CatsPurrDynamagik Healing System

If you read the following material with your mouth as if out loud, it will stay clear for you. As with all alchemys, unclench your mind and taste the words.


Balls Bazook & the CatsPurrDynamagik Healing System Machines part 8

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CatsPurrDynamagik Healing Systems Machines – psychibiomachines. Your own shaman machines. The CatsPurrDynamagik System works in any bio-position, but is particularly designed for the supine, being sloth-friendly – let your psyche do the cavorting. A popular CatsPurrDynamagik model looks like a leaf blower, but is silent. It blows a mist of sunshine, of shiny sunlight through your aura, untarnishes your etheric blueprint, ungums your dna, and effervesces your blood. The chassis and handle of the CatsPurrDynamagik Healing Systems Machine are obsidian. It has etheric gem-metal alloy bands around the nozzle – copper, silver, gold, magnetic iron, quartz, topaz, and titanium last to take it all – the aura, the blueprint, the dna, the blood — sweetly and elegantly into the future.

 from the CatsPurrDynamagik Healing Systems Machine Manual –Zin Nia

                                                         andy goldsworthy


      Fucky Buller  met Balls Bazook, commander of War Thogs who fight bravely for amfap (as much fun as possible), a coalition, a diamondition of drastically droll souls who think killing people and calling it noble and robbing people and calling it a free market are exceedingly stupid and tiresome uses of the blessed and lucky élan verve vouchsafed to us each and all.

  Fuckminister Buller was the spooner twin of Bucky Fuller, erstwhile of Earth.

                                     george glazer

   “Hey, Balls, how’s the sack sag” Fucky chortled cheerfully.

   “Nah, like melons, Fucky,” said Balls. “Where’s Zin Nia?”

   “You heard that she invented the CatsPurrDynamagik Healing Systems Machine, the new psybiomachine which is flying off the etheric shelves?” Fucky said.

   “Oh yes, indeed, Fucky. That’s why I’m here. I want to get a custom version from you all for the Thogs to carry into the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Battle for Earth we are waging in 24/7 interwoven night and day dreams as we speak. It’s not a catastrophic brutish mess over there on earth, it’s a dogastrophic grotesque mess.”

   Balls and Fucky found Zin Nia in her ludenatory, a playful laboratory, where she psychiprojected her CatsPurrDynamagik designs into the Luciferik Record, the lore contrary to the Dictator God, the Deity who became insane, went megalo. Lucifer is droller, an absolute democrat. These are the less bombastic records than the founts for the monotheisms.

  “Zin Nia, my sweet, how many CPDs can you get me yesterday? The toll from trying to glee up ole Terra is devastating our War Thogs. They need some élan verve for certain.”

   Zin grinned at Balls in an irreverent fondness. “The equilbrilator has a gyrogem mechanism which holospherically balances it in a gravneutral or leviglee process so it’s lovely to handle in either light or deep trance. It shoots out a healing column of golden sunlight mist which detoxes the elemental layers and dynamics of the inzinnia [cf incarnation, but more vivid]. It can be set for cooling or warming and it mediates the difference between exhilaration and inflammation.

   “It had a ‘release’ harmonic which feels like the utter sigh – release – purr when you first hug your cloud-soft cat as you subside and settle softly, comfily into the refuge of your dear pillows.

  “The CatsPurrDynamagik can be operated by an etheric clone simulacrum of your inzinnia self or simply by the leviglee remote controls in an holospheric float with a gyrotic nifty dynamic balance.  

    “We even supply a pandorion, a levilead box to store the codes for the purely revolting and hateful stuff you may want to restore, but not necessarily be on-goingly ruled or raged by, a kind of furies deposit box for the dna of the sulphurous, putrid, and perniciously petty grot you have accumulated or even collected in this and even other inzinnias.

   “This feature comes with the First Level CatsPurrDynamagik, but we got some most giga-nifty stuff for the Ninth Level system. There’s a cheshire manifestation mechanism – as if you take a smile and spiral it into a cat, or whatever from acorn to oak or egg to chicken process you might want to enjoy.

   “Remember I told you about the Chinese unicorn in viejo Earth myth? The Chinese unicorn is rainbow colored and where she walks music plays in the air and her hoof-fall does not bruise the grasses. We put a rustle of this mysterious music in with your CPD.   



