Stage of Desperation .. Dick Cheney

Stage of Desperation .. Dick Cheney




On Face the Nation this Sunday, Cheney says that [the terrorists] “have reached a stage of desperation.”


Can one's bones crawl? The man is so crazy — not metaphorically, but clinically, rubberroom, straitjacket sociopath really nuts — and he has nuclear bombs he can, like, actually use and Iran is pissing him off.


This “have reached a stage of desperation” statement is so darkly and deeply deluded, so precise and perfect a projection that one squeams and screams. 


This is a case example of  projection so fine and delicate and complete, it's like finding a fossil of some extinct, rumored giant insect captured in midflight in amber. It's so frightening so creepy that I should turn into a pillar of salt just having glimpsed it. The idea that they have “reached a stage of desperation” is so delusional that one's breath is stopped like being kicked in the stomach.


This is the day when we know with no doubt that Cheney is completely unmoored from reality. 


Be very afraid. This man is unwell in the uber-extreme.

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4 thoughts on “Stage of Desperation .. Dick Cheney

  1. If I recall correctly, desperate is also a very dangerous state because when desperate you do anything.
    Even if the Great Marksman happens to be right, he's not actually saying “don't worry”.

  2. If one were psychic, one might report that the buzz in Darth Dick's aura sounds like 666 hives of demented bees. Not good.

  3. Does reaching “a stage of desperation” come before or after being in the “last throes”?
    Cheney has been trying this language on us for the last 3 years and we still don't beleive him.
    Fortunately 60% of people polled recently said they believed the war was going poorly.

  4. I reckon we're in the Last Stage of the Throes of Final Desperation.
    I am haunted & haunted by Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh's saying, “We will fight you for 300 years. We live here.”
    As (self-seen benevolent) imperialists, we do not comprehend the ill-clothed cheaply-armed single-minded patriots (from their own point of view) tho we were that ourselves against the hugely better-armed and better- trained English back at our beginnings.
    And these folks, gee, you can't even win their hearts & minds with dreams of USA teeshirts & ipods & scantily-clad starlets. All our hard & soft weapons are essentially useless or offensive.
    I wish I could trust the darn 60% to hold fast, gsm. I fear that at the slightest subway blast, they'll all leap back on the xenophobic, uberpatriot bandwagon. Then GigaDick & Ilk will mutter darkly, “I told you so” even tho they probably planted the bombs themselves. I don't trust the 60% yet.
    I remember being in the lonely 10% back in the winter of 2002-2003 and being cursed & reviled by these very people. This new additional 50% have got to hold out against the best propaganda machine in the hisherstory of the universe.

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