Bush’s Lethal Zeal: Religious Insanity Runs in the American Family.

Bush’s Lethal Zeal:

Religious Insanity Runs in the American Family.

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Images of God – ioG — or no-images of God – nioG – are what fuel all this righteous killing & fabulously, excessively expensive purchase of ordinance – FEE-POO aka the Military Budget, $820,000 per minute. Plus an additional $200,000 per minute for <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Iraq.

    A few strips of striped cloth plus ioG or nioG and out come the scimitars or humvees or ieds of wrath & Bob’s your dead uncle. And not one mealy-mouthed politician will call it crap: CxxxSxxxxxg Ridiculous Adolescent Pablum. (Pablum is the pre-chewed, bland, paste without taste faux cereal gluck we feed to infants on the pretext that it is digestible.)

   not one mealy-mouthed politician will rise up & say, “I do not take Jesus ExxAxx Christ to be my savior – I do not join the brotherhood of blood which has slaughtered and belittled through the centuries.” By my cloven hooves, I declare to you that not one will stand up & say, “Brethern & sisthern, this religious flapdoodle is killing folks & we gotta kick the habit. Yep, cold turkey on comforting, grandiose hallucinations with murderous side effects.

    From now & henceforth, inculcating this claptrap crap upon the unsullied young will be considered child abuse – leave their beauty-able, wonder-able minds alone. Sniff, snort, or exhort that JC drug & you get a scarlet J tattooed on your intoxinicated, lethal forehead so we can know to shun your non-happy-heathen rump.

   Instead, lie down on the ground and lay your cheek against the precious dirt of Earth & utter not a sound. True awe is unspeakable & leaves you speechless.

   all our leaders are drugged & mugged by one theopatriotic drug or other. They are killing people in the name of ioG, Jesus, Allah, God. Folks, in all good conscience, we gotta Just say no to thetheo-thug drug.  

   Now, worshiping saguaro cactus or humming birds or pogblog’s silver Burmese perfect cat, Frolic – that could be fun and a tug of the forelock to eternal hilarious delight. Pick an idiosyncratic worshipee per day and bow & scrape as you will. Our universe, hallowed be thy infinite names.

  “Hey Jane, hey Joe, who’s your worshipee today?”

   “Today I’m worshiping French toast with lotso melted butter and organic, grade B, pure maple syrup. Muy yum!”

   “Oh well-done, Jane! Today I’m worshiping my dear beloved pillow who supports me tenderly in my darling sloth and my bliss-sodden naps.” Thus & so4th.

  Get your life, really.    



One immutable principle re doctrines: if it allows for killing anybody, it sucks.

Monotheism kills.

Friends don’t let friends take the God-drug.

‘Spirituality’ is the methadone of religion-lite. It still murks up your conscience. It is still enslaving & enslavering.

Clearly, any intelligent God would have designed an avocado with a seed the size of a peach pit. Ergo, clearly & inescapably, God is dumb. Or God simply isn’t.  Take your pick.


[Pog, you asked for my memo on the Bush et Ilk’s Lethal Zeal & How Religious Insanity Runs in the American Family. I am happy to share this with you under the seal of the confessional astwere. America is still willing ‘in flaming fire to take vengeance’on the hapless unbeliever, so let it not be known, friend, that you wander from the strait paths lest you be ‘punished with everlasting destruction’ and other not daffodilesque nor lilyesque mercies. This document could fry you in Hell where you would dwell in an ‘eternity of conscious torment.’ Herein lies the UnderBelly of the Beast. Believe me my dear pogblog — Your affectionate & anxious friend, Dr. Common Sense.]



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the education-obsessed world begins today with you ..

.. let’s spend the $820,000 per minute Military Budget on education instead


2 thoughts on “Bush’s Lethal Zeal: Religious Insanity Runs in the American Family.

  1. I've never been sure if it's religion itself or if people find that invoking religion will incite people to murder. I suppose it doesn't matter.it's the same result.

  2. The idea of killing anyone under whatever theoretical & trumpeted guise should be so molecularly repugnant that we can only countenance it in an eyeball-exploding extreme — if we kill directly or by proxy, our eyeballs explode.
    Then we could get about concentrating on construction with all the remarkable resources and zeal we're able to bestir for death dealing and death weapons.
    Sadly, all this killing stuff makes for very damn good stories — which is where it should stay.

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