Ask Dr. Druid . Day 10 . Synchronicity

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 10 
Synchronicity . mismotiempos part 1
This piece will grok better for you
 if you read it with your mouth as if out loud.
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   Before we embark on the lives-long filigrees of fascinations of synchronicity, of mismotiempo, let’s add rhapsody to our vocabulary pantheon. The word ‘rhapsody’ means ‘woven song.’  
Talking about treasure hunts, when I first saw that ‘rhapsody’ means ‘woven song,’ I swooned. My knees went meltingly weak and I sighed that dangerous sigh you feel when you spy an handsome pirate – you know you’re in for a lot o’ woe, but he’s swashbuckling and bloody irresistible – your heart flies from you. My heart flew from me at the kaleidoscope-turning muy yum tastiness of ‘woven song.’
Celtic knots are a woven song, a rhapsody. Dayreal and remreal are a rhapsody, intrawoven in songfully exquisitely, excruciatingly meaningful ways.
In its derivation, syn-chron-icity means ‘same-time.’ The dull definition of synchronicity is ‘meaningful coincidence.’ As you move through your day, everything you pass is singing, chinese-unicornally, around you, and you are part, for best or worst, of the lyric, of the melody, of the music of the spheres. On occasion, something unexpectedly appears as if an intimate present or a message-in-a-bottle from the universe to you.
The classic modern story about synchronicity is from an experience Jung had with his patient Helena Kleere. They were sitting in big leather armchairs by an open, unscreened window. This was before window screens were ubiquitous. They were discussing her dream which included the mysteries of a pyramid and a striking golden scarab. A scarab in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Egypt is a large, lucky, gods-messenger, hard-shelled beetle often done up in gold as an amulet for the royal.
Suddenly, smiting the window glass in their dayreal as Jung and Kleere were deeply discussing her remreal or night-dreamscape, appeared this huge golden beetle. Seedless to nay, it felt to them as if this marvelous beetle, this magical scarab had manifested on the window sill straight from her dream.
Once you get hip to synchronicities and keep open-minded and alert for them, they occur as frequently as zephyrs.
The phrase 'billet-doux' means 'little sweet love note' in French. Though synchronicities can have any tone, including dangerous & horrible, they most often seem like billets doux, sweet somethings whispered by the universe to you.
Synchrons often appear with an implied Voila! — a Here I am!, a Eureka! One of the luminous and dangerous joys of being in the first throes of infatuation with some beastly pirate of a fellow (or damsel) is that the entire world seems synchronous, a waking dream, fraught with lambent meaning, conspiring to splash eternal verities in your path. Well, sooth to say, that synchronous quality of woven song, that rhapsodic heart-felt meaning is always there, we are just seldom alert to it unless we’re jolted by that master mystery of self-generated hallucinogens, first-throes love – we take the agony for the ecstasy, that feeling of extravagantly intimate meaningfullness.
Synchronicities abound whether in the throes or not.
Stay alert. Gently alert. There are messages from the universe to you. The universe is conspiring to amuse you. Notice two synchronicities today. They’re there I swear. Mas mañana. More tomorrow.
Notes:.. kaleidoscope .. a kaleidoscope is a stupendously nifty gizmo which has a rotating circle of  brightly colored little glass pieces at the end of a tube. You look down the tube and turn the glass-pieces end to shift the little pieces into a new pattern. It’s like looking at a miniature abstract stained glass window. Each time you turn the end, all the pieces magically fall into a striking new pattern.

.. filigree .. Imagine delicately woven or braided gold or silver wires for jewelry and you’ll get the notion of filigree;


.. muy yum is the only droll palindrome I’ve ever coined. 'Muy' means 'very' in Spanish and yum is from yummy; A palindrome, like “Madam, I’m Adam” spells the same thing forward and backward.

.. Celtic knots are the wonderful braided or interwoven ‘vines’ or ‘ribbons’ that decorate fancy letters in ancient Celtic manuscripts;

.. chinese-unicornally .. the ancient Chinese unicorn is rainbow-hued and where she walks no grasses are bruised and magical melodies play in the air as she passes;

.. mismo tiempo means same time in Spanish; Mismotiempo. This word makes me re-feel the understanding of synchronicity. It makes it less pseudo-scientific and more sultry and alarming which is what happens when a mismotiempo event crosses the dream border into this dayreal, el otro sueno, the other dream. Sueno is pronounced swayn-yo. 

.. billet doux or ‘letter sweet’ is pronounced bill-hay dew;

.. a zephyr is a soft, sudden breeze;

.. ubiquitous means everywhere;

.. In terms of synchronicity, it’s all synchronous which is why reading tea leaves must actually work if tea leaf is an alphabet you, gypsy, grok.

.. glass .. dear glass is not a solid .. it is a supercooled liquid; ever so slowly it is still flowing. In a single piece of stained glass in the cathedral Notre Dame, say, after hundreds of years, the bottom of a given piece of glass is now thicker than the top of that piece of glass. Muy yum. 

..image sources .. excerpt andy goldsworthy; kaleidoscope latou co uk, hop gallery; filigree tbray,org; celtic knot tinyonline yvonnehughes;

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7 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 10 . Synchronicity

  1. Thanks for reminding me about “mismotiempo.” Some times I get out of sync with synchronicity.
    Your writing reminds me of a jaguar sometimes. Elegant and fiercely forceful.

  2. But do sychronicities mean that time is sequential at all in a real sense? It does seem that all things exist in the same stream of events, we just notice them in a certain order, but not always.

  3. Thanks, esfera, for the kind words. Noticing mismotiempos is an art form really. It is as fascinating and intricate and intimate as it gets. And sometimes burlesque or baroque. Always cool if you can take the heat, haha.
    cl, 'Time' is actually spherical, but that's too 7D chess to get into in Book 1 of Ask Dr. Druid. We'll talk about the Dobu sometime — odd (to us) folk for whom time does not heal — any insult remains as present as if it were newly committed.
    It is probably our physiognomy with two eyes in front that prejudices many of us to linear thinking re time.

  4. CL! I have asked you not to insinuate that I have eyes in the back of my head and know others who do too. Being outed from the eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head closet so publicly is a bit of an unexpected jolt.
    Then there are my owl readers. And some of my best friends are cyclops.
    I hardly know anyone whose third eye isn't open; and a few with 4th + 5th eyes at least occasionally awake.
    But — most of our time comprehension is skewed by ye olde bilateral symmetry with forward facing eyes.

  5. I'm trying to be more “chinese unicorn” and bruise fewer grasses as I pass and bestir a little melody along my way. Thanks for this thought among so many other stupendous seeds you send our way, pogblog.

  6. Good to see you, ofdroll. Since I did a freshman research paper on the unicorn in college, I have been enchanted by the Chinese unicorn with its rainbow-hue-edness, non-bruising of grasses as she passes, and the melodies in the air. A good model for any of us, indeed.
    Ariel in The Tempest also played with melodies in the air — “sounds and sweet airs.”

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