic enough, you’ll be in the rarefied yet sustainable and delectable state known ever so mysteriously in the occult trades as having your ‘third eye’ open.


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8 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid ….. Day 15 ….. Re-view 2 . 3rd Eye

  1. For almost a month now, I have kept my new journal with the date and something every day. I feel like I'm putting a primer of paint on. I'm deliberately constructing a new habit. Because of your advice, I'm not worried about the content. I'm more concerned with the intent at this point.

  2. Congratulations, temps! Druids are proud.
    Remember to make notes with just phrases separated by semicolons if you are travelling and aren't in your home routine.
    Scribble the full date + some tidbit(s). Laying down the habit like building a mortarless stone wall is utterly the first order.

  3. I like your insistence on heightened experience which is “sustainable.” The Eiffel Towers come and go, but this keen attention is something I'm beginning to get familiar with as we go along. I wish they could chain you to the computer so you could publish a chapter every day!

  4. Druids were the first great egalitarians in terms of the sentient right to holokaleidoscopic experience. Everyone was and is taught all that can be distilled and translated.
    It is the druid obligation of anyone who discovers or recalls any insight or info to polish it up and offer it around to everyone. Observation and instructing sharing are leitmotifs of druid shamanism. You can't be a druid shaman if you consider your [lucky] knowledge to be exclusive in any way. It's only exclusive or opaque or occult because you haven't been ingenious enough yet to figure out how to share it poignantly and piercingly.
    Also druids know that people learn licketysplit in a state of joyridden fascination — so this whole routine about suffering being necessary for Great Insight is poppycock.

  5. Mr. Pogdruid,
    exactly how many eyes do you have? Is it just three?
    I haven't known that many druids and I imagine all of their eyes aren't visible.

  6. The blossoming of the eclectic and muchos ojos (many eyes) are tantalizingly really the same thing.
    More than 3, cl, but we ain't ready for that revelation yet. “Exact,” by the way, is a pretty fluid term in psyence if not in primitive science. (Science is one essential tool; psyence another.)
    //Consider the vista de pajaro (bird's eye view) and the vista de mariposa (butterfly's eye view) and the vista de gata (cat's eye view) and the vista de tortuga (turtle's eye view) and the vista de roble (oak's eye view) and so4th.

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