Druid day 5 . Inner Perfectionist to Fiji

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 5
Inner Perfectionist to Fiji


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   Outsight will give you insight. Train your brain. The faceting and polishing of consciousness is infinitely interesting.

   A principle of teaching is to chunk stuff down into pleasantly accomplishable pieces so you/I/any learner can have a lot of successes to build upon. Why then am I seemingly fiendishly going to give you a practice tomorrow at which you/I/any learner are guaranteed to spectacularly fail? How can something at which you’ll always fail be such a grail?

   Well, we’ll see about that tomorrow. Today I’m giving you a key tool so you can fail in glee. I’m asking that for these 66 days & nights of our druid apprentice adventure, you send your Inner Perfectionist off to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Fiji to chill out and drink mai tais. Actually the mai tai of Fiji is grog. So please send your Inner Perfectionist off to Fiji to lounge about gazing at soaring palm trees doing a gentle hula against sapphire skies, guzzling grog.

   The deal is that on day 67, your refreshed Inner Perfectionist can return if it can agree to be cheerfull and encouraging at all times. If it doesn’t whisper sweet somethings into your inner ear, “Well done! you clever learner. You know more today than yesterday. You know more this minute than last minute” — fire that Inner Perfectionist and hire a jollier one.

    If, on the rare chance post-Fiji, it continues to carp and snipe and play the Guilt Card, fire that Inner Perfectionist and hire a better one.

   You can always remind it slyly that if it were really Perfect, it could arrange for you to have a delightful time — fun! — while you learn anything.

   A note here on the complete uselessness of guilt. Guilt is implanted in children by parents, churches, society. It’s damn handy for control. The implication is that you’ll commit immitigable evil without this dog collar, spikes inward, to restrain you. This is balderdash. Quit guilt as cold turkey as you would quit smoking. Guilt only slows down learning. The learning Zone is guilt free. You should indeed have one single lightning flash of clarity and insight about how inelegant, stupid, foolish whatever action or inaction was in order to grok it. Being oblivious ain’t the point. But after you’ve seen it, simply do it better next time.

   After the initial flash of insight, guilt is merely a self-indulgent wallow in more self-absorption.

   So, remind your Inner Perfectionist to teleport off to Fiji for hula and grog, leaving lighter and more giddy you to have a delectable day.


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4 thoughts on “Druid day 5 . Inner Perfectionist to Fiji

  1. Okay, I can attest. I've been friends with Mr. Pogblog for many years. This is advice that he's given for at least 3/4s of them and invariably it's right. We all have an inner perfectionist that doesn't create, doesn't build, etc., it mostly stops us from doing things.
    There assuredly is a time to invite it back from Fiji, but think of it as one of these houseguests whom you don't want coming over before the table is set, the floor vacuumed, beds are made, etc.

  2. This Send Your Inner Perfectionist to Fiji gambit has worked for many hundreds of students from 12 yrs old to 85 years old. The 85 yr old said re the Inner Perf advice, “I only wish I had met you 60 years ago.”
    Back in those teaching days, I didn't think to install a Guilt Smoke Alarm in folks, but would certainly do it now. If you're reading this, consider the Guilt Smoke Alarm installed. The idea that for more than that glaring (pitiless) flash of insight, Guilt is self-indulgent is a shocking notion for many people.

  3. Goodbye Residual Guilt, aloha Inner Perfectionist. I'm working on a better cast of inner characters to improvise my inner script. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for visiting, iotas. I often worry about insisting on deleting or extirpating Guilt because I'm afraid that people will miss the glaring pitiless flash of insight step which gives you all of the usefulness of Guilt without the wallowing part. It sounds like you've grokked the sequence.
    (I avoid latinate words, but I first learned 'extirpate' from T.S. Eliot and it means 'uproot' and saying it feels like 'uprooting.' I'm all but sure I learned it from T.S. Eliot but cannot find it by searching the web. It's driving me crazy. It could have been extirpates or extirpated or extirpating. )

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