Gigaphysics: Dark Matter, Ed Witten, & Being More Rotten to Prez Bush

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Dark Matter, Ed Witten, & Being More Rotten to Prez Bush


It all fits in the spinning holo-jigsaw puzzle.


Chancelucky asked if there was an alternate reality where instead of being kinder & gentler to BushCo Ilk like I was in two recent ‘dreams’ reported on pogblog, I was actually meaner than I am in our solid-ish DayLand k1?


I reply:


There is now!


The advantage (?) of eternity/infinity is that there's room for whole complex alternate realities and blizzards of fragmentary ones & etc.


Now that you mention this ghoulishly sensible idea, presto! vrai est vrai, real is true.



So, let’s jonglez about some of the elements here.  


Here’s my letter to physicist Ed Witten re dark matter which will add to our shared vocabulary on the spherical spectrum of realities we inhabit. Holo-mauve. Holo-chartreuse. Holo-scarlet. Astwere. 


Dear Mr. Witten,


   We’ve been traveling parallel on the opposite sides of the same brane I think. Probably time to say hello. Hello.

    My magikmystery observations have been rigorous if not under the Repeatable Umbrella – which leaves out a lot of the e=mc∞ expanded truth.

   Anyhow, I made a vow when I was 7 years old studying Jung and Freud and Plato et ilk with my Princeton-graduate stepfather, John Porter. When I was 7, I was an epistemologist first, then a metaphysician. I vowed to stay alert – deftly intent – and not to discount any experience per se.

   I’ve measured and intently considered between lucid waking and lucid dreaming for the next 54 years – like a hawk above, like a mole below – watching, digging. My recent obsession has been to find the missing 90%.

   Well, of course it isn’t missing – only Science’s wrong-end of the telescope view isn’t designed to grok it. In the most simplistic way, let’s say that all of the alternate-density experiences we all have add up.

    I call this standard-shared day stuff : k1 or the primary kinesthetic, the sturdy persistent kinesthetic of Kick-the-Boulder-&-Ouch. The persistent kinesthetic, k1, is where you can repeat stuff. Because it’s persistent – ipso facto. But most of our undeniable but unrepeatable experience isn’t persistent. The physics are different which is why you all run into all this weirdness when you correctly and diligently try to account for every thing.

    Many ‘dreams’ that I’m in are as real as this one. That ‘dream stuff’ has mass. (Forgive me upfront if I mis-use your inside terms – you can fix me later.) I would say ‘dream stuff’ is an existant. If you add up all the more diaphanous but not less real, existant stuff, there’s so much of it, that you get your missing 90%. Awkwardly — because its rules are more quixotic, exotic, even erotic. I write until my fingers bleed about all this exotic physics and ethics under the rubric of photonic theory or gigaphysics — which I see as what follows quantum theory.

   My perception of beauty, say, exists. It doesn’t ‘weigh’ much but it has an impact, and in photonics it does have weight. My cat can perceive my attention and lack thereof as some kind of ‘thing.’ When I scratch the back of the couch trying to get her to attack my hand which I will pull away and I will win the game, she waits and waits, eyes wide, until my attention wavers and then boom she hits my hand and she wins – my hand is lunch. Perceiving attention as a thing and then perceiving its wavering would clearly be fabulously useful to a predator. Now that I’ve learned the trick, I can send my amoebic attention out like a pseudopod and touch things with it – it’s not unlike holo-braille.

    I think string theory or tube theory is very interesting. I think for you all to get where you want to go, you’re going to have to bite some heretical bullets. Repeatability is a crock anyhow. Things Science is permitted to putter with are pretty darned similar – good enough for practical purposes, but not truly identical.(Borges’ character Funes was offended or, better, baffled when people called the dog sleeping in the road at 2:14 in the afternoon the same name as that dog at 2:15 in the afternoon. One can only stand in the eye of that hurricane of perception; luckily the universe seldom blinks.) 

    I grew up in a very intellectually rigorous household. I never planned on having the universe, the multi-verse which I call the many-poem-place take me on such disconcerting adventures in realities. But the 7-yr-old made the promise that I have to keep about staying alert and un-prejudiced.

    Anyhow, I’d love to chat sometime about the Identified Missing 90%.

   I’m sure a lot of your colleagues are too staid. A lot of people on my side of the brane are simply wacko. For us to do trade, you & me, to have emissary visits and have you eat the native food, I’ll try to keep the worst and daffiest loonlands outside the compound as it were. I am more or less capable of rationality on demand. I’ve gone native because it’s where the wild animals are, so to speak. Who would have actually believed in crocodiles and tigers until they were actually seen by ‘reliable Europeans’?






So, our thoughts, fantasies, & all other perceptions including memories and memories of memories & so4th careen around the multiverse invisible to most folks in this k1 dimension. These exotic existants ‘weigh’ lots less than any feather, but there are so many of them, they add up. Cf that 'one grain of sand' ain’t much (except to me 'n Blake), but a lot of these nano-boulders is a beach – stuff adds up.


I had never thought of being yet meaner to BushCo Ilk. I have been an Irony Extremist, but not simply meaner. As we can grok above, there’s plenty of Room if I want to add that reality. Maybe I can do a High Noon showdown with our Executive Pipsqueak? Or put him through the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Fargo leaf chopper & feed the mince of him to the poor dying frogs – amphibian instant kyoto karma?



jonglez = juggle;


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3 thoughts on “Gigaphysics: Dark Matter, Ed Witten, & Being More Rotten to Prez Bush

  1. What an entertaining letter. The thing was, it occured to me othat being “mean” in an ordinary sense to some of these folks was in its way being much “nicer” to them than they deserve. To balance it out, you'd have to actually be meaner yet.
    I guess that's new age heresy.

  2. I'm not sure about Sir Pogblog, but I never drank all the new age koolaid wholethroatedly. (I will say that if I had, I'd still be much better off than swallowing the swill of the Religious Nutters of whichever persuasion.) The new agers did & do have a vastly kinder inclination than what pog so aptly dubs the Fanged Gang.
    Sir Pog, I'm glad you're able to crisscross the branes with such fierce elegance and vivid attention. Perhaps one of your most useful gifts to your blog readers is the realization that constant sciento-artist-level attention isn't in the slightest tiring. Properly done, it is 'a fountain of iridescent energy,' as you mentioned once upon a time.

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