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Oh my, by golly, some tidbits to make you jolly.

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Suburbanality; political engineering; </bush>;


If you haven’t found the pogblog Glossary yet, it’s my favorite thing really. If  the Goddess of  Hard Gold smiles bounteously upon me, I will divide my time between Observant Sloth & adding to the pogblog Glossary.


   To torment a friend, I thored the word ‘suburbanality’ at him, as the master of lightning wielding, dear Thor might have, had anything in his experience prepared him for suburbs or banality. It was part of the patois of devoted mean by which we communicate in our obsidian way. There is the Golden Mean, a pleasing & harmonious proportionality. There is our Obsidian Mean, a pleasing and reckless splash in the sea of ebullient chaos and returning, so far, to the Shores of Reason with barracudas of odd truth.

     Because my putative friend is an original in so many ways, it irks him no end to be lambasted with suburbanality. It would be one thing to be called a hick or a hillbilly or a rube, a kind of reverse pride of which one might preen. But suburbanality? There is no pretzeling which can make that in any iota cool. Just as it tickles him secretly to be called an original, it prickles him to be dubbed suburbanal. Even Achilles had that pesky heel, dear.


political engineering .. I heard this from either Eugene Jarecki of Why We Fight (which I tenter-hookedly await) or Franklin Chuck Spinney, a Pentagon insider who says we’re spending the ½ trillion Military Budget for – not much. The notion of political engineering in this case is that the fabulously clever manipulation of, say, the B2 bomber. Instead of building & assembling it in one locale which would be efficient, every single state has a piece of building the B2 bomber. Thus when a new generation of the B2 bomber comes before the Congress OR the notion of stopping the program entirely as being obsolete, everyone has a stake in maintaining it. Jobs in the district. Money dispersed.

  The tentacles of the Military Budget Colossus Octopus are so entangled throughout the nation that the Gordian Knot seems simplicity to cleave compared to this Octopoid sucking the lifeblood from our future. To supply gigaTaxCut payola to the gigaRich, medicare, school loans, and food stamps were gutted – yet the gargantuan $820,000 per minute Military Budget is never mentioned, like the Seventh Name of God. The fake Big Boy Republicans bathe in the midal gold which they send in geysers and gushes of ye Olde Faithful — the Military Budget she nevair go dry, swig down the Dom Halliburton champagne, Big Boys, theys macho mucho more where that came from, Ponce de Military Budget, the Perpetual Fountain of Graft.

   Then my dear Democrats are gonadsless – afraid to be seen as soft on Killing & Dismembering & stomachless for Collateral Damage. (That the Republicans are soft on healthcare, soft on education, soft on the environment, soft on the future no one seems to be able to say out loud.)


   “The military industrial Congressional complex is a political economy with a big P and a little E. It's very political in nature. Economic decisions, which should prevail in a normal market system don't prevail in the Pentagon, or in the military industrial complex.

   “So what we have is a system that essentially rewards its senior players. It's a self… what we call it, we call it, we have a term for it, it's a self-licking ice cream cone. We basically take care of ourselves. And that's also why we have this metaphor it's <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Versailles on the Potomac.” Chuck Spinney in interview with Bill Moyers on NOW.  [] 

“Have you seen these figures that CEO pay at Lockheed Martin went up from $5.8 million in 2000 to $25.3 million in 2002. I mean, that's five times increase in less than three years. CEO pay went up at General Dynamics from $5.7 million in 2001 to $15.2 million in 2002. It went up at Honeywell from $12.9 million in 2000 to $45 million in 2002. It went up from Northrop Grumman from $7.3 million in 2000 to $9.2 million in 2002.” Bill Moyers, same interview.



</bush> .. my favorite bumpersticker of late. (Tho I was pretty chuffed by Is it 2008 yet?)

   The Bush thing is an inside joke and it’s probably evil of me to explain the punch line, but this is how it works. In html, the behind the scenes code which allows you to make things <b>bold</b> or <i>italic</i>, for instance, it goes like this: <b> begins the bold. Everything is bold until you put </b> which stops the bold. So </bush> would be stop or end Bush. Droll.



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4 thoughts on “Suburbanality; political engineering; html Stop Bush;

  1. All three of these deserve to be in the legendary pogblog hall of fame & infame glossary.
    I am so very glad you have gone for word riches rather than worldly riches.

  2. is it suburb+anality or is it subur+banality?
    I guess it could be both.
    I hadn't realized just how many words had found their way into the Pogboglossary. What a great accomplishment!
    may it go on as longas the English language.

  3. It's subur-banality. That's the dagger. One could bear anything except being thought banal ¿no?
    It's all about wearing shoes with names, among other things. Then there's the irrefragable diff between suave (soo-av-vay) or smooth — and bland. The suburbanal attempt to be suave must end bland. Pablum people.

  4. I had no idea about this parceling out of parts of weapons projects — political engineering. How clever.
    I knew every state had weapons' skin in the game, but the idea that most of them have part of many weapons systems so that there can be no pruning without united outcry is cunning.

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