nazi-lite: frog-in-cold-water totalitarianism

nazi-lite: frog-in-cold-water totalitarianism



The yawning MSM silence about RFK Jr's comprehensive June 15 Stolen Votes article in RollingStone made me yet more head-banging-against-so-many-walls aware that we are in the frog-in-cold-water rise of totalitarianism in USofA.

This was a Paul Revere article — alarums should have been raised all over the country in editorials. Yet the gigantic HoHum prevailed in such a multitude that this anti-evidence of keeping us down on the farm cowed and sheeped makes me weep as I watch freedom slosh not even noisily down the drain. Oh woe is we.

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There's openvotingconsortium, a high level computer gigageek and concerned citizens group which is fighting for open source code for computer voting that keeps me from thinking All Is Lost.  


ps. For those unfamiliar with the Poor Frog in Cold Water: if you throw a frog into boiling water, it will leap out in the searing horror of the offense to its living system. However, if you put a frog into cold water and slowly and steadily raise the heat, the Poor Frog will end up cooked with out much wiggling.

So here we are in nazi-lite, a  totalitarianism of executive aggrandizement and liberties being disappeared or diluted in the almighty (ahem) name of 'security.' Caveat citizen. 


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4 thoughts on “nazi-lite: frog-in-cold-water totalitarianism

  1. I don't want to be a boiled frog. I'm not surprised by the lack of response to the article whether or not people found his arguments convincing. Their was some exchange on, but I noticed that the right wing blogs simply pretended that the article never got published.
    I felt that Farhad Manjoo's arguments were about the numbers and whether they made a difference, the real story in the Kennedy article is all the different “cheating” techniques used by Blackwood and all. It doesn't matter that they worked. If they did them, particularly if the Secretary of State was behind it. He should be in prison. If there is anything that's a capital offense, actually it's probably something like that or they could drop a five hundred pound bomb on him, publish pictures of his dead body, then write a bunch of articles about how he was still moving around afterwards for a while (like the frog thing)

  2. Gosh knows there will be little done to fix our once precious idea of voting now that we're sliding slowly but more quickly now into a totalitarian dusk.
    I'll still vote however forlornly, but there is no way I still wholeheartedly believe in the noble dream.
    Mr. Blackwell will skate, I don't doubt.

  3. Wasn't this all spelled out very clearly in the Conyers report a year and a half ago? I don't remember too many people caring then either, at least among those who are elected to represent the interests of voters.
    P.S. Be careful not to Durbinize yourself by saying the word “Nazi” in the midst of making an important argument. It's the quickest way to get dismissed by people who disagree.

  4. Nemesis,
    I don't think we should never use nazi because some people are careless about it. I coined nazi-lite because the grotesque aggrandizement of the executive power in the unquestionable name of security and the acute militarization of our — well, their — nation is becoming totalitarian at a rate similar to Germany's in the '30s. All but all our treasure is going to the Military ($820,000 per minute on the Military Budget; another $200,000 per minute on Iraq). This isn't just money. It is health care not had. Education not had — & so4th.
    We've become a colossus of destruction and hubris bestriding the planet and the rottenness and danger of the 3rd Reich Nazis were not exclusively about the Holocaust. Messianic, massively militaristic totalitarianism can deserve the nazi-lite label from my vantage. I certainly thought long & hard about using it. I felt that we'd reached a tipping point with our saying it ain't torture unless you approach organ failure, our vilification of gays and 'immigrants,' and the disgusting idea of building an odious wall along our Southern border. Add the aggrandizement of belligerent Christianism. This ugly and intolerant toxic brew is a world threat.

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