DO something VERY important for the 2006 Election. Read this.

DO something VERY important for the 2006 election.

                          o manancial da noite

Dear progressive friend,  
Even if YOU think you hate phoning, this MoveOn phoning from home is unbelievably easy and the Reptiles are doing it day after day and ruining our dear world.
Once you do a little, you'll see that it's so simple and that you get A LOT of wrong numbers. This cleaning up of the Lists is giga-crucial to GOTV (Get Out the Vote) because we will then be phoning real people that weekend. This voter ID is how the Reptiles win, simply. Even if you are convinced you loathe phoning, Please try it anyway. Or at the least forward this along. You never know who among your friends will leap in — and Al Gore only lost the world by 500 darn votes.
You'll be phoning out-of-state to the key districts around the country. If it comes up about where I'm phoning from, I always say 'I'm calling because my vote in California won't mean anything — you're voting for me and others too whose votes don't matter!' Every single hour helps clear out the voter lists.
Because I don't have a cell phone, I use an MCI phone card (pennies per minute) & have programmed my access code into the memory of my phone using a few pauses. (Of course the Republicans just dispense cell phones to volunteers as if cell phones were lollipops.)
I can only implore. This stuff works. If you have the slightest question, please let me know. I had ALL the 'stupidest' questions myself. No worries.
You can sign up from the upper right of this page. Put down any time and then they'll send you an email and you can phone when you have the time. Of course whatever money you can spare for MoveOn pays for better technology.
Cheers to us, jeers to Them,

p.s. Everyone should be voting Permanent Abentee. That way your vote is for sure & there is a paper trail. Most Reptiles vote Permanent Absentee — they smart.

“Ben Brandzel, Political Action” <> wrote:

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 09:47:18 -0700
From: “Ben Brandzel, Political Action” <>
To: “Wendy Fleet” <>
Subject: Big September challenge begins today!

Big September Challenge!

Our 2 week goal: 350,000 calls

Progress so far: It begins today!
Days left: 14
This is our biggest push yet—350,000 calls in two weeks. But together, we can pull out all the stops and make it happen. Can you knock off a few calls right now, or sign up for a shift this week?

Dear Call for Change volunteer,

Hope you're ready for action, because the next two weeks will be our biggest push yet. Together, we've got to make 350,000 calls before the end of the month. If we can do it, we'll be on track to hit our overall goal and score a major victory on Election Day. It's our big September challenge, and it starts today:
Can you make a few calls right now?
350,000 may sound like a lot of calls, but if every volunteer getting this email does just 35, we'll make it. An hour a week is all it'll take, and you can fit it in whenever is most convenient for you. Got a few minutes extra minutes at lunch? 20 minutes after dinner? It all adds up, and every call you make brings us closer to victory.
If now's not a good time, you can sign up for a shift this week by clicking here:
Our Call for Chang team is really heating up. This weekend, we ran the first ever round of Call for Change house parties, and they were a smashing success. Four thousand volunteers gathered in living rooms and kitchens across the country to make over 150,000 calls. We also added thousands of new volunteers to the Call for Change team!
As you know, the calls you'll make this week are quite urgent. It's the only way we can finish our “microtargeting” in time for the big get-out-the-vote push next month. Every minute you invest now will pay off tenfold when we know exactly where to find our supporters in the final stretch.
This September challenge will be a huge push. But we've got a great team—we're hungry for change and we're ready to make it happen. So let's do it!
Thanks for all that you do,
–Ben, Jennifer, Matt, Tanya and the Political Action Team
  Monday, September 18th, 2006

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4 thoughts on “DO something VERY important for the 2006 Election. Read this.

  1. CL!!!! You are my hero!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I haven't been this happy since Dick drilled Harry.
    You have to live through the lady in Texas who said “If you're a Democrat, you are really stupid.” Yeah, maybe, but not so rude maybe . . . Tho I didn't say it. I refuse to fuel their vituper — which like some people's goiters is enlarged . . .
    Hurray for CL!!!!!

  2. You got me to go to and give $25 for their autodialer
    Being able to phone from home into a district which matters is amazing. Thanks for the heads-up and for chancelucky's inspiration.
    I was shocked to realize just how many phone calls need to be made to clean up voter lists. It's like pruning. Slow, maybe even tedious, but necessary and satisfying.

  3. Good fo you and for cl. MoveOn has shifted to GOTV (Get Out The Vote) phoning which is even easier & they've reformatted their calling page. It's otterly easy to use now.

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