Ask Dr. Druid . Day 14 . Amethyst Key to Dreams

Ask Dr Druid .. Day 14

Amethyst Key to Dreams
This piece will grok better for you
if you read it
with your mouth as if out loud.
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    Amethyst key. Ah Dreams. The octessential grok here, the amethyst key, is that for druid shamans (as often women as men) our day life, the dayreal, is just as much a dream as our remreal — our sleeping dreams or other lucid visions.

   There’s this silly myth, by the way, that the druids disappeared. Nah, we just changed our camouflage, took a shift from our darling deep-rooted oaks to being goldfinches and unicorns, invisible in plain sight. More mobile. The true observer empathetically shapeshifts into everyeachthing s/he observes.

      You will not be a better spy and ambassador in your night dreams than you are in your daily dream. We teach you the observation, attention, concentration, curiosity, and eventually shapeshifting skills in the day game so you have the chances to practice and repeat them in a venue where science (shareability & repeatability) putatively applies. These skills will serve you in worlds where psyence is more applicable: the fractal mind, the aesthetic mind, the more fluid art of psyence which includes the useful illusion of linearity, but does not exclude the quirky and enchanted which can be less tame, which can specialize in anti-order, the mischievous, the quixotic.

   Our druid duty & delight is to increase your eclectic and your curiosity until you quantum out in all directions and know from raw and wild experience that everything is illuminated, lit from within. This in your daily containable, sustainable life. Until your drug of choice is air. I remember someone asking me backwhen, “Hey, are you on acid?” “No, I’m on air.” Which I might amend to say “I’m on air and distilled curiosity.” The trick is to make it socially acceptable to be wildly, explosively alive in a culture trapped in the Religions and Greeds. Creeds & Greeds we call it, the condition of aggressive dullness and of paltry, if any, enchantment.

    So, panther up. All your day practices and disciplines are in your Familiar Dream, your HomeDream, darling Earth, Vuravura, Jeegoo. We’ll give you an panther implant so you can steal the sublime feline predator skills that shamans use to hunt the precious and delicious details in which they (& you) are immersed. The extravagant joy of being a shaman is that, unlike the glorious panther, you get to steal the attributes of every <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />isis thing for your quest, your journey. From the panther’s stealth to the dandelion puff’s lightness – it’s all your panwealth and panglee.

    A druid is so adept a thief that the heisted doesn’t even know it’s been wholly stolen. The best thieves leave no fingerprints, disturb no fields (Sorry, Heisenberg). It’s like stalking a giraffe to take its splendid picture. But in this case, it’s a holopicts, a spectrum of senses of the giraffe in its location, its spleen and sinews, holosnapshot, blink, treasured, guarded in your heart – you bothered in your life to hone your curiosity, to learnlearn, always learning the deft disciplines of attentions. Attentions is a jewels of many facets.

    An alchemic insider secret is that your pseudopod of deft attention is like quicksilver, a kind of intraworlds etheric mercury which undetectably gently surrounds and infuses the observed (object, scene) with a diaphanous attention-stuff which secretly and sweetly gathers the beauty, the unique, the élan vital of X in order to honor and preserve it for the Book of the Moon.

    It is true that AllBeing is preserved in the Cosmic Chronicle, the Akashic Record, but what is grokked is highlighted, like a poetic passage with a tender footnote, not just vaganza, but extravaganza. Your ‘soul’ is what you tenderly guard, what you wildly fiercely guard with savage, inconsolable reverence. Druid prayer is not asking for anything, it is honoring, tending, celebrating all the extravagant beautysbeautys in which you’re immersed, by which you’re accompanied, melting into a kind of butterscotch of gratitude. What you have grasped or taken does not reflect in the Mirror of the Moon . . . only what you have given and guarded shines.

   A druid would tell an apprentice child, upload your joys to the Book of the Moon. With the heart of a precious and precocious child, send the birds of your discoveries to the Golden Nest of the Moon where they can rest and play and greet their new friends and be treasured.

    Panther, panther burning bright in the forests of the night. You wake from ElseWhere into This Dream here. Be lucid and amazed. Start panthering.



.. Amethysts .. An OED entry is:1580 SIDNEY Arcadia II. (1654) 141 The bloodie shafts of Cupids war, With amatists they headed are.  Cupid’s arrows tipped with amethyst. Ahh.

.. octessential .. oct-essential, the 8th degree of essential; cf quint-essential, the 5th degree of essential;

.. putatively .. ‘supposedly’, just wryer;

.. isis .. is is – the obsidian core of how shamans accept all experience;

.. élan vital .. the vital verve, the juice;

.. images emily kame kngwarreye


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5 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 14 . Amethyst Key to Dreams

  1. What's a butterscotch of gratitude? Is it melted and sticky?
    If I have druids in my neighborhood, should I leave the curtains closed or open? It scares me to think of what they might see through their sharpened vision and awareness….Of course, they sound so aware that the curtains would hardly matter.

  2. As to butterscotch, I had more in mind that remarkable color of crystal clear cooked butter, the color of brandy if it were candy. Melted is good, but I guess butterscotch never lasted long enough for me for it to get sticky. Suck more would be the anti-sticky remedy.
    As I outline in the early going, Book 1 deliberately separates out one's relationship with people because one can get into weird worries with People but not with The Rest of the World or AllElse.
    The hope is to give you a wry foundation of alertness and crescendo of attentions so that you can leapfrog neurosis (sooner . . . or later) which is pretty much entangled with people. So by the time you get to day 88, you won't be scared any more of your neighborhood druids or their honed and honeyed awarenesses.
    (Just so you can be calmer, we don't look thru curtains not because we couldn't as you so perspicaciously remark, but because the splotched creatures behind the curtains are, well, so seldom spellbinding.)

  3. I am glad you reminded me again about the instructional separation of what you call People and AllElse. It has taken heat off vehement irritations in my significant relationship and given me a kind of restorative fierce repose in that AllElse which brings me back refreshed to the people complexities. It never occurred to me before to have that choice in perception.

  4. Yeah, ofdroll, all this intraworlds and keenly poetic perception can even severely discombobulate your life if you don't carefully make that separation between the AllElse and People until you get used to tightrope walking while juggling.
    You really can't hurt yourself getting besotted with a daffodil or with a dill pickle slice with your hamburger — that Gee oh wow just adds luxury and delight to your daily day. We get to People in Book 2 and a Just Society in Book 3 and by then we'll be prepared for the higher quantums of ultra-&-infra-hilarious energy. You have got to up your ingestion of Vitamin I (Vitamin Irony) to be able to deal extrakeenly with the rotten behavior possible by any person without warning. (No no, I'm not saying People are 'rotten' or careless — just that they sometimes can be.)
    AllElse, on the other hand, is never neurotic. A mollusk is never careless. You can be more haphazard and delirious with your attentions skills when you practise on the undisguised Other Than People facets of the worlds.
    Or it may be that my druid pals who say I ought to keep all the druid info secret are right. Shucks tho, the Corporations can't outlaw or tax air when that becomes your gigadrug. It's just such a fiercely lovely way to be alive.

  5. The “Mirror of the Moon.” Ahh.
    Please keep your chapters of the Book of the Moon fountaining forth.
    Your servant, on air,

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