The Bible, The Sequel

The Bible, The Sequel

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   Godette and God had been on vacation for 2005 years, 7 months or so. They thought they’d check out things in Earth House, the pretty resort planet they’d done up in a week a few thousand years ago, complete with a pearly moon and all.


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   Godette and God zip along the glistening, kaleidoscopic warp highway in their nifty spacester. Godette loves artdecoesque vehicles. God yawns and stretches. “As much as I enjoy Galaxy WaterSilver, it’ll be good to see a zebra again and cats! I’m still not sure, Godette, that We shoulda completely cut Ourselves off from PsyNet for this vacation. I know We needed a real rest from constant communication. I know,” He added with a Leer, “how nice it was to have centuries long cosmic nights of lusciously disgusting lust without having to answer prayers and sweep up all the sparrows, but, still, I’m a little apprehensive about what the teenage biped species might have gotten up to in Earth House without Our matpat-ernal wise and amusing guidance.”

   Godette sat on His lap, cushioned upon His gigantic Deity Balls. Her Bosoms would have made mountain ranges proud.

   “Oh, Goddy,” She nuzzled into the cavern of His ear in an affectionate tone more fraught with hope than conviction, “They’re good kids. We brought them up to respect their parents and neighbors and to lovingly tend all living things. We left the simple unambiguous directive to ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ That will have kept them safe and sweet. Really, how could they go wrong?”

       With the slightest nuance of seduction, She wriggled Her gigantic Goddess rump into His GodBalls and pursed Her lips contemplatively. They often leavened or effervesced Their Grand Philosophic Discussions with some rollicking rumpypumpy. It is well and meet that They have frequent not to say constant GPDs because the upshots of Their palavers become worlds.

  They loved the origami of concept and material and how it arose and woke and began to choose in a spiral of consequences. Flowers of consciousness. “Not always of conscience,” She fretted. There were blights – even in the Gardens of Godette and God.

   What, Their akashic amanuensis wondered, would They think when They discovered that some blighted Testosterone Cult wrote Godette out, along with all the jokes, of The Bible? The akashic amanuensis feared Wrath. God was very fond of His slapstick routines and of His beguilingly goofy side. And He and Godette were utter partners. He was unlikely to be Pleased.

   The Deitys (Godette+ God Deitys) were taking the back route home. “We should have earthfall around August Eight,” said Godette. “I look forward to all the art + music they must have astonishingly accomplished in raucous and delectable celebration of the glorious and fascinating planet We left them, She crooned with dervish zephyrs of pleasure.

   Wittowin, the akashic amanuensis, winced as she wrote scene I of The Bible, The Sequel. When Godette and God plugged back into the psygrid after the Self-imposed communications blackout of Their several millennia vacation, gee, They probably wouldn’t be too mellow with the mess Their earthchildren had got up to. Did she have enough earthquake and typhoon ink to akashic the coming matpat-ernal tirades?



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4 thoughts on “The Bible, The Sequel

  1. I look forward to Godette's scene one of the revised book with all the humor put back into this version. We do need to have godette folded back into the mix.
    I'm personally tired of waiting for godot here.

  2. Apparently, according to the akashic amanuensis, They are not re-doing The [Faux] Bible, but just doing The Bible, The Sequel –less into to punishment and boils (except for Karl Rove).

  3. The title is so droll, one's not sure where The Bible, The Sequel is going, but, as in all collaborations with The Blue, one waits, deftly intent.

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