Karl Rove: a cur sans coeur

Karl Rove: a cur sans coeur


If bless-ed Jason is right, we'll get a mental reprieve — if Senor Sadist(“I don't just want to defeat you, I want to ruin you, pluck all the feathers from your better angels' wings, one by naked & raw one”) gets the frog march.
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the frogmarching of Karl Rove ..
Oh Pleas upon pleas, Fat E, let us have this one. Karlie's pudgie rump in jail is a Fine Idea. Death no, humiliation yes.
It took brain tumors to bring Lee Atwater, Karlie's guru of grueling, to beg for mercy at the end, & LeeBoy was a midget to Karlie's monster. Atwater was a rotter, but not a oialt (once in a lifetime) sadist. May be in the jail, Karlie could wish for fairer play. Atwater blubberingly begged for forgiveness from his victims at the end (Don't we all?), but it didn't save him (Does it ever?).
Still, listening to some blubber from Karlie would salve if not solve the reign of pain. A cur sans coeur.  
Jason Leopold Friday May 12
Jason on Saturday  May 13
frog march image, google images, apfn.org
oily rove image, google images, nrk.no,img,500183.jpeg 


'sans' means 'without' in French;

'coeur' means 'heart' in French & is pronounced 'cur' —

cur sans coeur was a phrase meant to be for Mr. Rove — i am proud to have coined it. 


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3 thoughts on “Karl Rove: a cur sans coeur

  1. Now what's Karl ever done to you except ruin your country, your political system, and contribute to the deaths of at least a hundred thousand people? You liberals are so picky.

  2. Karl has laid a swath. The list of his depredations is like that 'your own DNA unraveled would reach the moon' thing. Among the horrors, the loss of whatever remnants of our national nobility with the condoning of torture will never be recovered.

  3. Is ultra-slime the new teflon, dya think?
    CL & shaman, I wonder if people's minds can't encompass the pusladen evil of Karl Rove nee 12/25/50(therefore self-evidently the anti-christ)?
    I've been researching Mr.Rove for over a year now and am still awed by the avalanche of awfulness, the Mt. Everest of offal, associated with him. He does want to ruin, not just to defeat.
    Check out Karl Rove .. serial smearer .. thug psychology. Or for even more do a pogblog Search for Rove. The Search box is on middle left of Main Page screen.

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