[[ In future material on Zin Nia, Fucky Buller, and the CatsPurrDynamagik Healing System, we’ll origami or fold these into holoshapes for you. There is a kind of waterfall of consciousness that the hologlad use to grok their experience. The trick is to let the info flow through your unclenched mind and trust that your deft, bloomed consciousness will get the gist and get the jokes and naturally install whatever procedures which seem apt and ept for your own momentous moment. If you read the material again next week, it’ll magnetize an all different set of synchronicities for you. AsZin Nia says, “We’re trying to gently jar you out of the ruts and grids of grammar without sending you into a spiraling, buffeted freefall, falling up.”   We’ll unwrap the presents of  leviglee controls and many other premium Ninth Level features; Rapids feature – silver rapids, golden rapids; the Great Eagle or Crow Sling-A-Round; metameditation for the mischievous; among the purrfacts that come in your new CatsPurrDynamagik Manual is States of Rest. Deep cheerful rest has been rare enough. One of the favorite states [placid like grazing and cud-chewing cows; lava bath cf mud bath; Filipino healing in molasses time; handle = chassis = obsidian; drollifier like humidifier; sunlight falls cf waterfall; anything toxic neutralized, debris down the grounding chute to center of planet or asteroid or moon; CatsPurrDynamagik Healing System, soap bubbles bursting; effervescent nerves; honey treatment – a smooth lavaesque flow of sweet honey throughout the skin, limbs, organs, cells, bones, brain. Your own shaman machine;; a flurry of purring, the audic equivalent of a snow flurry, a soft, capacitating abun-dance of soundflakes. 1st level = the Jester; 9th Level = the Frolic (frolic means, at root, swift gladness);  healing System & Solarizer; Zin tells Balls about Flowers like her namesake just being dirt + water + design + sun, catalysts; Implant small CPDs under fingernails and in joints; Put in To sloth or not to sloth is never a question; newtuning the melodiousness of your cells; subtract or release the wat, the wear and tear, and newshine the essential glorious dear muck and gluck which constitutes your biobeing. Like a two magnets forcefield – an invisible (sort of) dense intense pressure field – a huge harmonic pulse of assorted energies is pressing into the planet newcalibrating dna and monumentally healing brains and pains; the Ahau or Quetzal energy that is being pulsed into the EM field is quixotic and mischievous stuff. The upcoming Ahau dates are Sept 24, Oct 14, Nov 3, Nov 23.




Please treat yourself to Andy Goldsworthy’s astonishing DVD, Rivers & Tides, working with time. You will love it so much that you will eat pieces of the disk like the Iroquois ate the raw still hot liver of the bear to do honor and eat strength. I love Goldsworthy so much I could burst.

+ holo & levi .. in times to come, we rhapsodize or songfully interweave worlds and realms of density with more conscious ease than we mostly do today – we ignite some of the 90% of the patient brain which is dormantish. We enter a more holosensible world of synthisenses and sphericality. We are no longer so linear in our comprehension. We also therefore make use of our leviglee capacitites, the ability to move the balance point, the gravity point around so we can, say, levitate. You already do in your other dreams. It’s a handy trick – think: unclench.

+ grounding & grounding chute: I learned these ancient grounding techniques first from Berkeley Psychic Institute(BPI). Recently I read the really excellent You Are Psychic by Debra Katz. Please don’t click off your mind at the title. Her book is a stupendous resource for grounding and emotion & intellect uncluttering technologies. She and BPI refer to a grounding “tube,” but I am so into the delights and necessities of sloth that I recommend a grounding chute so that you fit energetically into this dynamic shape whilst supine. In the simplest way, you imagine yourself as you lie there suspended just within a grounding chute which reaches all the way to the center of the earth. You let all your extra energies from the boss, the past, the future, the sulphurous boy/girlfriend, any energy that is not cheerfully yours slide down the superslippery grounding chute into the center of the earth to be recycled into neutral elements. Learning to ground away the daily gluck is supremely useful for both healing and just plain ole wellwellbeing. [Certain cultures make plurals by doubling the word.]

