Ask Dr. Druid . Day 1 . Fledgling druids

Ask Dr. Druid . Day 1
Fledgling druids 

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   Fledgling druids learn only one trick:
everything is interesting. Master druids know only one trick:
everything is fascinating. They inhabit a discipline of extreme
empathy and vulnerability to their pandream experience.
    For teaching purposes, druids
differentiate between People & AllElse. This immense, intense,
immediate, delicate, delighted, & stark druid attention is
practiced at first with AllElse. In Books 2 + 3, we’ll leap into
the vortexes of People and Societies and the untarnishing dreams of
True Affection and of Justice. Here in Book1, we give you a
foundation of the companionship of the whole world, the AllElse, and
the golden key to permanent, dear, & deft astonishment.
    Attention crystallized to
fascination is the method of alchemy. Once you learn that attention
is a substance, you'll begin to touch and taste the world in a
breath-by-breath deft devotion.
   The Wise are always telling you to
be-here-now — well, swell, but few of us have a clue as to how
to be here now; as to how many are the degrees or depths of the
shapes of experience we could have. There’s no point in
being-here-now if your ability to experience is half-blind,
half-deaf, with little startled sense of smell or taste or touch. The
point is to become (ever increasingly) deftly alert. In Ask Dr.
, we give you arts to use to actually practice the shamanic
attentions yourself. You want to be a sage? How about a cinnamon, a
nutmeg, a thyme, a tarragon?
    You’ll learn how to practice
remote viewing in your living room. You’ll get a rheostat installed
that will let you increase the illumination in all your life. Heck
with peak experiences, have a peak life.
    You can of course root around in Ask
Dr. Druid
randomly, but the vocabulary will build and later
material gently presupposes earlier experiences. Shamanic, alchemic
druidry isn’t conceptual – it’s experiential. Ask Dr.
is designed to give you portable riches, to set you forth
on the treasure hunt, the concrete pursuit of happiness —
untarnishable, portable riches – riches you can take with
you. Learning like you learned breathing — how to learn, how
to unclench the mind, how to be willing to be in kindergarten.
    Grok is a word that means
to drink understanding deeply in. You’ll learn to grok that you are
immersed in a holo-language, that your very experience itself
is an encompassing language of living runes and hieroglyphs
that in a kind of full-body-&-being braille speaks to you as you
swim through them. Once you get the knack of how the multi-verse –
many-poem-place – speaks to you, you will be transformed
into an exhilaration of delight. Exhilaration of delight will become
your new 'ordinary' state of being.
    You'll grok that your daily life,
the generally-agreed-upon experience I dub day-real, is most usefully
considered a special dream whose signature quality is its apparently
reliable solidity, the persistence of the kinesthetic. This
persistent kinesthetic or sturdy touch quality is K1, the dream most
steady in this quality. We won’t argue here about whether this
description is true or not. For our studies, we’ll act as if this
home realm of your experience is an infra-dream while others, less
dense often, are ultra-dreams.
    Acting with this spectrum of
notion allows your ability to multiply and hone
to be exquisitely useful across the whole spectrum of
your experiences. This multi-dimensional vividness is the alchemic
gold. It is the secret recognition that all the great stones of
StoneHenge are geodes.
..A rheostat is a nifty
gizmo which allows you to smoothly increase & decrease the light
in a room. Here you'll get to fill your brain & your heart with
more light.
..A geode is is a very
plain-looking rock which when split open gorgeously reveals a
shockingly dazzling array of often violet crystals.


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6 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Druid . Day 1 . Fledgling druids

  1. Hi Dr. Druid,
    it's so fun to to be reminded about what's possible in the not so ordinary realm of the ordinary. I hope scores of people start calling on Dr. Druid to make them feel, see, and enjoy the world.

  2. Thanks, Anon. My urgency is that I know that if you are besotted with the ordinary world, the idea of wasting precious resources on weapons and mutilation is disgusting. When I was young, few folk dared speak out against militarism in stark terms. It's much better now.
    I'd ask folks to imagine a shrink with his notebook sitting behind a certain George Smith lying on the confessional couch describing the staggering fortunes in moneys and people he would expend for a series of shifting rationales. Shortly the shrink would gesture for the attendant to bring the white jacket with long arms which fasten behind and they would take the poor deluded bugger to a nice rubber-walled & rubber-floored & rubber-ceilinged room where he could do himself and us no harm.
    If the same guy announced that his name was George Bush with the same plans, all the brutal resources of a dangerous nation would be put at his command? Now, that's nuts.
    However, keep your heart bright because the poetry eye wins in the end. It wins because being a slave to beauty is finally the only thing worth being enslaved by. (Not some silly Playboy version of beauty, but the fascination of the beloved ordinary which will rip your heart out with a glorious rage of gleeful exhilaration if you let it. And you live to exhilarate another day.

  3. I'm actually working on selling a Poetry Eye Polish called Grok! I'll send you both a complimentary tube when I'm ready to begin the marketing campaign. It also increases your peripheral vision by 25%. Accept no substitutes.

  4. Guaranteed. Enhanced attention is like photosynthesis — it is the mechanism by which we absorb the light, the light and the art that each thing radiates, however usually unnoticed.
    Astonishability is the essence of any conscious entity. Much of the time many folk are semi-conscious at best. Attention can be trained just like getting a better backhand in tennis or how many buckets of balls does Tiger Woods still hit or free throws does Michael Jordan shoot? All of us have native gifts of attention, but we can all learn how to pay more lively attention to a wider range of experiences. Eclectically grok & you'll be pretty constantly thrilled.
    Investing attention happens to pay the dividend of increased elan vital (a-lawn vee-tal), the juicy ripe pineapple gold delight that is the birthright of consciousness.
    Remember that eclectic means choosing the best from all possible sources. The root of astonish is to strike with thunder.

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