Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic, and Dreaming

Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic,

and Dreaming

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I'm definitely an optimist in the longish term. I am convinced that the integration of DayLand & DreamLand, the cosmiNet, will re-orient our energies in a sustainable way. We'll have a 'place' where violence and aggrandizement don't kill & impoverish.


We'll be able to afford to be our brothers' keepers Earthside — or more elegantly in these wiser times, the keepers of our kin — bipeds, in other words.


Please, as you would ask your spouse, How was your day?– in the morning, set your alarm 1/2 an hour early for a mutual muse and ask her/him How were your dreams last night? We are ineluctably involved in a larger, very multi-faceted consciousness & it's time for us learn all our capacities.


Similarly you can ask your child at breakfast, How was your night at school? They are learning every night from a fabulous reservoir of cosmic experience, and if you attend to their TV & Books & Music, why aren't you attending to their Dreaming? (Tho, of course, they are unlikely to be 'kids' in their dreams!!)


There is no skill and distilled joy and fascination that will serve your child or spouse or friend better than to encourage them in active or lucid dreaming to go along with their lucid waking.


I recommend giving folks of any age, Dreaming True by Robert Moss, a wonderfully readable master of multiple worlds — grounded, sane, funny. (I was particularly interested to find that Harriet Tubman used lucid dreaming as you might a folded paper map to guide her Underground Railroad folks safely past the hounds and ravening overseers. Not taught to us in our history books.)


I know some people think Oh my life is so busy and hectic, I can’t take on any more information. Piffle. We use a trifling 10% of our brains if we’re Einstein. We have storage and comprehension to burn. Think brandy. Distilled. You’ll find dream travel vivifying as much as any possible trip to the sea side or mountain peaks. And good for the fossil fuel crisis, by the way.


The 90% of our brains, fallow for most, is hanging out waiting for you to wake up to your multiD, superfab, holovideo game. Sony, XBox – what jokes they are compared to the gig in your head – or full body really.


It is true that we will have to be prepared for an emotional calculus that we aren’t in the slightest trained to be aware of least of all grok. We must figure these 5D chess games out tho or the undertones and undertows of our DayLife will be distorted by our self-imposed blindspots. We will be compelled to develop an obsidian sense of humor as vivid as seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling – obsidianing – the 11th sense, astwere. Our shuttered normanrockwell worlds will be shattered – but they are false anyway and the hum below our hearing tells us that. At some point we have to unclench our minds, get out of the cocoon, & find what we find.


It is the complex configurations of friendship and ‘love’ that are baffling & bone-aching to our sentimental day minds/hearts. Let’s say that things are more beautiful, but not so pretty?


We’re already in the adventure. A question is whether we’ll open our eyes like on the roller coaster or keep them clenched shut?


You have to imagine that you’re on at least three interlacing roller coasters at the same time. That’s what all those extra synapses are there to grok. It’s not harder than breathing; you just have to accept that you can breath out of the homewaters. There is a certain vertigo or discombobulation or vortexiness sometimes, but like sealegs, you get dreamlegs, and you can shift from hither to yon and back from yon to hither. Be fascinated and have fun, and you’ll be fine of fettle and mettle too.  



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6 thoughts on “Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic, and Dreaming

  1. I love the idea of asking children “how was their night at school”. Dreams and imagination in our waking lives are tied so closely together. If we respect the former, I suspect the latter becomes inevitable.

  2. The QUESTION is Did you go on to ask your dear child, How was your night at school??
    This isn't an idle intellectual confection, but rather as important a socialization for your child as, say, learning to share on the playground.
    Of course you'll have more verisimilitude on your side if you become at least lurchingly competent in dream travel.

  3. The Passport to OtherLand is controlled utterly by you. It is issued by your intent.
    Your travel is paid for only in the priceless coin of intent and an still-molten willingness to embrace surprise and odd bliss.

  4. Thomas Edison slept very little, and made his dreams reality during the daytime. He also gave us the gift of productivity replacing dreams. His incandescent light turns night into day, and allows us to extend our time in the real world.
    Yankee Clockmaker Levi Hutchins wasn't satisfied with getting up at dawn. He invented the alarm clock in 1787 so he could get up at 4AM and go to work.
    Why waste time on ephemeral dreams that part like fleeting mist at dawn? Mirage and distraction are dreams — to be discarded like eye-crust and other undesirable byproducts of the slumbering state.

  5. Interestingly, if you want to be in serious innovative company — both Edison & Einstein for instance, you'll learn to heed your dreams as they did. For those limber of mind, OtherLand is a fountain of distilled insight and invention.
    When not dreaming productively, Mr. Edison actually spent a lot of time sweating on a yacht with “lovely ladies.”

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