    You can make your grounding chute of whatever material and color feels right to you for the time being. To the BPI basics Katz adds a notion of signing your name to the four sides of your grounding or I add the four compass points if your chute is round. I also suggest initialing the end that reaches to the center of the earth. This makes sure you sent the grounding device deep enough. You can let your grounding chute drop away and install a new one as often as you like, but at least once a day is smart. Just remember to graffiti or autograph the sides and furtherest end of each new one.

+ Alfred Spooner was a professor with a verbal tic where he shifted the beginnings of words. A crushing blow becomes a blushing crow is the usual example. Fucky Buller is Bucky Fuller’s spooner twin.

+ obsidian is crow’s wing black glassified cooled lava. Cf obsidian humor.


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8 thoughts on “CatsPurrDynamagik Healing System

  1. Mr. Pogblog
    Great post. Do they have an Etheric Walmart where I can pick up one of these machines. I was going to wait for the late night tv ads where they throw in a set of knives that cut through unnecessary angst in our lives etc. but this sounds like something worth using right away.

  2. You're in luck, cl. By reading the post, you now have access to the CatsPurrDynamagik Machine in the more elastic lights as you come and go from sleep or, if you're a little used to it, in blissfully slothfull musing states. This is cheaper than Walmart — free! and no exploited labor.
    The whole point of the coming ahaus and quetzals in the next five years and onward is to give the alchemic techniques of 'turning lead to gold' to everyone.
    Once I get Zin Nia & Fucky's Manual amanuensissed out, just reading and re-reading the pieces will switch on the patterns of energy dynamiks as much or as little as you want. Like the crop circles, the healing is a kind of anti-congealing or unclenching of intellectual and emotional toxins — a fountain of truth if not of perpetual youth. Amused truth.
    Cheaper than Ginzu knives. It's as if the vrai or true crop circles are miniatures of the gobos of enriched light that are being pulsed into the EM grid of Planet Home.
    A gobo is a patterned filter you put over the end of a spotlight, say, to make patterns of light & shadow fall on the stage. Thus, the shaped light that is coming into the planet is phototuning your dna et cet.
    Some of the enriched, shaped light inpulses will have a hummingbird quality, others will be slow and serene as a swan swims. It's all free and yours all yours if only you pay some deft attention and relax your eyes — and unclench your mind + heart + viscera.

  3. Esfera .. Lasers are in a simplistic way a coherent light; enriched or shaped light is also patterned but more like art is patterned. Therefore like art it delivers or excites certain information in playfull coludenation (co-playing; cf collaboration, co-working) with the receiver. Both the enriched light and the lightee are rhapsodically alchemized.
    I'll unpack these notions as we go along. Thanks for visiting.
    Recall that at root rhapsody means woven song.

  4. I haven't quite risen off my pallet in my garret yet, pog, but I can feel all the wheres the resistances are when I think “unclench.”
    At least this unclenching of the molecules and attitudes lets masses of old debris ground away which is if not prerequisite to “leviglee,” at least an obvious benign result. I'm working — no! playing on it.

  5. Hurray, snopes. Just like flying in other dreams, levitation was for the most part something that happened to me. Needless to say, I was definitely startled.
    I do remember with zinnia-bright distinctness, the sensation of unclenching at a micromuscular and even molecular level, of rather utterly trustingly letting it happen to me. Cheez it was fun.
    (Try coming out of the levitation closet if you want to be a damned minority. If you want to be scoffed at, talk about levitation. It's perfectly fine to mutilate 'collateral damage' aka somebody else's kids, but talk about levitation and all your friends are appalled — embarrassed, sadly, instead of curious.)

  6. Thanks so much for visiting. The variable tone generator sounds interesting, but I haven't seen one. There are, however, some shamanic drumming cds which are probably along the same principle and which I love to listen to. They're kind of like an insistent external heartbeat The steady drumbeat is a little like an auditory version of Ariadne's thread for Theseus in the labyrinth — a sure way back so you can dare further afield.
    If you ever get a chance to go to a gathering where they supply the shamanic drum and you get to be one of the drummers for the journeyers, you will love it utterly. Having to focus for 15 minutes at that fast steady drumming rate in responsibility (ability to respond) for other people is daunting and exquisite.

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